Controversial Health & Fitness Products – No Sweat: EP18

So some of you guys might not know this but
the health and fitness industry is actually full of conflicting theories and beliefs. For example, I’m always asked my thoughts on certain health and fitness products. So there are some products that a lot of people totally swear by and then there’s another
camp of people who actually call these products out as scams and say that they actually promote
unhealthy habits. So today, I’m going to share my
thoughts on some products that deem kind of controversial in the fitness industry. So the ketogenic diet has been a very trendy
diet for the past year. It’s a diet that puts your body in a state of
carbs deprivation and it triggers it to use your body’s fat as
energy instead. So with this diet came the rise of many
other keto related products like keto snacks, keto supplements, keto coffee
and I came across this keto product that I found particularly interesting
but also sounded a bit iffy. And it’s called the Prüvit keto drink mix. So I actually came across this product
when I was on Instagram and I saw a lot of influences were
promoting as well as selling these products. Which kind of got me thinking, is this
some sort of MLM? SoI actually got my hands on these products to see what the hype was all about. It’s a powdered drink mix and it comes in
a variety of flavours and what it does is that it claims to
actually put your body in a state of ketosis just within 60 minutes of drinking it. So firstly, think about how that sounds,
just within an hour of drinking it, you know you instantly start to burn fat. I mean that to me, it sounds really too good to be true because for those of y’all who have actually done Keto’s diets before or are familiar with the
keto diet, you know that your body actually takes at least two to three weeks
to get into a state of ketosis. So obviously I’m not a scientist so I can’t
definitively tell you if this works or not so I’m gonna try it out for myself to see
whether or not it hosts truth to its claims. So now I’m doing a little unboxing and show
you guys what the sachets look like. So let me read you what it says on the packets. This product is not a medical treatment,
medicine, or weight loss supplement. It is an exogenous ketone product that
elevates ketone levels in the blood. What exogenous means, the ketones
that are found in these products are actually from external sources and it’s not naturally
produced by the body. Ketones trigger your body to use the fat’s storage as energy instead. It says it’s not a weight loss product but they do tell you that drinking this gives you the benefits of a keto diet which also leads to weight loss. So I think it’s quite confusing. So I have about half a litre of water here, and it smells very sweet, almost like bubblegum. Alright, so I’m gonna try it out right now. If you mix an artificially flavoured peach drink with Yakult and artificially flavoured flat soda water,
then it will taste like this. And I’ve tried like many different sport supplement
drinks before, I tasted like artificially, naturally flavoured sports drinks but this
definitely takes the kick as probably like the worst tasting I’ve ever come across. I know that taste is very subjective, so
even though this doesn’t taste very good for me, some people might think it tastes really delicious. But personally, I just think that it’s very stale tasting,
it leaves a very strange aftertaste in my mouth. I can’t imagine myself finishing
the entire cup of this. But I have to because I’m gonna take the test. I also think it’s like really strange that this product also has sugar. It actually has 4g of total sugar,
which is considerably high for a keto product. And all these are per serving.
If you’re on a strict keto diet, you are on almost zero grams of sugar kind of diet. So the fact that it has 4g of sugar in each sachet,
it’s quite strange. I would say that I’m even more sceptical
about it after reading the label. So I’m gonna finish up the last of this keto drink. So it’s been about an hour and I’m gonna take these ketone test strips and see if my body is in ketosis. there’s a colour chart on the bottle, I’m
gonna pee on the ketone strips so if it turns a dark brown colour that means there’s a lot of ketones present in my urine. But if it stays the same, then that means
ketosis did not really happen. So I’m in the toilet now, I’m gonna take a ketone test. Take out one of these, pee on it. The stick had been pee on. Now I am supposed to wait 40sec. And 40 sec is up.
