Could Prostate Massage Save Your Life? #1 Male Prostate Health and Cancer Prevention Tip

This show is it is very much focused to
our male audience today we keep smiling a little bit and I know you out there I
know you’re smirking I know people are smirking and you said I can’t believe
they’re going there or you haven’t heard of it … thank you so much for tuning into our 2nd act with Paige and Silke the show for your 2nd act of life, how did I do Paige …you did great Silke, this is our
first official show and looking forward to it and the topic that we have we will
be digging deep deep and low especially for our men today I love the way you
just introduced that I mean you shouldn’t have cut quicker that’s that’s really
funny well yeah like like Paige said this show is it is very much focused to
our male audience today and you know the end of there’s the purpose behind that
because it will affect us as well … we’re talking about prostate health
prostate health is of course huge because prostate cancer is what what are
the statistics that you found so the statistics I found is one man in seven
will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime and that it is the
third leading cause of cancer death in American men behind lung cancer and
colorectal cancer and there’s about six cases in 10 of men that are diagnosed
ages 65 and older but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit men younger than that
right Silke… absolutely I mean I read that it’s typically you knows it’s in
our second act it’s our demographic that this is really a disease of our
demographic you know after 50 is when you start developing the prostate issues
typically and then it leads into into cancer and yes I also read that more and
more younger men 30s and 40s are being diagnosed so this is a serious subject
that we keep smirking a little bit because you’re going to know in a minute
why you know Paige and I you know with the show going forward and what
we talk about in general as you know by now Paige has been on 2nd act
lots of times she’s a healer and we try to focus on prevention and preventing
disease in the first place and so that’s what we’re focusing on prostate health
and but you know there’s different ways of course of keeping your prostate
healthy and but what we want to talk about today is prostate massage that’s
right prostate massage so when you think about
massage Silke when you go for a massage I know when I go for a massage it feels
fabulous yes wonderful so if I can go and get a
massage or give a massage to myself and feel that fantastic and know that I am
preventing the possibility of cancer why the hell wouldn’t you do in the first
place … well exactly exactly and there’s you know we keep again we
keep smiling a little bit and I know you out there I know you’re smirking I
know people are smirking and you said I can’t believe they’re going there or you
haven’t heard of it which we didn’t this this was this kind of came up randomly
in a conversation that’s why we’re talking about it today right …you
know prostate massage has been around forever and there’s a couple different
ways of course to do it and we’re going to talk very bluntly not teaching you
how to do it that’s not what this is about but about kind of removing the
stigma of this conversation because because it does involve as Paige was
saying you know we’re going to dig deep it involves the anus yes and a lot of
men are that like you know NO that it was like like what is the
biggest objection tell us …for men you think yeah
so for a lot of men it’s oh my gosh what does that mean if I’m doing things to
myself you know that leaves many different connotations which you can
fill in the blank about what the connotation might be .. but if but if you
think about it I equate it to you know for breast cancer as women we have to
continually feel around our breasts to check the lumps right although it’s a
little bit different than the massage that a man will give themselves let’s
face it if you think about a 12 year old boy a 14 year old boy they’re digging
deep down there for some things too so here here we are you know 50
years and older get if you’re feeling good about what you’re doing literally
and figuratively and preventing the possibility of prostate cancer yeah and
now another good even better news if you’re open to it and you know again
we’re removing some stigmas here is that this can be very pleasurable for a
couple this can be part of your sexual play yeah you know we I mean we can save
lives Paige! that’s right about for all women out there or men out there you
know pending on what your sexual orientation is you can save lives for
another and for yourself all at the same time yeah again we’re making light of
this because it is it’s kind of embarrassing to talk about it but when
you read about the benefit you know you at least need to be aware of this option
and then you can decide for yourself that this is something you know
especially if you’re prone to issues with your prostate as you know or you
may not know prostate health is also directly related to sexual functioning
so it is definitely in our best interest to help the men in our lives
keep their prostate healthy wouldn’t you agree …absolutely and not that we’re
going to show any instructions today but we will be having on you know experts
who are part of the 2nd act family which Silke we’ll talk about who will
gives more information about what is prostate massage how does this work
possibly answer questions that you might have yeah exactly and good point yes Dr.
Laurie is going to be on the program to talk about really the medical side of
this she seems to be I ran this by her and she goes oh my God this is why I love 2nd
act because you go you know where other people don’t go so this is important
information that people are embarrassed to talk about where we’re going to we’re
going to remove that embarrassment hopefully and just go as far as to say
that you know you mentioned earlier that you can do it to yourself which you can
there’s there’s ways and techniques to do it as a couple and then of course
there are the the well toys for a lack of a better explanation there’s devices
or tools to give prostate massage that are very effective we’ll
have links to that on our website and in the video description that you can you
can check it out but the main thing is you know become aware of it open your
mind check it out because you actually could you know not only can it increase
well your prostate health but your sexual functioning and you know
hopefully prevent prostate cancer all together that’s right that’s why we’re
here today as two women speaking about something for men yeah
yes men you’re welcome …now if anybody you know if you’ve had experience with
this and you know you may be not embarrassed you know kind of joining our
conversation leave your comments or leave your questions tell us maybe we’re
wrong or or right and you know we really want to hear from you because these are
the kind of topics we want to explore and you know as I said earlier just
remove some of the stigma that’s associated with it …and in our show for
that Silke and I are doing we are all about prevention taking care of yourself
what to do when you have something and what to do afterwards so we’re always be
bringing cutting edge conversations topics things might be extremely funny
things might be very deep and serious and things might be a core have a
combination of both exactly so Paige, in in you know we’re
coming up on the end of the segment are there any closing comments that you want
to leave for our viewers … of course if I was a man and I had this option of prostate
massage that could prevent potential prostate cancer while also feeling
incredibly fantastic and or I could be doing this with my partner
hell yeah why wouldn’t I do it all good things all wrapped up into one
… I couldn’t have said it better myself Paige thank you I wish you were
here right now in studio you know like we were studio together but you will be
coming out here again very soon so stay tuned make sure you subscribe to our
program and visit our website for all the
information of upcoming shows as well as links to this very important topic of
prostate health maintenance and massage so see you soon on another episode of
Our 2nd Act with Paige and Silke for your second act of life …perfect we’re going to practice doing that to get you know we’re getting started with our tagline
if anybody has suggestions on that – we’ll take those as well …that’s great
thank you so much we’ll see you soon …thank you So glad you were able to join us today, just a quick reminder please be sure to subscribe to our program, button’s right
here, and for more information on the topic of prostate health be sure to
visit our website 2ndact.TV …talk to you soon!


