hi guys currently dripping it is 35 degrees in England churches see what the Webber says Oh other uses a path I don't trust a liberal I trust more taking a pic on in stuff and then add in the temperature it says 33 so you've seen it here fast we're dripping and lazy I was like I get fan my rabbit needs a fan on her I'll show you after it's actually ridiculous but we're here today and we're gonna be cooking and it's kind of a cook with us kind of me teaching you how to cook yes I love confessions make my name's Sydney crouch I'm 21 years old and I can't kick I'm not claiming to be the best cook in the world but I can cook I can do nice as well first of all like I've never been in a position where I've had to cook for myself yeah like lfm I'm talking between her parents for that work I was a banana I might move out soon so you need to learn and we might meet this a series if you enjoy it cooking with it in out / I'll teach you see that's good Bruce we're trying to be healthy so we're gonna make a whole day to look truly Starman it's kind of a mixture of like what people like to see cuz people ask me tired all the time for like healthy lunch is sit Oh browning which one cost on you know the brownie thing cost I've always thought that it was a little nuts and numbers I always talk myself up forgetting then but then basically the other day was in then I just couldn't deal with the different plc anymore I was like excuse me what nuts are in them and she like was looking for this cookbook what's she doing like she was saying if there's any traces of nuts but I should hurry change it it's what chocolate chip guys it was absolutely unreal try baking dry yeah baking paper this is what we picked up some we've got two big giant peppers if you ask us they're really nice weekend we're gonna make a mince mixture for him we got these were reduced actually so these are entire our sale some chopped tomorrow clarify we are not vegan we are not vegetarian we are your book standards eat what you're like kind of girls trying to be healthy trying to lose a bit of weight for the summer join me and we've just had a PT session this morning as well and we run an 8k yesterday this is our naughty beer we've got some Parma ham but we're gonna put that in a salad I think cutting the peppers in half and they're gonna put these in the oven five percent Irish beef mince gonna tell everyone five percent of fat so better yet it tastes exactly the same tell the joke from guys funny story you know whether it Acharya them good that's very loud we're doing a raffle in the jar event so we run onto Amazon and we wanted to order some like Chinese raffle tickets so we only ordered 1000 million to each packet has 1000 raffle tickets in 1607 thousand eight thousand nine thousand ten thousand records so if anyone wants to buy raffle tickets or cross okay pull it out you guys ten pound that was really good I mean if it is an oven and they'll go also oh you did really different eyeliner love it why she we need a saucepan your you've done it is you can be a skip it I think I'm teaching outskirts it's big enough clear up as you go guys is that the motive Jimmy check Jolene said you can be chopping the carrots fix attention so I can't cook know if we did it you might be healthy I live in the harbor onyx of the century that is why I'm a big fat cobby yeah oh my god that looks nice they jump up the carrots the onions and we get the carrots dicing them field invest yeah right Kayla follow the peeler where would I need cutlery drawer oh I'm not even crying I'm back we used to do food tap at school that feels like a million years ago our fun with that alright you know we knew it like yesterday yeah feels like a minion yeah that does feel like ages right I remember once we could win that chop onions the first time and we took bottles in we actually did that so I put the onions in first time coming here it's a wheat dicing Jarrett okay good good yeah together a 100 customer right now she passing carrots going somewhere nice it's not this is what's going on we've got the onion sizzling you've got the rice cook him it's about to that a camera how do you do it like this yeah just a more controlled dermapen on yeah well they go good smaller and the carrot round on it's like that and cut it in half that way no I would do it known and I lay it down and do it quiet no no no but that oh the different just custom behavior plus it they're really slippery Wow losing this to mr. what is right in my own eat wedges I live I'm not sweet your pain what I'm having more than one here you drinking I'm not leaving this much food trust span is now just wait in like me now I'm taking them in I see you then so mix it shake it up baby shake it up baby mix and stir mix instead come on come on come on come on that baby no baby but right now we're spare time clear up best brand of chop tonight not sponsor what they call nap only you're not nope nope no polina next those tomatoes great stuff Japanese tomato puree no square that another way so should we check you win it thumb yeah oh oh okay so rice is done mince is done now a mixing them together and they're gonna go in there keep that very very low area marylee mats use their maybe I touch we go closer to it I'll bring the ball over yeah but it's hot no I'll bring that will beat that might not be hot anymore no it's not skip one time if you're like why shoes no fingers guys were friends huh yeah let's show Jones by age meal guys the biggest thing I've ever seen disgusting looking good now we're gonna put Syd signature whoa was that different day different look right so this is going to join on the video of cooking with us I hope you guys liked it was just a short little intro to something that we might start doing mmm right you enjoyed it I look absolutely hot where a sort of guys having a breakout and you know girls got a deal what girls do I've got married Jessica drying on my face right now anyway we completely cut the video off because I think we said we're sorry it's so excited it came out the oven and we eighths here we didn't even show you we didn't explain if it was nice it was good really good but if you guys liked the gist of the video we would do a legit one no joke we were cooking anyway and we thought why not film it at the camera instead of actually going let's film cook with us yeah so it was raw it was authentic and it was it was a practice run but that's what you might want to see it so hope you enjoy you like a nice little Sunday clip for you have a lovely day a lovely week and lands of logs will be coming very very soon this time next week before that we have summer in the city hopefully we'll see somebody be bare and I like someone say it we have a festival coming up you can dope us and many of youtubers will link it down below said no much calm we're so shocked about how many tickets they've sold like we're so grateful if you haven't got them get them because they're going so fast everything's coming together so if you die in but yeah have a best day we love that nearly 100 K war


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