Cosmetic Industry Insights Organic and Natural Skincare Brands – FDA and European Union Regulations

Good morning! It's Zane from Atlantis Skincare. Today I want to share some cosmetic industry insides. Many many organic and
natural skincare brands have no claims or marketing side on labels. Only, like,
moisturising, or nourishing cream. And I will explain why. We have FDA regulations in America
and European Union regulations in Europe in place. And they ask, or they demand cosmetic formulators and companies to prove any claim on a label. For example: if you're
claiming any benefits like anti-wrinkle, or UV protection, on the cream label, you should have base or scientific, scientifically proved facts on why you placing this
message on a label. And because organic and natural skin care companies mainly
are really small, private companies they have no budget for these claims. And this is the reason why you should learn read labels, again, because when you know ingredients on ingredient list and you can understand how they help you or to your skin, or to
your problem, you can buy the best skin care products for yourself your skin
for your problem. I can share example for you. I recently found online story about
American family. They're making salve for dry, eczema prone skin. And FDA asked them to remove any claims on the table label so basically they're selling like, just very
simple salve name on the label. But because
they placed customer feedbacks online and in the shops there were selling, and
customers was sharing their experiences with eczema healing, with psoriasis
problem healing with any differently like problems healing from this salve. FDA sue this person and he can face court actions and even end in jail for 48 years.
So basically for us as a skin care formulators and skincare makers, we should be very very careful. And for you, as a customers, you should learn to
read the label, you should learn to understand ingredients. Just for your own benefit and for the benefit of all natural organic skincare market. I will
help you to learn understand ingredients in more videos. They're coming soon. And I hope it's helping you to understand why cosmetic market is as it
is now. Thank you, and have a good day!


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  2. Hi Zane i have ordered a horsetail extract from Natures Way and its Glycerate … can i use it in oil….is there any way out as i have heard that horsetail is very good for hair growth? Thankx a ton in Advance:)

  3. That's amazing

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