Coronavirus: Trump jokes with health official who mentions her ‘low grade fever’

I think this is the part that we really
need to take personal responsibility for. – Saturday, I had a little low-grade fever
– Uh oh. So actually probably a GI thing but you know I’m meticulous I’m a physician I
looked it up I ended up … I’m from Walter Reed so I got a test
late Saturday night and I’m negative. I stayed home another day … yeah just
to make sure. That’s how we protect one another.


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  2. i don't like trump but these kind of moments are nice for making people smile in these otherwise dark times

  3. Why he stand like that tho

  4. The greatest man on earth

  5. Funny guy trump!. ❤

  6. I cracked up when I heard all those photographers shoot a picture 🤣🤣

  7. This should be a meme

  8. That's my president 🐸👍🇺🇸

  9. Believe some of what you see and none of what you hear………..T.D Reynolds

  10. Donny said PEACE OUT Y'ALL

  11. Gotta admit he's got humor

  12. Oof! Gottem!

  13. So I've heard on the news just a week ago that the tests for Coronavirus is suppose to be free and that only those who's showing symptoms of it can get tested. Did I miss something?

  14. "Look son, dumb people."

  15. a must read: The Invisible Rainbow  by Arthur Firstenburg

  16. WHOは、なぜ中国にコウモリを食べるの止めてくれとSARSの時に言わなかったのかな? 今からでも中国にコウモリ食べるの禁止にしてくれとお願いしてほしい。原因はコウモリの菌だって分かってるんだから、世界中にコウモリなどの小動物は食べないようにWHOが言うべきですよ。

  17. This is our president guys

  18. So what kinda GI problems was she having…?

  19. Haven’t seen this much positivity for Trump in any comment section can someone say “stimulus”. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. My Potus charming side. Be kind to him and he will be kinder !

  21. 😂😂😂 Our President is hilarious!

  22. That meme is hilarious!

  23. This dude is growing on me, send me that check Mr. President and you got my vote.

  24. Love Trump

  25. This was funny though.

  26. This is the best president ever

  27. I am starting to like Trump, because he is stupid and pure entertainment.

  28. Everyone in this country is afraid and 45 is out here making jokes. Way to go 45

  29. The only way to get a respirator in a hospital today, March 26, stand in line in ER & wait till they load the next dead body, doctors/ nurses are dying now…. into the frig semi truck out back of the hospitals across USA. You SUFFOCATE TO DEATH. Vaping, smoking, pneumonia is pre-existing for this virus.

  30. misleading video title

  31. Guy with glasses went from 😓 to 🙂

  32. China Virus…🔥

  33. Trump is like hell nah!!

  34. I do wish we had access to those tests like that. where we can just make sure if we suspect. No one has that access

  35. Trump: HOLD UP

  36. I would have walked out, walk out,..and answer any questions later

  37. Is that John Goodman?

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