CONVERSATION: Affordable health care in Evansville

alright hey I am Jeremy Seacrest and I'm the director marketing here at the Evansville Christian Life Center and I am with Gina Gibson and Kelly and Jennifer hello and we are at the Enzo Christian health clinic deep in the the conference room hidden away here so we can can talk and so I'm just going to ask first Kelly and Jennifer to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what they do here at the health clinic okay hi I'm Kelly Jarboe I'm the family nurse practitioner here at the health clinic and what I do is I see I have a we run a family practice here that we can see everybody across the entire lifespan from newborns all the way into elderly and everybody in between my name is Jennifer Harrell and I am the medical care services manager I just managed the day-to-day operations here awesome so we're since we're at the health clinic we're going to talk about health care and the health clinic is one of the services of the Evansville Christian Life Center and it's our goal as the Life Center to help people move forward from a place of need and that can that need can mean a lot of different things and help them move forward toward their potential in Christ and so it's not always really clear or obvious to some of us I know it wasn't to myself at first how the rural health care plays in this larger picture of poverty and moving towards your potential so Gina could you talk just like what in the world does does health care have to do with poverty and how does the health clinic connect to a larger picture of Life Center we know first and foremost insurance is something that a lot of people don't have and so when someone does not have insurance and they need to receive medical care they don't know where to go sometimes they don't know where to get it or if they have to get it without insurance that's how they end up in poverty sometimes because of the cost that medical care comes to each person and so we with the clinic have created this entity that we can literally help those who are moving forward no matter where they're at on that journey it could be in the beginning of poverty or it could be deep in the throes of generational poverty and that's what we're here for so whether it's someone who has insurance or doesn't have insurance the uninsured or the under insured is who we who we supply medical care to and you know a pieces of that myself included I can come here to the health care clinic you know you go to urgent cares and and things like that with illnesses with strep throat and flus and you can do the same thing here because when we do accept your copay and your insurance that helps pay it forward to the next person who may not have insurance so Jennifer talked to us just like big-picture about the health clinic what we do and just generally the services that are offered we have a medical side now that we have them Kelly on board again what we were seeing a lot in the community is if you don't have insurance but you are trying to get out of poverty and you have a job and you get sick what are you gonna do well you're gonna call in sick to work but you are gonna take that time off not get paid but I can't go to the doctor and so we just fill the need that we need to step up and say you can come here yes you're gonna need to take that time off because you're contagious so what so forth but you can come here and let's go ahead and get you seen and so we can see you with or without insurance and then we'll talk a little bit later about the financial side of it so we have that aspect of it but another part we have is we have the pregnancy side here we have a Pregnancy Resource Center where we have free pregnancy tests free pregnancy vitamins of free ultrasounds we also have a free STD clinic that we do on Thursdays and Fridays the clinic and we are able to to get medication out for that at a cost and then we also have the dental side and we have a dentist that volunteers who does exams for us we have a dental hygienist who's on staff who does cleanings for us I mean then we once a month we do a dental bliss what's what we extract teeth so part of what we're talking about today too is that we are accepting primary care patients and so Kelly say I or my wife or whoever is it comes in as a patient for the first time can you just walk us through what that looks like sure so when you first come into establish as a patient we have an information packet that you would fill out it would list as you would for other providers as well with list if you have prescribe medications that we want to be aware of so we can keep track of what you would might need refills on we would want to know prior diagnosis and then I the first appointment I really like to sit down and part of that appointment includes me getting to know you and you getting to know me so that we start that relationship and I'll ask lots of questions just to kind of get a feel for where you're coming from what your needs are and where we can help as a clinic and if I can find other resources for you that would benefit in other areas we can start there and it kind of week so we we look at the whole you we look at your mind body and soul basically so if there's something that you're in need of that is a sign from a prescription for a medication we try to help with that or at least point you in the right direction for that okay and it makes it really great because I have the availability here to really get to know my patients on a more personal level and yeah that really helps yeah so obviously the question that always comes up when anybody that's that medical care is how much is Jennifer heat because we have a unique system of payment here can you talk just what what does finances look like yeah we have if you don't have insurance and even if you have insurance and you have a huge down or copay or deductible what we do is we have a sliding scale fee and it really is the state of Indiana that sets that bar for ISIL what we have to charge and your copay it could be you but you anywhere between five and thirty five dollars but what we tell our patients when they come in is never not go to your appointment because you don't have that five dollars we are your medical needs needs to come before your gonna pay us at five dollars so we have the ability to look at you and say