Cost of a Home Gym?

hey what's up everybody welcome back Brennan again in today's video I'm going to give you a brief overview of the costs of my current home gym setup now this is going to be a quicker video I'm not gonna go too in depth on the equipment itself because literally it's only been in my basement for a week and I do want to revisit this video maybe in a month or two months when I've added some things and found out what I need or what I don't need and I can give you really better justification or brief reviews on all this equipment to say it was truly worth the cost because I have a feeling it's going to be expensive and I don't actually know how much it costs off the top of my head because I bought these in pieces and plus I don't want to really look at the overall sticker price so what I'll do is as I'm showing you and talking about these things I will have the price of the item in the left hand side of the video and the overall cost of the gym on the right hand side as I add pieces so let's get to it alright so obviously the main centerpiece here is going to be the rack this is a rogue rml 690 C you can see the rogue nameplate there that's one of the differences between the 690 C and the standard 690 the other main difference is the color of the rack itself so the 690 usually only comes in black I'm assuming the C denotes color because you have the option to choose from a lot of different ones and I chose to go with the bright blue color just know that this does add about two hundred dollars extra to the cost so between the nameplate and the color that's the only real difference here of the 690 C versus the 690 so just know that if you're looking to save money probably don't want to go with the C version I do like the blue a lot and I wanted it to kind of pop the basement itself is kind of dark as you can see plus I really like how the blue and the black contrast together the nice thing about the 690 regardless is you get a lot of other things so they come with pull-up bars for instance you don't have to buy any kind of attachments for that it does come standard with pin bar safeties I chose to upgrade to some safety straps myself I really like these straps I think they're pretty versatile I'll do a review on them later just know that going with this route instead of the standard actual safety pins adds another hundred dollars they do come standard with Jacobs as well so there you have some plastic in there as well to protect your bar there are other options where you can upgrade these I didn't think it was necessary it comes with a set of four pairs of plates storage so two longer ones and two shorter ones per side again that's one of the reasons I wanted to go with the 690 see it's a little bit bigger of a rack but I had integrated plate storage which I thought was huge I did also have to pay to have these custom cut typically these are going to be about five inches longer but that would get me pretty close to the ceiling so I went with a cut of 85 inches which ended up adding to the overall cost of about again $200 so I'm gonna round around here so standard for the rml 690 you're looking at a price of around $1600 to go with the customize color you're looking at 1750 however again adding in the custom cuts and the safety straps as well you're looking at a cost about two thousand and fifty dollars but it also does come with stuff like band pegs which you could put either on the bottom of the rack or on the top as well so it's pretty versatile overall rack again pretty expensive but again this is the centerpiece of the gym and overall can't really complain with the quality it's built solid I didn't even have to bolt this thing in so that brings us to the plates themselves these are a rogue competition style bumper plates and the reason I went with these is because I've heard great things about them I've seen them used on all the super training videos they're literally within 10 grams of whatever weight they say they are which is really big in my opinion but I wanted something that was durable with lasts and really looks nice like I said with the rack already and these rogue competition bumper plates just really fit the bill now you will see that many of them are labeled CrossFit and Reebok or 2015 CrossFit Games I actually got these on special because they were used in the games themselves so hopefully they have some rich froning ball sweat on them but I got them at a slight discount and I went with these again because I really wanted something that was accurate but if you look at competition discs from things like Alico or any of the other big weight training plate companies they're extremely expensive and these were – but just not as expensive as those and I think overall they're gonna last a long time and I'm very happy so far with the purchase I'd end up getting roughly 700 pounds of weight for $1,900 so now that we've got the two big-ticket items out of the way the next thing I want to show you is the adjustable I have again from robe really solid here the thing weighs 130 pounds I got an adjustable bench just because I didn't want to have to buy an incline bench any flat bench as well this thing is super heavy-duty and super nice and actually the benching on it feels pretty good the pad on it is very stiff and firm and has a lot of grip to it so very happy with this purchase it ended up costing 545 dollars now the first bar I picked up is a Westside power bar made from rogue by the specifications of Louise Simmons from obviously Westside barbell this is probably little bit more expensive than some of the other bars that are very similar but I wanted something with a good neural I wanted something with a center knurling as well and this is a bar I've always had my eyes on and one of the things that I really wanted to get from my own home gym really happy with it so far base price on it is 375 dollars I also picked up an Ohio Bar because I wanted something with a little bit less aggressive knurling for the Beyonce or those days where my hands just couldn't take it as well as have something without a center knurl for those days when we're doing sumo or conventional poles and I don't want my nuts being grinded down to nothing because there's not much there to begin with so the Ohio Bar here from rogue awesome bar overall 282 dollars so I did a standalone video for the platform itself final cost on this was 257 dollars and that's for the three bottom layers of plywood two layers of plywood for the top as well as the horse stall mats again this is a fairly large platform 8 by 12 feet you don't necessarily need this bigger platform if you're building your own home gym but I wanted to fit the large rack as well as have an attached area for deadlifting if need be I wanted to be as efficient as possible so instead of doing something like a t-bar row I picked up this post landmine and landmine handle attachment combined cost for both of these is a hundred and forty five dollars also in an effort to save space I picked up a mini deadlift bar jack instead of the full Jack price on this is $62.50 pretty versatile also has some plastic in there to not ruin your bars I picked up a single 45 pound kettlebell to do some things like some kettlebell swings but I can also do overhead presses with these I might pick up some other ones in the future this is from the cap brand and it cost fifty four dollars and fifty cents can't have a gym without a curl bar this is a Body Solid 1 for 53 dollars I picked up a few resistance bands for things like mobility as well as to help on squats and deadlifts overall it ended up cost $70.50 again in an effort to be efficient I picked up this Matador attachment to do things like dips on the rack this thing is very solid can hold my big fat ass and is built to last for sure it ended up costing 86 dollars and 75 cents I also picked up this Hampton pad for like 30 bucks and do things like hip thrusters on but the Beyonce will probably use them for squats you have a deadlift Jack there and you have some other odds and ends that people have sent to me over the years I just threw down here like some big fat bar grips some lockjaw collars all great things that I figured I might as well show but didn't really add to the overall cost of the gym speaking of things I didn't add to the cost people gifted us these huge dumbbells of two pounds five pounds and 15 pounds I'm actually using them right now as a record that's voice over making all kinds of game you see my deficit platform at chalk Bowl you saw the deadlift Jack the kettlebell I was gonna have this bin of other stuff with sleeves and wraps and mobility type work but it's there on the side that I can make even more gains on and I'm done making gains in the gym I can use this KitchenAid blender to make some gains in the kitchen maybe some cupcakes or some cakes now I didn't discuss anything like taxes are shipping just because that will vary from person to person I didn't really want to get into the price of that because that doesn't really reflect the true cost of the gym but we're looking at around fifty nine hundred dollars for everything you've seen here which i think is overly expensive but at the same time I'm not mad about it whatsoever I think I have everything I need here to make some good quality gains as well as some good quality equipment that will last me a long time now one of the things that also helps me buy some of this equipment is from time to time doing things on the channel like telling you about the NASM and they're still offering that two-week free trial of their services if you're interested there's a link in the description box below if you want to get to three weeks of NASM in the meantime as always thanks so much for watching and stay big