  1. Thank you for your information. It's hard to feel like a man and want something in your who who.
    Might take some getting used to this idea.

  2. We are advised to have 21 ejaculations a month to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. At 67, my libido limits me to once every 5 days. I have tried, doctor, but I'm just not up to it. So I bought a vibrating massager. So far used it only externally. After only 5 minutes, there is liquid coming from the penis, and urine is frothy on 2 or 3 occasions afterwards. So I think this comes from the prostate, which feels deliciously emptied afterwards, although there is no muscular ejaculation. Very relaxing.

  3. I need this done

  4. I have been reading so much on this , while my wife of 35yrs rolls her eyes and acts more and more disgusted for my curiosity

  5. Could Pegging save a man's life?

  6. Love

  7. I completely agree with your message, but as an older man seeing 2 professional women talking about this and laughing about it really does not inspire my confidence to broach this delicate topic this with my spouse or talk to a medical professional about it. Men are already sensitive to this topic and seeing it being laughed at here makes me concerned about how I'll be received if I talk to someone about it.

  8. My wife has done this to me a couple times, but only right when I'm about to orgasm.  You may think you don't want her finger shoved up your rear, but it feels amazing at the just right time.  It's like a turbocharged ejaculation in a sense. Every man should let his wife do this for him at least once, as long as she's okay doing it of course.

  9. When a former lover introduced this retired Army Officer newly home from combat for the 3rd time in 6 yrs I was trying to regain my footing. She had gone to a workshop on sex and older relationships. Well.. being that I already liked light outer anal touch I practiced light douches..enema with water. But had only heard briefly prostate stuff. She explained it all then one day we just played. Oh my..she played then massaged me..then milked my prostate… oh my..what a time we had. She proceeded later on to use a vibrator on me..I advanced to rimming her and loved it. I learned to help her with G Spot orgasms..yes..she squirted always.. frankly I found older women taste sweeter, in fact after I climax I will do oral and find her fluid makes this easier, to the point my fluid doesn’t taste bad at all. My present love is kinky so we have learned to eat healthier and love healthier. Thanks so much.