okay can you pay two dollars can you pay two dollars and fifty cents and then let's work out a payment plan if you're just so strapped because you were going to be out of work for a couple of days when you're gonna get healthy then what we're going to do is you can go to the Life Center you can volunteer and that would be your copay for that five dollars we as since we're a family practice for having families come in we have families that have five children and then you have five dollars across the board and then somebody's gonna need medication and you we all know we have kids if one gets sick the other ones are gonna get sick and then it's like a vicious cycle come in here bring all five of your kids in here at the same time so let's look at this as a picture in like Kelly has an hour with every patient so she has a ability to sit down and say where are you at financially okay your here's your sliding scale fee this is what it's going to be but what do we need to help you so these kids can get in a better spot so you can get yourself back to work and that's really the main goal because and we'll talk about this a little bit later to you I get off on the side track that with a gain initiative the whole point is we're here to help you get out of poverty we're help we're here to help you Kelly's here to help you okay we're gonna make you feel better we're gonna help you with your strep throat with your flu or whatever it is an issue that you've got going on but that's just a piece of it a part of it now if you have insurance yes we will bill your insurance and we will go that route as you would go you would to any other provider in the area okay so explain a little bit like who is good because I mean I know the answers we talked about beforehand but but when I give you say okay this is for helping someone move out of poverty say I I'm not in poverty I'm doing okay I might be on an edge if something bad happened that wouldn't be good I might be in bad shape or maybe I'm more stable financially am i taking a spot from someone but by participating here am I like I don't want to take advantage of the system but also if there's a way I can help out I'm interested all right you talk I don't know it absolutely not you're not taking a spot you're never taking a spot from somebody I'm in the area in the area that we're at we're seeing a lot of non insured patients yes we are but we are seeing a turnover of a lot who that were it we have the ability now to help you sign up for it to the healthy Indiana so let's feed you on that first step and then we have partners in the community that will walk them through the next step so they can get the insurance and that they need the people that want to come here and what makes us different than everybody else is we have that Jesus aspect of it when you're walking in the door you're not a number you're a person from the moment you walk in and they say hello to you at the front desk so it's just that personal touch so anybody and everybody is welcome here it doesn't matter where you're at on the financial scale it doesn't matter if we're living paycheck to paycheck which a majority of us are or it doesn't matter if I just I don't have anything and I didn't have any food to eat usually you know Kelly would say to them well you know what you can go to couple blocks down the road and get a lunch at the Life Center and that's what that's what she has an hour with every patient it's just for a family yeah and if that's what you're looking for if you're looking for somebody to connect somebody to take the time to listen to you then you belong here this is no this is this is a place that you need to come cool good Kelly so Jennifer talked big picture about some services can you just go a little bit more in detail about what are some specific services that I could receive here sure so specific services a medical side of things we have I have a nursing staff that we are able to draw many labs that are here on-site so you know if after meeting with me and I say we determined that okay we need to check your cholesterol we need to check your blood we can do that here and send it out and get the results back here but you don't have to go to a separate lab to get that done so there's many different labs services and do it off of your on-site which is great we also there are certain procedures that can be done here in the office so we have the staff available to do a lot of things there are things still to come but these are these are where we start in establishing care with the provider because again I want to I want to be able to get square one and then build from there as far as okay now we need to go here and we need to go there so we can we can do a lot of that here okay so even so we do medical services we also do dental and pregnancy service nice can you talk a little bit about specific things offered in those sure on the pregnancy services we do offer the prenatal vitamins once they're going to be pregnant and then we would of course set them up from the ultrasound which would also take place here in our office yeah the dental side we hold the when it's available almost a monthly dental blitz so I come to that and I help with meeting all the patients as they come through and I check my blood pressures to make sure that they are in a stable position to receive any kind of extractions and if it's a dangerous level we want at a time because again we care about how you're doing and we don't want to do something that's to harm them yeah so we do that and then the dentists can also offer as they seek that as far as any other medication such as antibiotics or pain medication mostly ibuprofen I believe is what they offer and then on the STD clinics that we have on Thursdays and Fridays we do have for those tests that we run if a patient ends up being needed to be treated we do have some of those medications here on-site that we prescribe it a cost Jennifer so I mean we've talked about a lot of services so we assuming we have a staff of 50 partners whether volunteer or corporate can you talk about some of the partners we have and what they do with any services yeah and I'm just doing you're talking like a st. Vincent yeah okay okay and yes and we are always looking for anybody or another organization to partner with us because a lot of like I said if our patients aren't