#Coronavirus French health system under pressure as COVID-19 cases still soaring

France’s army in the war against the
coronavirus is woefully unprepared for the fight We found a way to get masks
but that’s all we have we don’t have disposable coveralls or a
stock hand sanitizer hair nets glasses over shoes. Dr. Ben Ali works as an
emergency medical responder but says the majority of health care personnel in
France are under the same strain We are all in same situation including in the private
sector who say they’re going into battle without weapons, who go to work with nots in their stomachs I’ll go back tonight and I know among caregivers
there’s this tendency to accept we’re heroes
not me I’m not a heroine I’m scared France’s Health System has been in crisis
mode for months thousands of medical staff have been on strike denouncing
budget cuts they say pushed public hospitals to the brink of collapse and
put lives at risk now doctor Benally says the day of reckoning has arrived
the decision to place France under lockdown will help control the spread of
the virus. The decision should have been made earlier all measures are being adopted two weeks too late we’ve been
waiting for this we wanted schools to close much earlier and now the full
confinement but this doctor says the fight against the epidemic is far from
over I’m going to have to ask my husband bye
bin banks so I can improvise disposable blouses so there you have it
it’s quite alarming that the seventh most powerful country is in this state when the fighting subsides French medics
say they hope they will be able to claim victory which must include being given
the right weapons for the next time a crisis hits


  1. Hey Euronews….your lower third is too big…and too high—-why not just put it over the entire screen while you're at it?!?

  2. great video keep it up bro

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  6. Why hasn't Israel got the virus?

  7. Don't worry about short comings China is sure to help with their medics and medical equipment. China needs to be taught a lesson it's responsible for the health mess, economic turmoil, loss of lives, loss of jobs etc.

  8. You are selling drugs to children. Your fake pandemic is mass murder.

  9. Hey BERNIE, this is SOCIAL

  10. Europe should've thought about that before implementing 12 years of Austerity. Today 1000's of people across Europe are too poor to pay for healthcare <<< FREE ASSANGE

  11. Governments refuses to charge taxes to corporations and destroy public health care and education.
    Capitalism is even failing in first world countries.

  12. how can you have nothing, doesn't your Government give you anything

  13. there are millions and millions of men buried all over the world who have given their lives in wars, now it's your time. When there were men called to fight without weapons you didn't worry, you only cared about sharing the benefits. Equality means sharing in the responsibilities, now this is your war to fight.

  14. Macron may and merkel are the cause of the start of this Boris is just as bad to little to late .

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