  10. Best sensation ive ever had. The giggling by the ladies was very amateur and annoying.

  11. My question concerns whether prostate massage would still be of value to someone who has had prostate cancer and successfully undergone radiation treatment and so far is cancer free. I have read significant material about prostate massage and the value it can provide to men for cancer prevention, but cannot find anything about possible benefits for men post prostate cancer treatment. Enjoyed both part 1 and 2 of your video. Thanks for taking my question and tackling a delicate topic to most men.

  12. The number one reason prostate problems, women's incontinence, hemorrhoids, colon cancer is so prevalent in developed countries is the use of the modern toilet. The body was designed to eliminate in the squatted position. By eliminating in the seated position leaves the pelvic floor unsupported. Not saying prostate massage isn't important or beneficial, just trying to relay the some of the reasons we have so many male and female reproductive and gastrointestinal issues.

  13. Tow big bitch old women

  14. As someone who was diagnosed with early low-grade prostate cancer this is something I will be doing from now on as the health benefits are important.

    And on a sidenote, I think it’s really sad that we can’t talk about body parts without using silly names like who who, thing, wewe etc. We have a penis, a scrotum and an anus and it’s OK to say those names and we don’t need to giggle about it either.

    It’s time our society grows up but we’ve been so conditioned to be embarrassed to talk about things like this and it’s hard to get over. My wife and I are nudists and we are comfortable discussing body parts even with our grandkids and we don’t use the silly names like we we and crap like that.

    But thank you for putting this out. I just hope you learn to discuss things like this without seeming like it’s so embarrassing.

  15. I really enjoy a prostate massage only if its a warm tongue

  16. Y'all gonna start a revolution amongst couples and women in general…fingerbangers unite! Hahaha

  17. I see in comment section men are Leary about this topic I had a massive orgasm from prostate massage my leg gave out and trembled for 5 minutes on my knees I wept in ecstasy best orgasm I ever had in my life!!!!! Hey not shy a bit drop my pants and let both of y'all can get a finger or two in my ASS. I LOVE IT BEST WITH A PARTNER do it once and you can't believe you haven been doing this all your life

  18. Is it possible for me to go in and massage my own Prostate gland answer please

  19. My wife does this to me in the shower. From behind. While stroking me. The orgasm brings me to my knees. Install grab bars. My prostate is completely normal.

  20. my wife gives me one every week, she milks my prostate and get plenty of fluid out every time and it feels great

  21. It would make a great first date.

  22. Thinking about it objectively, isn't it absurd that the male culture would threaten their health and actual lives because of puritanical social stigmas? SMH.

  23. My question is I was 65 years old and had prostrate cancer in 2017.My doctor and I both agreed that brachytherpy would be the best! On my last PDA test I was at 1.1. Is this still possible to do in my case?

  24. Angels of mercy/hookers???

  25. Do you want your husband to do a uterine exam, or check for polyps on your ovaries ?? This is VERY unpleasant, so unless you are a Urologist, stay away.

  26. My best friend died from prostate cancer, 12 years ago. I still miss him.

  27. Thanks for the video ladies. Although this is a serious subject, you make it fun.

  28. I would bet that only 20% of women would be willing to do this but 50% of men would be into it by their female partner. Thanks for the video. You make things fun. keep it up.

  29. I was dating a nurse and she was really into it. I found it both delightful and very satisfying.
    Actually it was a combination of stimulus. She had me on the ropes. The woman really knew how to work a man. I was left a mass of sweaty quivering flesh. Part of a tantra sex marathon
    Iron American Dream on YouTube
    Believe me worse things could happen. I recommend it.

  30. No Big Deal, when are you ladies going to demonstrate on Video?

  31. Getting a blowjob and massaging my balls with sucking my balls too and tonguing the area where the prostate is very stimulating and really gratifying then sucking my knob fast up and down is the best prostate massage ever. I love it.

