Cooking healthy meals

alright hey everyone dr. Dee here people were asking about how I prepare my meals for the week and I just wanted to show you real quick I don't don't really anticipate anyone actually logging on life but I've got some sauteing mushrooms here in some olive oil very light amount of olive oil and some salt they're about done you know maybe I'll flip them one more time but they're about done I also use a steamer this is awesome to get if you're in college I really recommend you get you pick one up it's a steamer so you've got this top part it's kind of hot this top part where you put your vegetables and then underneath it of course you have water and the water boils and that boiling water produces steam and that steam steams your vegetables and makes them nice and tasty and the best part is it uses zero oil right you don't have to use any oil to cook your vegetables and that's pretty cool that really that really cuts down a lot of calories and so what I do i saute some mushrooms which by the way these mushrooms are done saute mushrooms and I also steamed some broccoli cauliflower carrots and you know just combine them all that's kind of good and I got notice how I have multiple containers right so these are my lunches for the week that's kind of how I do it I don't waste a lot of time I you know people say oh it's so time consuming you know to cook for yourself or cook you know it's it's too time consuming it's really not if you get a steamer like this and a you know you sautee a few mushrooms you don't even have to do this part if you don't want to it's just kind of nice to have some variety in there you know it only takes like it took me like I don't know half an hour and I've made all my lunches pretty much for the whole week I mean this is basically today's lunch Monday Wednesday and Thursday twos I have something different and you know so I I don't need a lunch for every single day and it's good to have some variety in your diet – you shouldn't have all the same stuff all the time and then I have chicken so at the bottom you don't see it but there's a chicken like a chicken breast and stuff the good part about that is you could get a rotisserie chicken from Costco or the supermarket or whatever and you can just hello you can get a rotisserie chicken from Costco and then what I do is I just cut the rotisserie chicken into like quads or something into four pieces like chicken breast chicken breast thigh drumstick thighs drumstick and then I put those into meals and you know and there you go you've got chicken you can't see the chicken yeah you can see the chicken you got chicken you got vegetables you got hardly any oil at all I lightly seasoned with salt you know you've got different kinds of salts I'll show you know I use I use good old Lowry's salt this stuff's really good from Lowery's restaurant really good stuff for prime rib place anyway minimal minimal oil lightly seasoned with salt and you're good you just need a steamer remember to pick up a steamer these things are awesome and that's about all you need chick up pick up a chicken from Tom Thumb or croaker or something and and you're good to go anyway just wanted to show you real quick it doesn't take hardly any time at all it's only what it's like 1 1 10 p.m. on you know Saturday and I've already cooked all my lunches for next week then I'm gonna take to work and whatnot so it's not hard it's very healthy and you know it's filling so remember what I said earlier if you want a successful diet you shouldn't ever feel hungry right so anyway I hope this helps thanks for watching hopefully other people watch in the future and I'll do more of these and take care of yourself

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