Corporate Wellbeing Workshop with Anastasis (Intro)

If you’re watching this video chances
are that you are considering in running a workshop or an off-site for your team.
And I think this can be great opportunities to achieve one of two
goals. Number one reignite the interest in the members of the team to adopt a
healthy lifestyle or educate them into how habits they adopt on a daily basis
are either sabotaging or supporting their health. My name is Anastasis and
my goal is to help individuals recover from the detrimental effects stress have
in our bodies whether it is stiffness early ageing or even injuries. I’m using a
combination of traditional as well as innovative yoga practices, such as the
Wim Hof Method, paired up with the fundamentals of breath work and
nutritional therapy. If you have read my bio you are aware that high stress
environments are not foreign to me and this is the reason why my goal is to
provide participants not only with an individualised protocol but also with an
achievable one. So if you believe that stress may be compromising the
performance of your team whether it is through excess sick days, poor judgment,
fluctuations in the mood, or lack of creativity let’s discuss and develop a
series of tailored programs for your team. Having worked with companies across
different sectors I have become aware that while there is a common denominator
of stress the lifestyle changes. Some teams have to travel a lot across the
globe, others are working long hours and some team members may not have access to
gym or exercise facilities. So let’s discuss. Looking forward to speak with

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