underinsured or uninsured and but we have a partnership with saint vincent am at Deaconess what they had for free mammograms for their yearly checkup we have partnerships with Deaconess obviously with the labs for them to do here and they will come pick them up for us we have a partnership with a few doctors in the area that do come and they volunteer here Kelley's off or when we're just we just need some because she's a nurse practitioner and she's new so she has some questions and they're always willing and loving to walk through new things some pop up and then that is one of the great things because when you have like a Deaconess you have that that built behind you better the thing is here we have Deaconess ain't sayin statements and backing us I'm gonna believe in what we're doing that will walk us through that we're looking for partners to walk through with us when we have specifics if somebody has cancer somebody who has diabetes for those when we need to send somebody for a specialist for pain management and so forth and we are looking for more specialist specialist specialist to walk through that with us and for us to be able to send those undershirt and uninsured patients just yeah they do out at us us I in Ivy Tech in UV okay and all three of them do they send their students over and they do observe through the STD clinic and now they're coming over to work with Kelly throughout the week Kelly is here Monday through Friday and she's careful we're open from 9:00 to 4:30 so there's always the student here somewhere of our clinic my partnerships with Deaconess the st. Vincent but we are under yes got a loft doctor you laugh sorry she's probably yeah yeah not do you up is oh yes I was over Kelly and it's our medical director and he was amazing yes yeah okay so someone's watching this listening like I'm interested in learning more I might be able might want to be a patient not ready to commit don't give me a big sales pitch what what's their next step I would love for them well you can go on to the Evansville Christian Life Center website and apply on that but I always say come spend a day with us and come in we'll give you a volunteer application but before you turn that application I just want you to spend a day with us it's not an easy job I'm gonna be honest saying the patients that walk through the door when we deal with the pregnancy side of them we're gonna see some young girls who are just struggling with things in their life you need somebody to love them and show them Jesus to pray with them and to walk these next steps with them and the same with Kelly you know some people they just have had a hard life and somebody to talk to you so we're you know that's what I always say come spin a day and it's okay for somebody to say I I'm not okay but what I am okay with is working the front desk when I am okay Liv is finally absolutely and thank you so much for being honest and telling me that that is not where I'm ready to start out at so we need volunteers from all aspects we need a volunteer for the medical that medical experience obviously with nurses and doctors but just somebody who has the love of Jesus and the love of people who are ready to help these people take the next step to get out of poverty to walk in the door and to walk through this journey with us it's like I said if we don't have each other because like we're a small staff as Kelly and I are the only full-time and then we have five other part-time people if we don't have that camaraderie as a family we're not going to be able to make it so come spend the day with us let us level and you see what we're about and then would take the next steps we need to be able to volunteer if I want to be a patient early some interest in being a patient again come either come pick up a new patient packet okay great bring it home fill it out if you are uninsured then we would ask there's some financial information that we need to get from you so that Jennifer can establish the sliding scale and also I look at that and see you know what we've got going on what we're gonna be addressing bring that back in for us or if you don't have the ability to come in and get that call us and we can mail a packet out to you do the same thing that would work either way to contact you to get it the ability to email and those go to me okay and then I can email you back a packet guess so close the staff here Gina because this is your role if I've watched this and I want to donate financially how do I do that absolutely because all of this that's being provided as service in our community obviously comes at a cost and so we would love to have financial partners people just coming alongside whether whether it is a monthly gift a one-time gift whatever that gift is you can go online and donate online you can mail it to the Evansville Christian Life Center at 509 South Kentucky Avenue or you can call us and talk more about it but more importantly I would love to invite you to come on a tour a tour of the Life Center a tour of the clinic to understand everything that we're doing to fight poverty you know when one person receives medical care just like we have the ability those of us that are in middle to upper class have that ability when one person does the whole community wins and so we want to help folks from their need to their potential and you can be a part of that so give us a call and just it just to kind of echo that we we say if there's a bad guy for the health clinic it's a lack of affordable health care which is a major issue that are out in our community and whatever place that whatever role you're in as a patient sharing sharing this with somebody else that might need the help that might need to connect as a patient sharing that someone who might want to get involved all those are helping fight fight the lack of affordable health care and bring affordable health care to our community and it's a larger picture helping fight poverty and bring the bring thriving to the individuals in our community that's that's what we're about and getting that through the love of Jesus and so that's why we do what we do thank you for listening any questions anything you can visit restoring health clinics specific you can do that or you can visit Evansville Christian health clinic calm thanks

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