  32. Giggling about it does nothing to reduce stigma. Quite the opposite.

  33. Prostrate massage sure sounds a lot better then prostate biopsy. That was pretty awful.

  34. Pick me to practice on. Great job ladies

  35. I had no idea prostate massage could help prevent prostate cancer. That's actually a big deal and now makes it a must do. I thought it just had "sexual" purpose/effect with some possible homosexual implications or misinterpretations. I just need to know how much is needed to have an effect and hopefully fully prevent cancer? Will continue listening.
    While on the topic, I also believe B17 and drinking Ozone water could be beneficial for any cancer conditions. See informational videos for both here and

  36. This is a very serious issue that men choose to ignore because of the long-held homophobic notion that male + anal pleasure=gay. Not so, obviously; just social stigma. A little helpful history: High Island Health, a company created by licensed Urologists, invented, designed, and patented a device that very effectively massages and drains a man's prostate at home-in private. Like viagra was created to assist heart-related issues like pulmonary hypertension and angina-but accidentally allowed men with ED to have and maintain youthful erections, this device had "side-effects"too. Most notable were the incredibly intense, non-ejaculatory, and often multiple orgasms that often happened during its use. While it's true they don't happen every time, there is simply no describing them if anjd when they do. They consume a man's entire body, sometimes last and linger for many minutes, and are so blindingly sweet and strong they have to be experienced just to be believed. The Aneros end of the company was born from this strictly for the pleasure men could experience while using the device, and they have now been copied by everyone on the planet. I wish I had a share in the business, because by looking on ebay under "prostate massagers," and seeing how many pages of devides they list, they must have sold millions! I own several models myself, and have been using them regularly for over fifteen years. I can assure you they all work amazingly well, and not only do I have the urinary and sexual functions of a much younger man at nearly seventy, my PSA level has remained very low as well. Thanks for this nice video attempt to relax men and women into talking about something so pleasureable and healthy.

  37. This is an important topic that needs to be talked about more but incessantly giggling like a couple of sophomores is not the way to do it.

  38. Too much laughter ladies; good topic.

  39. Yes, the giggling was a little off putting ladies, and I agree with another comment that if the role was reversed with two men, it would be called out.
    That being said, this is a great topic. Too bad some men have such a fear of the stigma of having something going up your butt. Guys, get over yourselves, we are talking about our health here, and these ladies ( and others) are concerned.
    Now, women can make this very sexy. And, yeah, the orgasms are mind blowing. That's why the prostate is called the man's g-spot.

  40. Ladies, thanks for the discussion. There wasn't a lot of "meat" to the matter, but the important take away is the pleasure and the potential health benefit offered by this. My experience is aged because women just don't know(and frankly, could care less) about exploring, or I have been with some rather boring women!! LOL! When I was 19, I dated a 17 year old. She turned out to be my teacher. There were a number of times that she inserted a finger into me! To this day I do not know where a 17 year old came up with the things that she was willing to experiment with! The biggest problem with the pleasure part is the communication. You (male and female) have to get over the inhibitions, find a way to open the conversations, and go for it! My late wife suggested really nothing. There was one thing that I opened up about, and I was surprised that she was okay with the idea. Unfortunately, I think, she wasn't as interested in the relationship which put its own damper on things. I think I will close with this idea; "No guts, no glory!" Again, thanks for the open conversation!

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  42. you don't have a clue

  43. Thanks lady's many men don't want to speak of this
    some one needs to speak up this is almost a spiritual thing all the naysayers when they experience this they are ready to go every week for this
    I was like that until I experienced this it is amazing there are no words to describe this it is amazing

  44. I asked my wife for a prostate massage. She said, I'll miss you.

  45. I don't mind I come to you and give me a massage with your hand to be prevented from prostate that possible ? Please let me know .

  46. My husband says it makes him feel like he has to pee…. Is this ok or is this a bad thing? It makes him feel uncomfortable because he doesn't want to pee on himself… Please help

  47. I've started massaging mine & It really feels good,

  48. Why in the hell didn’t you stupid ass’s show how to do it Instead of jabbing at the mouth idiots

  49. Please just go away. You are in an area that you are book smart enough but. Your friend thinks this a joke. Get a Doctor to give you an anal inspection. When that "gay" finger test gets jammed up y.our ass you will feel like a missile that launched screaming from the pain. Hell would have to appear before I would let a novice near my ass. Women a little babies and femininity. Let us in after we have groveled sufficiently.. This is no joke rips ,scratching, bleeding, infections. As far as men's fears , feelings , towards their back door goes down through many doors. You worry about your vagus and we will worry about our packages. However it does not hurt to ask. A trick let him have anal with you then give him a few days to realize what happened and may loosen him up but be super careful. Laughing before during and after is ridiculous. Women can be vengeful so while she is wearing a strap on and your running for office watch for recording devices. If you ladies are trusted by your lover and allowed to strap up go easy and if he yells for you to stop then stop immediately. You could have hurt him.

