pink berry pink berry and once you breathe come on let's keep dancing the fancy wait very big fairy shop with me let's go to target area fancy hey everyone Oh therefore as I hit doing make me some lunch and give me some green tea get my green tea right now green tea so I got leftover American cheese here from yesterday from Mama's day actually I was a lot more not left but we all had some for dinner last night did cuz mom's day we ate early cuz a lot of people was a lot of people that came drove from far so a few days right I'm not me so we just had some that for dinner so yeah so hold off myself see now we actually quite a bit we have beans left over too and all that I feel idiot a little hole or nothing in it because I mean mecha cheese you know so I'm just gonna have cucumber in it in that's finally you come with me to stop my Spanish Lee finally Oh claps I have my spin ya know one of me mmm-hmm okay I can't figure out the range you never give up my cheeks then we'll figure out wrench someone puts the Mack Jesus of angina cuz it's like yesterday was an awful day in weather-wise and let's put it that way awful it was some nasty outside wasn't even funny guy pretty girls out there rained and that was cold and no most fun things we it's these are baked my cream cheese most mom's days it's pretty pretty nice out what's the time when we have Mother's Day we did it is some oh well and today it's not very warm out again so I'm gonna have these Mac funnies I'm feeling so much better and then I'll get back with this Oh probably have maybe twinges know we'll see how for you forget to don't forget to fall and I will need these wait see hello that was food lunch and now it's very much I made some lemonade try get some green tea meeting you in a minute it's hard to drink through this crap I got crushed ice our fridge makes crushed ice or cubed and I got crushed ice so it's hard to drink throughout one yet if you don't have a straw but I do still have fun clear fancy an ass so happy Mother's Day late mother's day either y'all tabby one I didn't record yesterday at all cuz people everyone do not want on the video mm-hmm they did not want to be video that also I was a day off knit recording but back at it today so yeah I just want to come say happy Mother's Day everyone okay guys it's dinner time well it's time to get dinner put together it's really want a minute to say mm-hmm so we're having this the turkey the ball she soft peach I part view from Arden okay I'm not made this dish in a long long time I don't know what it's called I used to just always make it cut the sausages up get started from there I haven't did this in forever it's been a very long time as I made this and it is so delicious everybody in the house love this I don't know why I have nothing I think my voice still signs going off I do have it in like this like a tiny tiny mitten once in a while I walk off I have like what I call though coffee hmm either net pretty good sleeping good not confident annoying thumb amused the neck everybody is suggested thank you very much cuz it really didn't help either get sick again hopefully not for like another year I would definitely be taking that using that eating that that's for sure drinking it whatever okay done okay and then why do you do sausage and then we do some potatoes throw in the red potatoes first I'm gonna wash the red potatoes because we're I'm leaving that saving the payoff we're gonna watch them let's slice them up hope everybody's having a good week monday we got too old and school is house yeah yay and this is one that I love if we have leftovers to eat tomorrow [Applause] mm-hmm then I hope everyone had a wonderful day my Mother's Day I didn't we just clicked out here in her house a couple people over my mom's ever sit around chit-chatting and that was about it [Applause] that was about what we did this will took take a little bit in the oven because it's only four o'clock that's why I'm getting it put in so early because I know how to take a while because um I like to get the potatoes like really soft so that's why I never take a lot okay cut that okay wait what my hums cuz you got a whopper hand see I got it all over though into pain so I'm gonna have time doing it it's bet it all on the stay in here like a pizza pan didn't you put it in the oven oh it's so good guys okay normally I do just fresh frozen broccoli but I found these down there the veggie tots with broccoli and cheese so go put them on there instead I thought that'd be delicious and I kind of need to use these so these veggies are let's go dump them on there she go with it and I've used these before it is huh I used veggie tops before and did this this is gonna be a wonderful meal everybody's won't do nothing it's like I said row again with regular okay I'm going to put a little bit of grapeseed oil I love this grapeseed oil so I was raised a little bit on there that's just to help keep the potatoes and all that you know I'm not being so dry and help my season stick stick I'm gonna put some original this is ash are you down there right along with some garlic and herb missus – I ain't got the big things from Walmart this time that's like Blue Moon your girl we have big ones cuz we use it so much and then some black pepper we are all of our peppers that's for sure now right now so I see you can hang this okay so like that I'll show you guys this when it comes out and when I'm sitting down grub and eating it hey guys here's the dinner extend their shafts see if it tastes nice another part about ketchup or no use yes why are you oh shut up and then the sauce is just taking the hello Brown we like oh my god rock the top my video and just gotten uneaten and is good and I want to say the winner of my the fancy cup is sherry and Ricky Volks it's a graduations you're the winner either messaged me on my Instagram which is pink fairy youtube or on my facebook crystal journey either one and psych each address link it sent out to you so congratulations sorry buddy please check out my works below and oh I think y'all so much for watching thank you all for going to give away there's go be more to come so don't worry and I will see you on next one bye shh shh shh


  1. Is the reasoning behind using turkey more healthy or taste better or both. Since I have been watching I noticed you use lots of turkey

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  13. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. We went to my youngest daughter's house, and my oldest did all of the cooking. ❀

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  43. Hi, food looks delicious. I make something similar with a lot of hot and spicy flavors in it. You do have bronchitis, but it takes time and TLC! When I get that I end up in the hospital because of my asthma. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Hope your day is awesome!😊

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  47. Your chest sounds bad – I am worried that you have bronchitis and it could lead to something more serious. Maybe it's time you saw the doctor and got some antibiotics and an inhaler. It's been too long for just a 'cold'

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