Coronavirus Prevention: Solid Nutrition Key To Fending Off Any Virus


  1. I eat raw garlic!

  2. LOL!

  3. Beat the Corona Virus, Order Vitamin C Capsules using our Amazon link here

  4. Jesus is our ONLY hope. Time is short. Choose wisely. John 3:16-18

  5. Dear Mr. President…

    ”Trump declares national emergency — and denies
    responsibility for coronavirus testing failures

    By Kevin Liptak, CNN”

    Mr. President…When one runs for the Presidency of The United
    States, is elected, one assumes responsibility for it from its very founding,
    not from some mystical point in time of your choosing…

  6. It's a f**** lie your body is the best machine in this worldvitamin C's not going to help you was f**** you over people don't listen to the media

  7. Coconut, Vit C, Garlic.

  8. Vitamin cccc

  9. Yea only for the rich.
    Maybe they want to kill next to the elders the poor ones…

  10. Finally

  11. 💯👍

  12. After being closed for more than a month, Apple is reopening its 42 stores in China. The Coronavirus death rate in China is now down to 0.7% – and rapidly declining. China has used medication called 'Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec)'. One of the worst days for coronavirus, the 10th of February 2020, was when 108 people in CHINA died of Coronavirus.

    On the same day:

    👉 26,283 people died of Cancer

    👉 24,641 people died of Heart Disease

    👉 4,300 people died of Diabetes

    So far this season, 34 million Americans have contracted the flu, and about 20,000 have died. – CBS News

  13. I take vitamins

  14. Now go buy up all the vitamins

  15. 2:14 One of the most blatant examples of green screen superimposition I've seen in mainstream news yet. Bravo.

  16. Colloidal Silver.

  17. You can’t do anything except cross contamination prevention, it’s airborne as well…when you’re sick you’re sick. Ride it out. This isn’t the end of the fucking world people.

  18. Owwww shhhhiiiittttt they're actually reporting on this, I thought they were going to say, wash your hands to boost immunity, wash hands to cure Aids, Cancer, Old Age, Dementia, Baldness, Broken limbs, ED, Obesity, and Arthritis, next vid 20 minutes on the science of hand washing, i can't help but think illuminati is laughing their a** off everytime they hear this, or I'm dumb af, 4 months from now mental illness constant hand washing their hands

  19. You forgot about ECHINACEA !! The Echinacea stimulates the immune system and contain anti-viral properties, I bought mine from vitaherbs uk.

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