Coronavirus Update: National Guard, Health Care Set Up Drive-Thru Testing In New Rochelle


  1. Why is the guard not wearing protective suits

  2. Test everyone working at the site. so they dont spread it.

  3. Shes ignorant a Japanese bank has nothing to do with this

  4. They are killing us off people.

  5. I just hope that the healthcare workers are changing their gloves between cars, or they could be spreading it!


  7. Good job new Rochelle keep it up. I love the move.

  8. Death squads coming soon, just like China.

  9. LOL people are so dumb. Getting in line to get tested for a fake virus? 😆 Why don't ya just let them kill ya.


  11. Everything is too little and too late! All other Asian countries do better jobs in protect their citizens than Americans and European countries!

  12. South Korea was the first country to do drive – thru testing. Glad that New York is now following suit.

  13. Amazing finally….Congratulations for this drive through service!….We may need this service in Canada one day..


  15. All that does is tell you at that moment whether you had it. Great way for the government to get everybody’s DNA though isn’t it?

  16. And that Brazilian has it. Then didn’t. So your tests don’t work!

  17. 200 a day 😂🤣😂🤣 joke

  18. Why weren't the reporter wearing the mask?

  19. Secretly giving people the virus with those swabs so it can spread faster. Suckers have the virus now and can spread it!!

  20. It is not the coronavirus that we should be fearing the most; the viruses that we should be fearing the most are the politicians and the news media; they are killing us!

  21. This is a very risky act to spread the infection.
    Inspectors examining many people without changing their protective clothing can be vehicles to spread infections… This sloppy drive-through test might be responsible for the rapid spread of infection in the United States….

  22. This not well this not good

  23. This means nothing every hypochondriac with a runny nose is going to be going to get tested

  24. MGM Sportsbook has 10/1 on the virus wiping out Mankind. I’m tempted to make a small wager but collecting my winnings might be a problem.

  25. Uber driver: "so where we headed?"
    Me: "ummm…"

  26. We mad about words now? Dont use swear words?!?! Wheres my passport?

  27. Yo I'm in New York we bout to die


  29. A lot of "experts" in the comments , its just too bad they're coming across as shills

  30. contagion case doubling time now 4 days

  31. Good job finally stepping up

  32. China/Korea : Free

    US : The test is free, but the treatment will kill you.

  33. I hope these testing locations don’t become a spreading the virus location

  34. Thank you South Korea!

  35. DNA

  36. Why still someone go to pick meal ? What is that about ?

  37. Give those food handlers a pair of gloves at least

  38. @3:22 don’t blame the lady who wanted to get tested. You don’t have enough resources to begin with.

  39. Wait the woman was yelling at the police and they didn't shoot at her, was it the cameras or too many people could see and they had cellphones up…

  40. New world order

  41. I thought no one had the test kits? Great a and al gore will have a melt down with the use of this drive thru.

  42. God help us all

  43. Thank u for sharing the amazing method S.Korea!

  44. South Korea has also installed new way of testing process for pedestrian

  45. Home test kits will be a big game changer if they actually work. Fingers cross

  46. People these drive-thru coronavirus sites I know more than a scamwhat's really going to happen to us will go down in about a month they are not telling you they are not telling you the truth what's really is going to happen to us will happen in a month I'm making this sound like a terrible flu and it isn't they just keeping you occupied

  47. So many contradictions

  48. S. Korea has already evolved to the next level.

    the 'Walk-thru' test

  49. military need to wear masks!!!!

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