Could Hacienda Healthcare lose its license?

you can vote as well all right tonight the 12 News i-team uncovering two new abuse cases involving patients at Hosking into healthcare that's the facility where an incapacitated woman gave birth back in December the i-team reviewing Hacienda inspections going back to 2013 finding inspectors noted at least one thing had gone wrong every time they checked except for April when the care facility got its license then in May and inspection revealing two incidents of possible abuse in the first incident a patient went off-site with his family when he came back staff reported he had bruises on his cheek and arm and blood coming from his nostril a second a patient apparently ended up on the ground fighting employees when they tried to fasten a seat belt on his wheelchair the report says the facility didn't deal with either one according to a plan haciendas has 30 days to request a hearing or lose its license and

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