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would it be wrong to say that as a nation India is scared today with the Coronavirus outbreak we have questions and very few answers Today giving answers to all your queries is integrative nutritionist and health coach Neha Ranglani joining us for coversation Welcome Neha Hi This is the perfect time to have you I think started in China and than it reached India What was your first reaction were you also ever scared you know what I was not scared because I know that our body has power to heal and I always say that But what are the thing that people should be doing I think a lot of us would like to know that because there’s no cure to this what are the kind of preventive measures ya that as a person one can take so I’ll tell you what a lot of it has to come from your immune system So Coronavirus is just like any other virus it’s the viral flu that we always get we get cure of it without even knowing sometimes not even taking medications but the only thing with virus is that it’s very easily transmicable and it affects your respiratory system directly so people are like you know they are like we don’t have to do of this and you’re hearing so many cases right that people are dying mortality rate is this but we need to remember the immunity within us is something that’s gonna help us fight this so we need to actually up our immunity game to protect ourselves so even if you sort of contract it your body will fight it out so the only focus right now has to be immunity and 70 to 80 % immunity comes from your gut so if you have gut issues like bloating indigestion constipation very important constipation which we kind if really ignore and say it’s just constipation ya it’s over looked it’s very like you know not considered as important sort of health issue but it is important because you’re not really throwing the toxin out and that creates a lot of toxin in the body which the virus can feed on so lot of digestive issues can hamper your immune system because you know it gives rise to bad bacteria in your gut and bad bacteria than damped into your immune system so you need to focus on actually improving your good bacteria in your gut and you suppose to do that through gut balancing food and not gut damaging food so there are certain food which we all consume in our day to day life and we think they’re healthy but they can actually cause damage to your gut like what like tea and coffee Nayan are you like fond of it I’m fond of both when you told me I was like little I think none of us know about it that tea and coffee can do a lot of damage it’s very inflammatory and specially it’s complex with milk and sugar and all of that it causes a lot of trauma on the gut so tea and coffee, aeriated drinks which we just gut down without thinking diet coke, sodas and all of that so these foods than you have dairy dairy milk and milk products they also damage the gut lining because now a days dairys has a lot of anti boitics hormones toxins in them wheat the morden day wheat has a kind of gluten which our body cannot digest so that affects our gut lining than we have all our refined oils refined salt refined sugar and than you know our alcohol intake all of these together accumilatively actually affects our gut fried food, procesed and package food which we just pick out out of convience and we are like okay we don’t have time to eat so we’ll eat this so eating a lot of foodless food affects your gut But practically you know this forms about 90 percent of our daily food in take anyway on a regular day so what are the things that people should be eating exactly I’m coming to that now so you actually need to eat a lot of wholesome natural nature made foods like your fruits, vegetable, greens, nuts sprouts, wholegrain, pulses now there is so much that you can eat right but we only think of eating foods which ya french fries and coke exactly which you can have french fries but in a baked way you can actually steam the steam the potato’s and bake them so they’re as delicious minus all the negative effects so it’s important to eat as nature incline food as much as possible that is your gut immunity also liver is very important A liver has it’s own immune system which is very important to fight any virus or bacteria or anything in our body because minute the bacteria starts spreading or virus starts spreading it’s first gets into the liver because it’s a very vescular organ and liver is responsible to de-toxify everything now if your liver is not in a good shape it really can’t kill and from there is going to spread to other places so it’s important to take care of your liver and what are the foods what all foods I told you to avoid are actually the liver damaging food as well Alcohol being number one on list because it directly get into your liver and slows it down right the liver has to work really hard to throw it out of the system but tell me something Neha when there is an on going problem in your body that you know that may be you’ve hyper tension or you are suffering from liver issue or maybe diabetes so that it doesn’t effect you even like in a worst way what do you do than like when you already know that your liver is not going to function 100 percent to it’s capacity and than this has happened how do you tackle that situation start making changes right immediately as you come to know you have a sort of a infection in your system so just start eliminating the wrong food make a food diary make a list of all the foods you’re eating through the day and just check which out of this is damaging you and I always say it’s not what you eat sometimes it’s what you eat all the time and everyday what damages you so it’s important to take those foods out which you’re eating day on day meal on meal everyday which is than affecting your health and of course when you know you have a certain problem or certain infection or you already weeken system inside you need to deal more caution and take more care and give your body extra importance by putting in lots of herbs herbs and species we Indian’s are really blessed with these herbs and species so you could actually do few concoutious through the day like your ginger lemon turmeric water you get the fresh turmeric these days which you can grate it looks like