Corps Physical Training Facilities

phase 1 the new structure it has a timeline that actually begins in the next couple of days on the 5th of May and it's completed in July of 2016 so it's about a 25 month duration total phase 2 similarly is that is a bad a two year project it'll start a little bit later in the summer of 14 so it starts June July and then we'll finish about the same time in the summer of 2016 at that time then all three buildings will be complete the two existing structures will be fully renovated phys-ed Department will be completely moved into their new facility and the new structure of the indoor training facility will be ready for use in the fall of 2016 I think VM Isaac's is perhaps more excited about this particular project then that many that have been constructed over the past decade and the reason is because it's so multi-purpose in its capability so it's for the whole Corps and in that regard it's used for athletes nc athletes it's used for club sport athletes and it's used for for our cadets that just want to the exercise or participating in other kinds of core activities it operates as a indoor training facility which takes advantage of the sometimes very very tough winters that we have here in Lexington it can be used for a lot of physical fitness kinds of things very much mirroring the North post facilities and in terms of rat challenge it certainly can be used for breakout when the rats are let out of the rat line and then it's used for confidence courses rock climbing as well as for the physical fitness tests that the ROTC and the common end have to administer and then at the end of the day it's it's a fabulous Olympic sized NCAA track for our our cadet athletes it will be available for the community to use I certainly convinced in the in the county and in the region that perhaps we'll want to use this facility this this facility would be one of the very best Olympic tracks on the East Coast but it's used for a lot more than that it's use its principal uses for the Corps of Cadets the newly renovated Cormac Hall will support the physical education department in its entirety and also will house the classrooms and the facilities support to support the new exercise science minor so they'll move once that's renovated they'll move down to the newly renovated Cormac Hall then that gives us an opportunity to fully renovate it and bring up to current standards Hawk Hall to expand the weight room expand the the ability to use that strictly as a as a building for the Corps to train in for weight training and aerobic training as well as an expanded venue for the faculty and staff here at VMI to do weight training and their aerobic training as well we will directly impact parking by taking away the public parking access on the section of Main Street that fronts the the project site as well as the short section of Diamond Street that fronts the project site once the construction is finished that public parking goes back and in addition part of the project is a hundred and twenty car underground parking structure beneath the building that will be solely used for VMI faculty staff and for special events so when you put another three together there are really many different functions that that support both the Corps as well as the NC athletes in three different buildings total of 120 million dollars of construction cost a project of that magnitude with its capability is a very very exciting commitment and a very very exciting addition to the Virginia Military Institute so we're excited today to break ground and be underway with this first lead project of three projects that are going to serve the Corps cadets so well

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