Coronavirus Declared Pandemic: World Health Organization | Hong Kong Memorial

The World Health Organization declares the Coronavirus a pandemic And Chinese people create a new language to get around censorship. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Hey, ever wonder what the coronavirus feels
like? Well, let’s find out from a man who got
it in Wuhan, China, where the outbreak began. “It felt like I could only use half my lung
capacity, and every breath that I took wasn’t enough and I just couldn’t get enough air. Also, it sounded like I was breathing through
a paper bag, and it sounded like there was just stuff in
my lungs that just wouldn’t go away.” Well, now you know. Good thing too, because the coronavirus has finally been labeled
a pandemic by the horribly corrupt World Health Organization. Wait what is going on in that picture?! Apparently it’s a statue that was originally
set up for an upcoming festival that is now canceled because of the coronavirus. And now it’s public health art! The coronavirus is now also spreading within
the United States. People who have not traveled overseas or been
exposed t o people who did travel have contracted the
coronavirus. As of recording, the death toll in the US
has risen to 30, and the National Guard has been sent to New
York. You know, I really loved Escape from New York, but I’d rather not live it. Meanwhile, the NBA. Just last summer, the NBA had been looking forward to expanding its China partnerships. Until of course the brouhaha over Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s support for the Hong Kong protests. That…didn’t go well. And now, the NBA has the coronavirus. OK, more specifically, Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert has the coronavirus. And as a precaution, the NBA has suspended its season until further
notice. Meanwhile, the Chinese Basketball Association has told Americans who play for the CBA that they have to return to China to finish
out the season. If they don’t, they could be banned for
life. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s totally safe. But if these American basketball players do
return to China, they’ll be put in quarantine for two weeks. That’s because China is now quarantining
*all* international arrivals. Yes, the country where the coronavirus began, that said it was absolutely ridiculous when
other countries began instituting travel bans and quarantining
travelers from China, is now quarantining anyone who arrives in
China. Mmmmm….I love the smell of hypocrisy in
the morning. But maybe it’s not hypocrisy if the coronavirus
didn’t come from China! Last week I told you about how the Chinese
Communist Party is trying to blame the US for the coronavirus. Well, this week…they’re still doing it. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying
tweeted that because the director of the US Centers for
Disease Control said that some coronavirus cases had been
misdiagnosed as the flu… that means we shouldn’t call it the Chinese
coronavirus. And in case the implication that the coronavirus may have started in the US was too subtle for you, here’s the other Foreign Ministry spokesperson. Yes, he’s accusing the US army of possibly
bringing the coronavirus to Wuhan in the first place. Who needs the NBA when we can watch this for
entertainment? 29 people have died after a Chinese hotel that was used to quarantine coronavirus patients
collapsed. Why did the hotel collapse? I’m not saying they built it badly…but
they built it badly. It was not originally built as a hotel, but was converted to one. And state-run media have reported that there were multiple rounds of illegal building renovations. And adding to the tragedy, no one in the hotel had tested positive for the coronavirus in the first place. Chinese internet users are desperately trying
to preserve an early account of how the Chinese Communist
Party tried to silence doctors speaking out about
the coronavirus. Censors have been deleting the story every
time it crops up. But internet users have come up with some
clever ways of keeping it up. Some have translated the story using emojis,
braille, even an invented Martian language. It was a style of internet chatting that came from Taiwan around 2004. Basically their version of l33t. “The characters randomly combine, split, and rebuild traditional Chinese characters, Japanese characters, pinyin, and sometimes English and kaomoji, a mixture of symbols that conveys an emotion.” Like Happy. Although if I were in charge, “happy” would be illustrated with this. The downside to using the Martian language is that now the Chinese Communist Party will claim that Mars has been a part of Chinese
territory since ancient times. One of the biggest problems the US faces in battling the coronavirus is the fact that so much of our stuff is made
in China. Most US generic drugs and a lot of medical
equipment, including the type of masks that filter out
the virus, are made there. So the Trump administration is removing tariffs on certain medical supplies from China. You’d think the Chinese Communist Party would be happy that Trump is reducing some
of his dreaded tariffs. That could be a boost to the Chinese economy, at a time when they really need it. But no. “Beijing threatened that it can impose pharmaceutical
export controls after which America will be ‘plunged into
the mighty sea of coronavirus.’” So…they *don’t* want America to buy made-in-China? Good. Let’s start making medical supplies
in the US again. Remember this next time you hear someone talking about how we should work more with
China. 16 lawmakers affiliated with the GOP Doctors Caucus of the US House of Representatives are calling on the World Health organization
to recognize Taiwan. In this press release, they said, “The ongoing exclusion of Taiwan from the
WHO during this epidemic has put people in Taiwan, the PRC, and around the world at greater risk while harming both the integrity of the WHO and the security of member states.” Sadly, the higher levels of the WHO are suffering from a condition in which they can’t hear
anything because their ears are stuffed full of Chinese
money. It’s unfortunately a widespread illness. Hong Kong protesters held a vigil for a young
student who fell to his death during a protest in
November. Needless to say, “There was a heavy riot police presence
nearby.” Wait a minute! I know why Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie
Lam has been so deaf to the protesters’ demands. She has the same condition as the WHO leadership! Her ears are too stuffed with Chinese money. I really think we need to find a cure for
that one. A bipartisan group of U.S. senators drafted
this resolution… that basically says, because of China’s
human rights abuses, including organ harvesting from prisoners
of conscience, China shouldn’t get to host the 2022 Olympics. And speaking of the Olympics, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has criticized a Chinese swimmer for a lack of remorse. Chinese swimmer Sun Yang got an 8-year ban
from the Olympics for a drug testing violation. In a statement, the CAS said, “It was striking that, in the course of
his testimony, at no point did the athlete express any regret
as to his actions, or indicate that, with the benefit of hindsight, it might have been preferable for him to have
acted differently. Rather, as the proceedings unfolded, he dug his heels in and, eventually, sought to blame others for the manifest failings
that occurred.” Really? I can’t believe this guy would do that! “You loser. I win, yeah?” Well…he certainly is a dope. And coming up next, I’ll answer a question from a fan who supports China Uncensored on Patreon. But first, did you know YouTube has been secretly unsubscribing people from the show? Take a moment to make sure you’re still
subscribed. And if you haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for? And now for the question from China Uncensored 50-Cent Army Member, Robert W Eischen “The Hong Kong protests were initially about extradition to the mainland, correct? Couldn’t Taiwan and Hong Kong just make an extradition treaty agreement between each other and cut the mainland out
totally?” Well, that’s a really good question. So the whole extradition bill thing began when a Hong Kong man allegedly murdered his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan. It was…pretty gruesome. The problem was that since Hong Kong is part of the People’s Republic of China, and the People’s Republic of China likes to pretend Taiwan isn’t a country, Hong Kong could not have an extradition treaty
with Taiwan— since Taiwan is a province of China, not a
country. So the Hong Kong government used this murder
case to “propose legislation that would allow
the city to transfer criminal suspects to Taiwan and other places with which it lacks an extradition
treaty— including mainland China.” And Hong Kongers felt that was just a Trojan
Horse. The extradition bill wasn’t about this murder
case. It was about sending political dissidents
to Mainland China for a taste of justice with Chinese characteristics. And the rest is history. Thanks for your question Robert. And thank you for watching. Remember, YouTube has been demonetizing almost
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