CoQ10: A Vital Supplement for Heart Health

Co Q 10 a vital supplement for heart health but there's more to the story hi I'm dr. James Meschino you know coq10 supplementation is proven to be vital for heart health after the age of 45 in particular the body you know makes coq10 but by age 45 you're making much less in fact you start you start making less even after age 25 but by age 45 there's a significant drop-off and coq10 is needed for cells to convert food into energy and the heart really relies on coq10 to make energy so as your coq10 levels drop and you run into sort of a marginal deficiency it can lead to congestive heart failure where the heart pump starts to get weaker it can also lead to high blood pressure it can increase the risk for atrial arrhythmias and when you have an arrhythmia then there's a greater risk that you'll form an embolism that will lodge in your brain or in your lung and it could be very serious so supplementation with coq10 has been proven to help improve the management of congestive heart failure high blood pressure and even atrial arrhythmia we have human clinical studies to show the effect of coke eat in there so but don't wait for problems to begin you should be proactive and start taking a coq10 supplement by age 45 to help prevent these problems now here's the kicker that most people don't know the Co Q 10 works best in conjunction with the herb known as Hawthorn you see the leave and the berries from the Hawthorn plant have these very unique flavonoids and these flavonoids in the body also help to convert food into energy in sort of a different area in biochemistry than coq10 works so coq10 Hawthorn worked together to optimize energy production in the cells of the body particularly in heart cells so Hawthorn supplementation has also been shown to not only improve a congestive heart failure and high blood pressure but also opens up the blood vessels of the coronary arteries so you get more blood to the heart muscle helping to reduce risk of heart attack and it's had a lot of application over the years for different cardiovascular problems the best practice in my view is to take a supplement that contains both coq10 and Hawthorne the the the rule of thumb is for every 30 milligrams of Co Q 10 it should be about 37 point 5 milligrams of Hawthorne but the Hawthorne has to be standardized to 5% flavonoid content those are the medicinal ingredients so the combo is a big step in the prevention of you know the kind of decline in heart health that normally occurs after the age of 45 so when you take coq10 in Hawthorne together you're helping to decrease the likelihood that your heart pump will become weaker less of a chance that you're going to develop congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease and high blood pressure and even atrial arrhythmia problems so coq10 is fine on its own but the addition of Hawthorne is really the gold standard application so to understand all of this and how coq10 Hawthorne really impact heart health and cardiovascular health click on the link below read my article it's called dietary supplements for high blood pressure and heart disease prevention all the scientific references are there so you'll see that it sounds scientific information for you now remember that a Moschino health com you'll see my other research review papers you'll see footage from my live seminars other downloads and resources I've created they're all there for free to help you lead a long healthy functional life on my review papers and teaching materials are complete with all the scientific references so you'll know that for me you're only getting evidence-based information on any health topic that you're looking for so you really should make an ongoing reliable resource of health and wellness information for both you and your family members thanks so much for watching

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