  50. All the giggling suggests that this is a topic that the women were uncomfortable. That's too bad, given the fact that this act is not only a really healthful thing to do for a man but also because of the ungodly pleasure it can produce. The presentation didn't need to be super serious but still needed to be addressed with some degree of matter of fact seriousness. We are talking about preventing cancer after all.

  51. I'm a older man also. Guys don't be tight asses. Grow up. Theese lady's were trying to make lite of a heavy subject. Bet you laught at jokes about women private parts.

  52. It's an awesome experience.

  53. Ok you can use me as a volunteer, willing to try anything

  54. Please stick your finger up your own _ _ _.

  55. Oh you can give me a prostate message any time you like.

  56. your both sexy and gorgeous woman

  57. Can you make a video on female prostate message?


  59. How to find that lady willing to help in that job. Is this a new industry that I am unfamiliar with.

  60. Please come save my life!

  61. Being a heterosexual male, the thought of something in my ass is very uncomfortable and disgusting, unless it's a doctor checking me( which is also uncomfortable by the way). It's also taught from a young age that such things are taboo.

  62. Can I get them to massage my prostate ?

  63. Do me, Silke, do me!!

  64. what happens if your wifes fingers are to big?

  65. I am having prostate problems and have had the exam but the Doctor told me that my prostate was doing good but the sec in my life with my wife is hell in a handbag…

  66. I find the laughter in this video extremely disrupting.

  67. Awesome, I need a cigarette….

  68. A friend of mines died of prostate cancer, and ever since his passing about 2yrs. now, I've been using the prostate probe and so far it's okay. Little awkward at first, but on the long run, I'm sure it's gonna be a life saver.

  69. Okay ladies, here's the real deal coming from the only man (me) that I know that has discover sex perfection which is the key to revealing the woman sexual Infinity and give her total sexual satisfaction. What this has to do with the subject matter is that the reason men have prostate cancer is the same reason women have cancer, both genders getting cancer below the belly button. but because you were so silly I am not going to give you full disclosure, for the simple reason what you were laughing about is having a man subject to a finger in his anus. what you need to know is, I just finished the book on it by the way, the reason he has cancer is because he has not reached a level of intercourse whereby he stimulates his woman for 3 hours or morning noon and night. the same goes for the woman! there is no female 27 years and older who has been sexually activated and is active can be satisfied in one or two hours of intercourse. To overcome this the man must learn 2 couple his PC muscle with his prostrate while performing kegels this ties over into intercourse to prevent ejaculation to too soon. so the joke's on you ladies who will also get cancer because you don't have a man that last long enough in bed that is the only problem haha HULMN!

  70. Well I wish more massive therapist would consider doing that cancer running in my family would love to have that done

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    Thank you ……..joke .

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  75. On Sale Now! A D.I.Y. PROSTATE EXAM KIT, for your Enlightenment! Just-Do-It & Cut Out the Middleman – Your Doctor! $5.95.

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  77. Is it good for a person with no family history.

  78. Silky and Paige, I don’t understand why you would think that cancer is funny? I have both men and female friends who’ve passed from cancer and I think ANYTHING that can prevent or cure cancer is fabulous. Certainly nothing to laugh about or maybe tease men because they may be embarrassed to talk about it. You both can do better.

  79. Sounds like a real serious subject when the hosts are snickering through the entire show.

    It’s the same problem we’ve always had: sex; snicker snicker snicker…

    Great job ladies.

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  84. I highly recommend searching the internet and consulting your doctor about the risks involved before applying Prostate massage therapy. It’s nothing to laugh about.

  85. As a woman, I'm interested in how to approach this topic.

  86. It’s difficult for me to swipe right after I’ve milked mine

  87. Supposedly this video is about removing the embarrassment of prostate massage. Unfortunately, these two have the opposite result. Frankly its painful to watch them giggle for 9 minutes like drunken school girls while congratulating themselves for going deep. The highlight of hilarity for them was saying the word anus, and insinuating what 14 year old boys do. Grow up little girls its just not that funny. If you are going to talk about prostate massage say something interesting or new. Otherwise please don’t share your infantilism, as it only serves to perpetuate the stigma you claim to be addressing.

  88. I'm very attracted to you

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