CorePower Yoga x REI: Yoga for Your Hike

(gentle bells chiming) – Yoga is my favorite way
to get moving outside. Start moving with a short flow. Standing crocodile pose. Grab for opposite elbows. Then inhale wide in your chest. Exhale. Tuck your chin round over
to lengthen out your neck. Stay here for three breaths. Pyramid pose to standing split squat. Step your left foot back
to a 45 degree angle. Inhale, lengthen your spine. Exhale, fold over your front leg. Plant your hands on either
side of your front foot. Inhale, re-lengthen your spine. Exhale full deep breath. Inhale, lean your weight
forward to your right leg. Extend your left heel straight back. Breathe in. Exhale, bend your left
knee behind your right find a squat. Inhale, re-lengthen your left leg. Exhale, squat low. Do this five times on each side. Downward facing dog in high plank hold. Plant your hands onto the ground. Step your feet back. Pull your navel in, deep breath in. Exhale, pull your hips back. Make an inverted v shape with your body. Soften your knees, lengthen your spine. Inhale, shift forward to a high plank. Pause and breathe. Pull your navel into your spine, press your heels back. Fire up your core for 30 seconds. Standing figure four squats. Root down into your left foot. Inhale, lift your right knee hip height. Exhale, cross your right ankle over your left thigh, sit low. Inhale, come back up, right knee lifts. Exhale, step down, sit low into a squat. Repeat on each side 10 times. (gentle guitar music) After your hike, cool down with a few poses. Seated twist to stargazer pose. Extend your right leg forward. Cross your left leg over your right. Plant your left hand behind your back. Inhale, reach your
right arm up to the sky. Exhale, hug your left knee
to your chest, find a twist. Inhale, re-lengthen. Exhale, twist a little deeper. Take your left foot to the
inside of your right leg. Push into your left hand. Inhale, lift your hips up. Relax your gaze up to the sky. Standing backbend chest expansion. Interlace your hands behind your bank. Inhale, drag your knuckles down. Exhale, widen your chest. Lean back, gaze up. Then slowly unclasp your hands. Relax to a stand. After you hike, try a gratitude practice. What are three reasons you
are grateful for the outdoors? (gentle guitar music)

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