ginger you can use that there’s celery juice which is a great anti viral property so just one big glass of plain celery juice aloe vera juice which is great for the gut so aloe vera and water just aloe vera pulp organic aloe vera pulp and water and blend it and in that if you want you can put a little bit lemon or amla because it has vitamin C and than you know you have a you could actually make a water with thyme and rosemary because these herbs are very good green smoothie green juice with Tulsi because Tulsi we Indian really value Tulsi at a very holy space Tulsi is very holy for us so tulsi than moringa, spirulina Paan leaves are amazing because it has so many minerals A tiny beetle leaf which we eat for fun like we eat paan that paan leaf is actually very digestive and it is great for your health so put all these leaf into a into a blender put some water if you like a fruit like a pineapple or something just put that blend it in and just gulp it down so one glass of green smootie you’re doing great for immunity in that sense so right in the morning ya first thing in the morning so do your like ginger lemon water you can do like green smoothie in between you can do like celery juice and things like that so that is there and of course you have your species our kitchen species like your soft jeera ajwain cinnamon, cloves and cardamom and coriender seeds and mulethi you know mulethi is a very very a less known of a spice which is use but It’s great for immunity it”s called liquorice in english but Methi powder again you will get it in any spice store and you can put a little powder of that and make a concoction and keep sipping it through the day Only in water In water I read somewhere I’m sure lot of us are reading about it and that’s why we’re getting stressed so when you’re reading about cure a lot of people are saying that there are lot of myths that are going around I want to know if you think they are true or not so there is myth that garlic water is curing coronavirus I don’t think it’s proven but garlic again is great for immunity only thing is garlic people don’t like the taste and they just can’t digest for some people garlic can get little acidic on gut but if you can digest it and if you like it than please go ahead because like ginger it has lot of immunity boosting properties so you’re saying that first we have to eliminate the tea and the coffee that we’re having in morning and the immunity damaging foods ya milk and everything and than we replace that with green smoothie or maybe water with with the species species that we have do people sip on that water all the day they can they can put it in flash keep sipping it they can also make powder out of it you know put the powder in the mouth drink a glass of warm water on it that’s also great soft is such a nice like a mouth freshner after meal it’s a post meal mouth freshner so you can just munch on soft or ajwain after your meals and it’s good digestive as well so these are small things which you can do for yourself other than that you could also have suppliments in your diet if you’re really lacking if you feel you’re somebody who doesn’t eat really well than you can ask your health practicener or whoever you’re consulting what suppliments your body needs so but there are some which are really important like vitamin D also get your sunlight I mean getting 10 to 15 mins sunlight everyday and we in India are blessed with the sunlight that we get you know the morning 15 mins just sit bare in the sun and just get your body energy it needs and it has it’s own anti viral properties It will kill the infection inside you it’s great If you cannot do that and maybe if you’re not living in area where there is too much sun or don’t have access to it than probably you can take a good vitamin D3 suppliments you can take omega 3 which is again great anti inflametory there’s zinc which is superb for immunity zinc you also get it in your nuts and whole grain and everything but in case you’re not eating well and you have digestive issue than probably taking suppliments will help also you’ve B12 just make sure you’re good on your B12 you’re not too low Vitamin C is there you can get it from awla from your lemons from all your fruits so all citrus fruits are amazing yes they’re amazing because many people say that when you’re having it’s flue like symtoms so people avoid having lemons and oranges no lemons are great for cleansing they’re great great great cleanser and alkalizers which actually improves the enviroment in your system against the bugs so it’s good. it’s great to have lemons in your diet so these are the kind of suppliments which you can actually include and ya I mean just take care of what you putting in your mouth make sure you eat okay is this going to harm me or is this going to help me and than you’ll get intutive answer and you know what to choose so before going I want to ask you that if you’d to plan a a daily diet chat for anybody so what should somebody have after they wake up having their green smoothie the concoction you know whatever they like than they can get on eating fruits than eating normal meals I mean said your spourts are there than your normal food if you’re avoiding wheat than you could do a lot of jowar ragi brown rice you could do salads for your meal in mid meals you could nuts you could do seeds you could do nut butters and than eating you can munch on little makhana some sweet potato they’re great again so bake sweet potato fries or bake potato fries for that matter and in simple dinner I mean if you eat that ways your body is gonna do well and sipping all the right liquids in between take your suppliments sleep well rest well consume lot of fun positive content specially when we’re bombarded with negative one’s make constant afford and choice to choose the positive content Thank you I think it’s been an eye opener for me and for everybody who’s watching I hope so because I think people are really really scared at this point please don’t be and there’s needed to be like somebody who will come and help them and tell them what they should eat what they shouldn’t eat which is very important I think and Thank you for doing this Thank you Nayan it was pleasure It was pleasure talking to you


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