Could a "non toxic" & "safe" breakthrough health supplement destroy our planet!

hi guys we've got a serious subject now and that is could this new scientific breakthrough destroy our planet in a few years we're going to talk about it in just a second imagine what would happen if there was a non-toxic natural native to the body product that we could drink and reverse most health challenges a product that created an environment in our body that when we were young and in our twenties was abundant a time when we had loads of energy and good health and vitality and now you could return your health even an advanced ages back to a time when you were at your peak you would naturally mentally sharp and physically fit and you slept better and had all the natural things that were going on as a young person and you could restore that in the older age what would happen as a result if we are all living to a ripe old age of say 110 that would be causing taxpayers to fund our retirement period three times longer than we have now as a result of improved health that would be greater fertility more children would be being born that would add another burden to the planet with regard to the food required to feed all these people food production would have to at least double meaning yet more animals were being farmed and slaughtered for their meat creating even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and obviously more global warming as a result we have acceleration of deforestation to grow GMO crops to feed the animals that we would need to slaughter to feed us all it's assuming that you're eating meat of course which we're trying to avoid as you know the predicted demise of our planet by 2050 could just be a few years away if there was a health breakthrough that addressed the very root cause of disease even the NHS here in the UK on their own admission says they've got 15 million people now on drug-related therapies that have no potential to cure their problem whatsoever not surprisingly when a big pharmaceutical company dis gathered the company that had developed a breakthrough product that would effectively remove the need for most prescription drugs they were desperately trying to buy it because we know that there's only three real main areas where the pharmaceutical companies have an involvement and it's a very tenuous one and that is the field of trauma you've had an accident and you've taken a hospital or you've had a heart attack or something and they need to try and reverse that potential life-threatening an issue or childbirth of course is short to that particular area of medicine plastic surgery where you need to have skin grafts and so forth in the case of burns and etc etc or major accident and trauma you know all these things are very important but if there is a product that could reverse these issues which are currently being dealt with by drug related therapies that would mean millions of unemployed health related jobs loads of people involved in the pharmaceutical industry would be redundant we'd see doctors surgeries closing down we'd have hundreds of thousands of poly millions globally of nurses no longer being required to deal with the problems that drug related therapies can produce and that would be reversed by using a product that could be restoring your health naturally we'd see Pharma pharmacy's close we'd see doctors surgeries close an older healthier population would be traveling more to see friends and family that would be healthy and creating more emissions in the form of carbon dioxide so if there was if there was a product that could actually stop the symptoms of aging or at least slow them down to a minut crawl which you'd want to be part of that knowing that you a few a part of something that was gonna be extending your life to a healthy say 110 would you want to be part of something that will accelerate the process of the planets decline do you know what you'd have to think about it for a while but I tell you what I've done about you but I had to live til I was a hundred and ten I'd like to live a healthy and active life to his older age as I possibly could and in this bottle there's something so amazing so incredible that when doctor James Watson in 1998 discovered that the root cause of most diseases including cancer and diabetes were caused by a reduction in what's called redox signaling molecules then this got my attention and when someone wrote to me a little while ago about redox signaling molecules to help reverse problems of her daughter's cot death I was sold and I got a sample product and since I've been taking it for the last two weeks I too have been sold I've actually used the the gel versed on this on about 10 people now all of which have had massive turnarounds in their pain levels within just five minutes I tell you it's incredible what this thing does and it relieves oxidative stress in a cell by rebalancing the relationship between oxidants and antioxidants almost immediately reducing the pain level pathways to a fraction of what it was before in just a few minutes unbelievable but true what's in this drink or was it do click on the link below send me an email and I'll send you all the information you need to know about this incredible breakthrough which is absolutely in the space of a couple of weeks reverse so many problems that I had which were residual that I couldn't fix on my diet and lifestyle changes completely I reversed my cancer is you know and my prostate cancer almost three years ago now by dietary and lifestyle changes but there was residual issues with the issues which I couldn't resolve and this product has helped me do that so if you want to get some more information go into the little box below click on the link get my email address send me an email and I'll send you all the information you need this is the future this is where your life expectancy can be massively improved so get involved get a message to me let me get some information to you and I know that you won't be sorry it'll be the best decision that you could make to ensure a future that will be far healthier far fitter with more energy less pain thanks for watching see you in the next video you


  1. Is this product good for brain 🧠 disorders?? Like Autism?? Thank you ?😊

  2. respected sir , im from nepal and im following you in YouTube. I want this product but it is very difficult to get here even a PH test kit isnt available here. How can i use this item sir. we nepali people are belive in aayurveda( a traditional healing method ) but it is not working in present. my father has prostate problem( psa: 9.5) but treatment is very difficult and highly expensive as per our economic condition.

  3. Birth, death and in between that happens is according to God's Will. To doubt whether the earth can sustain population growth is lacking in trust of God's Divine Providence. One can help extend one's life with good health but nobody escapes death. We are created to honor and glorify God in all things. To put too much emphasis in prolonging life unnaturally is a form of self love (idolatry). What we do in this lifetime is more important like like loving one's neighbor. Eventually, we ate going to be judged on how we love and not just self love. There is so much to learn about life than just being healthy. To exist without God in one's life is really SAD. There is life after death where no amount of money, health, fame, retirement plans, fortune, family can duplicate what is waiting beyond our earthly life.
    …just a reality check that we need to remember. Peace.

  4. This seems to pertain to a commercial product – why not tell us the science, the empirical results, the source, the costs?

  5. Hi Andy, are you compensated for your endorsement of this product? Doesn't detract from anything you've said or your hard/great work. Thanks

  6. How you doing Andrew, I was hoping for an update.. I'm just hoping to get past the next 10 years but yes 40 more…Nice… Thanks Ray I get results on my PSA in 2 days, i'll let you know….

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