  1. Once you buy the equipment it’s yrs for life. If you were like me and spent 30 yrs paying gym fees Brandon is way in front. No worries about others in the gym or waiting to use equipment etc. Congrats!

  2. Where did you get the logo from and how much did it cost?

  3. So many negative comments from cheapskates. Good gym and good investment man!! Looks good

  4. You really wasted your money.

  5. I want get those safety strap but Rogue don't sell them They only got the twist and pull ones for the RML where did you get them?

  6. It would be cheaper to buy a member ship at a gym with all the equipment you’ll need.

  7. Ok , now answer the big ? How long did it take to make your weight rack into a clothes rack!

  8. You have a nice rack! I’d love to play with it sometime.

  9. I'm digging the intro music

  10. what are the dimensions of the room (incl. the height)? is it heated, and if not, how do you train in cold weather, especially touching the steel?

  11. Wow that is certainly pretty and good looking home gym. I have a squat rack I custom built but Rogue is very good looking.

  12. puts on belt, applies chalk, turns up the headphones and
    picks up the 2 lb pink dumbbells.

  13. $6k is about 10years worth of membership at a high-end gym where you can find all that and lots more. Great work and if it fits your needs that's great but I think I'll stick with a public gym instead.

  14. Awesome setup man

  15. $200 to make 6 cuts, now that's a gouge, nice work Rogue.

  16. hey Brandon , any chance you want to get rid of one of those lock jaw collars? I need some new ones since my cheap ones took a dump and dont lock any more

  17. Do you listen to music while you train Brandon?.

  18. very nice, but too rich for my blood

  19. I see those kayak dolly wheels.

  20. Very nice setup.

  21. All I have in my homegym is a power rack, a barbell, a bunch of plates (I collected over time). The power rack has a dip bar and a pull up bar. I also have an adjustable angle bench. I have all of this for under 1 grand. I bought the power rack from a friend who was moving and never used the rogue power rack he bought. I got my plates from various sources. The first ones were from him. Then I bought some bumper plates from a gym that was closing because I like to Oly lift (trained under an oly lifting coach for 2 years, so I know the correct form and such). The bench was the only thing I bought new.

  22. Can be done for $500. $240 for the rack, 260 for weights and bar. I know, I've done it!!!

  23. I spent 600 on my home gym

  24. What do you do for money?

  25. where did you get the weights so cheap?

  26. What is the length on the safety straps?

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