Could Your Hair Products Be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems?

a new study has women seriously questioning the leaving conditioner serums and relaxers they use every day today we're investigating is there a link between hair products that target black woman and an increased risk for breast cancer and fibroids singer Jordin Sparks and I have been talking about this issue and she's here to investigate it Jordin Sparks here she is how are you how are you ready for this I'm ready it's important I'm ready to investigate for sure I set my go-to hair investigator Nikki Walton also known as curly Nikki to see what we could uncover at a lab the hair care market in the u.s. is over at 13 billion dollars a year and black women make up 2.5 billion of that on the label it often says for coarse and thick textures were coyly and curly hair I wanted to see what all these products were actually doing to our hair so we visited the chemistry department at Medgar Evers College to get the lowdown their suite of hair products marketed to African American women and children they range from relaxers root stimulators here de-frizz errs leave-in conditioners and here lotions and recent studies show that you have potentially dangerous ingredients that if use long term could be very dangerous to your health dr. Christopher box and his students designed a series of experiments immersing real hair into various hair care products for different lengths of time like all these sort of like fine structures seem to be missing in the post treatment of the relaxing the most pronounced thing that we saw from these microscopic images is how you the natural state of your hair changes has these ridges this isn't this kind of natural exterior but over time that exterior is being changed and I think it's damaging Jorge barks at Nikki Walden are here so Jordan what's been your experience with these hair products he's straightening products for me when I was younger I actually had an experience where I went to a salon and the under pirate over my hair gets really really curly much curlier than the top of my hair so to make it more manageable we were going to just relax the bottom I ended up with a whole head covered and relax her and I remember laying there was maybe 14 years old I didn't know I didn't know to question her I didn't know what to think I just remember my eyes burning because the ammonia was so strong and then after that I remember my mom almost turning into like rawr monster because my hair was straight and I have curly haired like yours I'm lots of curly hair and yeah it was one of those things where I was like I'm not touching that anymore i revamp my whole lifestyle my diet back in 2005 and that trickled down to like what I'm putting on my body on my skin my biggest organ right and that includes my scalp so that in addition to the fact that in the last 20 years I've lost not one not two but three stylists to various types of reproductive system cancers and I can't say that it's because of their profession but they're standing over those caustic chemicals yeah there's no you know ventilation and there's you know masks so just for precaution I choose to make these types of healthy choices there's so many other alternatives yeah I'd rather just stay safe angry so big debate over this I'm gonna start off by explaining maybe Jordan you come with me exactly what's happening with these products when they're applied on your hair okay and to do that I want to zoom in to the head okay but then I'm gonna come back and I just talked a little bit about what the sign says about this so here we are standing right next to someone right it was about that hasn't been done to their hair now notice how the hair was a little curly here right and it's curly zoom in here yeah because it has natural bonds that hold it together chemical reactions as we're putting on those little dots right there put there to make the hair straight damaging the natural properties of you here that's how it straightens it out like that right yeah what is it Jim watch it see it strips out they taught a layer of your hair leaving the ends of your hair thinner and more vulnerable to splitting that's the split ends you see there right yeah I mean this is not natural not supposed to look like that yeah it also would damaged the curl pattern too if you keep doing it uten takes a long time to get the curl pattern back so when you when you watch that animation do ya does that remind you when you were 14 lying down a little bit yes I don't want that to happen but I'm actually working Cernan about what those chemicals do over time something dr. Jain card was joining us and this is something that I want to dig into a bit [Applause] disconnections happen here what are your concerns as a physician about what these chemicals may do to our bodies well yes well first of all a lot of these products have chemicals with names such that it's even hard to pronounce the names lots of chemicals difficult to pronounce names and I relate so much to both of these ladies my hair actually is relaxed right now I've been getting relaxer since I was very young and I have very similar experiences so this is a topic that's near and dear to my heart as well for personal reasons as it is all of us this is the thing though you know there have been some studies that have looked at some of the chemicals in these products that are known as endocrine disruptors these are chemicals that may affect the hormones in our body they may mimic the hormones block them etc and there was another study that showed that at least 70% of a certain number of these products have endocrinology how the big question is though is what do these inter crindars Rutgers do to our body now that's the big question because we actually don't have the answer we still need more studies there's still a lot we just don't know if I just look at it from from the outside is a physician yes I see that black women have two to three times the incense for example of fibroids do three times the rate of fiber it's a big difference so has it been a link identified between any of these compounds these endocrine disruptors and the product and the and these the reproductive organ issues so that's a great question again an issue that's near and dear to my heart as well as so many other women in african-american women right now we don't have a necessary causal link between the two we need more studies we just don't have the research that can tell us definitively if there is a link but the most important thing here I think is that we're asking the question this is something that needs to be looked at this is something that I think so many of us are so interested in to see is there a connection is there a link so that's I think that's probably the key take-home here is that we're starting to ask these questions so that hopefully we can get answers thinkers of the world have lost dear ones they don't know if it's what it's caused by Jordan affected emotionally by this so I put all together and I think we need to actually ask the question a little more loudly we actually reached out to the personal care products counsel here's what they said they responded pretty quickly a recently published study mischaracterizes ingredients that have a long history of safe use throughout the world ingredients referenced in the study are commonly used in a diverse range of personal care products the US Food and Drug Administration states that parabens has no effect on human health so you heard both sides now if you are worried some people will be someone you aren't but if you are worried it's important to know that not all hair products have these chemicals be sure you're subscribed to my channel so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new


  1. True what your saying here. This is why I stopped relaxing my hair. I look for and use natural and organic products for my hair and my skin. Also natural and organic cleaning products etc. I have changed lots of things still changing, from laundry detergent, deodorant, lotions, soaps, toothpaste, adding shower filters, .

  2. I just stop getting my hair done because my stylist and many of her clients were having problems with cyst and fibroid. Many of these women had to have surgery.

  3. Very serious of course anything you put on your scalp..seeps to your pores/ in your body/ brain receptors ect the question is what are you feeding your scalp. If Bad it literally is like drinking alcohol and hurting your kidneys….Be healthy Be Holistic

  4. Love the way you are… You're perfect…

  5. Good to know

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