Corset Workout for a Slim Waist (POP Pilates)

since the beginning of time us women have suffered through all sorts of fiscal torture just to be deemed beautiful in fact in the 1500s women wore armor plates so that they can look like a bell yeah I think a bell is totally in style I mean find your booths flatten the waist and totally Pat up those hips to get that nice hot Bell effect then in Victorian times if we had that tiny tiny waist you are definitely more worthy than a woman who didn't have a tiny tiny waist in fact if you couldn't breathe even better then in the 1920s you had to look like a little boy go ahead and tape up those boobs no chest that was totally in style in the 60s you had to be super super thin like model Twiggy in fact that's when Barbie was born and then you had huge boobs a tiny waist no hips that's totally attainable of right then in the 70s and in the 80s Fitness was introduced and everyone had to be toned and thin but curvy in just the right places we've had so much information I don't know what to do again do stop don't worry I have the perfect workout for you hey guys Cassey here and welcome to pop pilates today is corset workout and yes this is actually a workout corset not just a sexy time one it's from Nike is going to target all the muscles around your waist really giving you that slim and hourglass shaping effect so that if you're actually going to tie a ribbon around your waist all of the muscles touching that ribbon so your abs your low back your obliques will be targeted in today's workouts so go ahead and grab your corset because I know you have one lying around somewhere and let's go ahead and hit the mat come on all right your first move is combination plank we're going to be target your core and your obliques and the low back so go ahead and place your back hand in front and your front hand a little bit behind it you're in plank make sure your tailbone is tucked nice and tight your belly button is sucked in now you're going to buck Pike all the way up you're going to come down into that place and then you're going to dip this in and up again you reach place dip and up so what do you feel here you're feeling your low back the obliques right here and your abs your core down all the way down and live so good now if you feel like your ribs are kind of hurting feel free to try these moves on your elbows perfect you're looking great now I love this because it's very graceful very smooth nice now what I want you to focus on is to truly resist as you come on the way down right there then you dip and you lift make sure your back isn't dipping like crazy okay keep everything nice and firm hips Square to the mat perfect so good let's go for all the way down feel those obliques heal those muffin tops of dying so good damn pan up I feeling my arms 202 more press are you happy doing this workout I hope you are because I'm really happy you know you notice that I smell all the time cuz I love it okay and resist slow and hold it right there bring those knees down hands behind you and whoops a new switch over onto the other side here we go same hand positioning your out in that plane hold it now all we do is repeat on the other side starting with butt pipe up and down twist press and low again truly resisting as you come back to Center right here now you'll notice that if your breath is a little bit hard if your heart rate is going up that's because this is a sort of cardio move we're using all of our muscles okay to work the core the center of your body the place where all your strength emanates from good you've got it dip and lift squeeze it tight resist perfect I am alone in this really good move so good give me three resist dip very nice oh and you know what this corset workout is perfect Caird with any other of my workout videos they're short and sweet you can make your full hour workout out of whatever you want to target all right one more lift resist will you just hold it for me come on belly button in come on ABS tuck tailbone tight 5 4 3 2 onto the knees and up into one of my favorite moves the candlestick dipper but this time we're gonna add a little pizazz I'm going to take off some gloves and put on some gloves so yeah I mean might as well fear we're in a corset right ok so what you I want you to do is go ahead take off the glove right here and I want you to come down okay and then press it all the way back up all right up here we go in and reach reach perfect I can down reach reach perfect again so you don't have to be crazy with the glove move just take it on put it off whoo I think I just said that backwards put it on take it off it's looking that good again down reach 300 so good sexy slip it on crest you should really be feeling that oblique right here also working your arms slip that on press press and hold and keep pressing am I crazy yes I am come on push on that door push make it open or push your enemy over three two one and up you're down oh do you feel your arms okay so other side guys and reaching that leg long now if your knees hurt feel free to place a pillow or something or double up that mat underneath okay here we go all the way up sex you slip down reach reach you're up there again flip it on reach reach I can't so good all the way press with the heel of your palm nice work I'm loving this my obliques are gonna be so dead tomorrow ha one of my favorite moves I just wanted to add some arm work to it to make it a little bit more difficult press and press whoo now this music selection is by my friend Marisol was actually one of our postures sent me some songs that I loved it and I thought it was sweet and sassy enough for the corset workout could have a one more and we stay we press keep pushing stay lower oh yeah good give me three two one hold and excited and up and yeah oh that's good okay now I'm going to go back down on the floor for some hip push and Cobra toe touches sounds crazy right yeah you'll be okay on to your forearms hip touches twist and twist perfect so we've done these before but I'm I'm good to add a little bit of a clue element here I really twist for me you want to work those obliques you want to crease that nice tight waist really slim everything in cinch it in as if you're wearing a corset but thank goodness that we don't give me three two one hold it right here guys we're gonna add a Cobra toe touch and there it is keeping the knees together nice work twist and twist very good keep going whoo are you feeling those arms are you feeling the abs press nice work give me four more four and three you're almost there two last one one hold it bring it on to your palms and into that down dog pressing your heels into the mat onto your knees and slowly lift up with control great work guys I hope you enjoyed the course at workout if you want to see any more of these moves go ahead and test out these two videos right here perfect combination and if you have any questions go ahead and tweet me on Twitter I'm always on there and on Facebook I'm actually always always always on there I'm super addicted to the Facebook fan page and read my blog at Blogilates comm if you want to see how to live a healthy lifestyle and tips and tricks on how to stay fit all right guys I'll see you next time and let me know in the comments below whether or not you like this workout and I don't even ask them course you like this workout all right I'll see you later bye you


  1. This was almost 8 years ago. Insane !!

  2. great workout! Not too long, not too short. You have a new fan

  3. Song name please!

  4. I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since this video came out lol , I wish you would do some of these moves in recent videos because they feel so effective

  5. Yeah these workouts really works. My waist was 38 inches and now my waist is just 30 inches. I just love it😘😘😘

  6. The BEST feeling to get a slimmer waist by exercising and working hard rather than using a waist trainer!!! And I will choose that over the latter for that reason alone; soooo much better when you've worked for it! πŸ™‚

  7. boy body was 1960s to mid 1950s, then fit but thin…. 1950s was cinchers but not corset, small waist but curvy was in…. sorry

  8. I love waching this workout

  9. Dear lord. I tried the first exercise and I heard my bones cracking. 😨 great work

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  17. love it

  18. why is it when im doing the dip after the plank, my feet hurts? should i really wear a pair of shoes or am i doing something wrong?

  19. Hi! Love your videos <3

    Does the corset help with results? Can I increase results with a regular workout waist slimmer?

  20. Love this workout 😍

  21. October 30th anyone? πŸ™‚

  22. Big Blogilates accomplishment: After working out 2 months with this series, I can finally do and finish these exercises. It was not at all possible 2 months ago to even do one sequences and now I can do them all.

  23. do you need a corset to do this?

  24. Legit do not feel my obliques at all. Anyone else?

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