Is my body in the state of ketosis? It’s negative, it’s nowhere near
any of these colour changes. In conclusion, my thoughts on this keto drink mix are
that it’s a waste of money and it doesn’t work. Think of how much money you are spending on a drink. I would say that nothing beats proper exercise and nutrition because there isn’t a one-stop like quick fix to this you know, maybe in the future, you might find an advanced method to help us to burn fat like really quickly but honestly, all these are just quick fixes
and it’s very easy to be swayed by these marketing things so I would say that if you ever see
anything like this, that promises you like immediate results without exercising and without
proper nutrition then it’s something to be very worried about. Something I get asked about quite a lot is
waist trainers. Now waist trainers are basically closets
that you wear around your waist and it helps to give you an hourglass shape without any exercise. So the idea is that it kind of pushes
the belly fat in your midsection downwards to give you that big booty and tiny waist. They were made very popular on
social media by influencers and celebrities like the Kardashians
who swear by them. So you’re supposed to wear this when you are sedentary, meaning during times that you’re not very active,
so if you’re you know, sitting at your desk or watching TV
then this would be a good time to wear it. And you’re not supposed to wear it for
an extended period of time. However, some people take it to an extreme
by wearing it all the time and some even to sleep. And because of that, waist trainers
have caused a lot of controversies because wearing it for an extended period of time
constricts your blood flow, affects your breathing and that’s also why some experts say that
it causes unhealthy habits. So how you’re supposed to use it is that you just fasten
this over your waist. As you can see, it gives you that tiny waist
and that hourglass figure. And you wear it underneath or over your clothes and it’s gonna help to cinch your waist inwards. So waist trainers are meant to be tight, so it is actually meant to squeeze all your fats like downwards. But if you find that it is too tight for you,
you can also loosen the clasp halfway through and this will allow you to breathe a lot easier. So personally I have purchased and
used waist trainers in the past and to be very honest, I’ve used
them in all types of situations. I’ve used them when I was working out when I was sedentary when I was active and even to sleep. I wanted to use them in all types of situations because I wanted to see how they worked or if they worked at all. So after my own personal trial and error, I’ve gotta say
that I have pretty mixed feelings about waist trainers. So what I do like about waist trainers. whether or not I’m working out, is that it makes me more conscious about my core. My abs and my core muscles are kind of like squeeze through this very tight corset. And it’s kind of like doing a plank while sitting down because I get that sensation of squeezing
my lower abdominal muscles. And I do feel like when I’m working
out with my waist trainer that my lower abs are engaged a lot more but I will say though,
like a little disclaimer is that, if you are new to waist training then I highly recommend
you not working out with this because it can become very uncomfortable and
it does affect your breathing. You should only do it once you become more accustomed to it and not excessively. I did use them when I was working out last time because I used to compete and there’s a lot of emphases
on having a small tiny waist. So now that I’m not really competing anymore,
I don’t use the waist trainer as frequently. So another thing I like about this waist trainer
is that it actually helps you to improve your posture so you know when you’re wearing this
waist trainer it’s very hard for you to be sitting over and hunched because your body
is pretty much like squeezed into a state where you’re forced to sit upright. And sitting up with better posture actually reduces any kind of like body ache issues that are postural related. Let me just emphasize, not to wear them
for extended periods of time. I personally wore it for about 14 to 16 hrs once before and it was so tight I remember feeling super
lightheaded, my breathing was very shallow and after that, I never wanted to wear it
for anything longer than maybe like four or five hours. So something very important to note is that
waist trainers do not actually burn belly fat and it does not actually reduce
the size of your waist. I even heard of some people wearing this during
meal times as an appetite suppressant. With this tightening around your waist, your stomach is pretty much squished, it makes you eat a lot less. So I think this is very very unhealthy, it
sounds almost like an eating disorder. I would say that this is definitely not the way to
use these waist trainers. If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise and
proper nutrition is the way around it and you shouldn’t be relying on things like this to
you know, suppress your appetite because it does become an unhealthy practice. So my final thoughts on the waist trainers are that
if you want to try it out then go and try it out. There’s nothing inherently
wrong with the product itself but I think that the problems kind of arise when people
start to misuse it. So if you ever try it out and you feel that
it’s very uncomfortable then listen to your body and stop using it. So sweat inducing products have become very
popular nowadays. What they do is that you apply them to areas
that you want to sweat more and it’s gonna help you to induce
perspiration in that area. So they come in different forms
like creams, waxes, oils and there are even some sweat belts that you put around your midsection area that actually induces sweat in the area. So I managed to get my hands
on one of these popular sweat inducing products. So here is the Sweet Sweat stick. So I’m gonna show you how this works, so as a test, I’m gonna apply this to one of my arms to see whether or not it makes me sweat more
and then leave my other arm as a control. Putting a little like glue stick on my arms. Glides on quite nicely. it doesn’t feel very greasy. So the idea here is, you’re not supposed to rub it in, it’s just to have a film over your arm so that it will produce more sweat. So I think because this product is made out of
a lot of natural oils, so on my body, it does look very shiny but I am not sweating. So right now I’m gonna start my workout, I plan a high-intensity interval training for myself and I’m gonna see whether or not this Sweet Sweat makes me sweat. Let’s go! Mind you I actually had problems sweating and it’s very hard for me to get into sweat mode.
If it works, it’ll definitely show. So this might look like I’m sweating a lot but I think it’s
just the cream that’s kind of like melted into my skin. And it looks very shiny now
and it feels a bit greasy actually. So I’m gonna do another two rounds of this workout,
see if I actually break a sweat. So I am definitely sweating by now, and as you can see, my right arm is very dry. But my left arm where I put the Sweet Sweat, you can kind of see these little water droplets
forming around my arm. Usually, I don’t even sweat in my arms, so
the fact that there are these like sweat droplets that are forming, it’s quite surprising. It’s
definitely not something that usually happens to me. But I would say I’m sweating the most
in my like head. So I’ve done a lot of research on these sweat products and you’ll find that none of them actually say that these products help you to lose weight. In fact, all they claim to do is to help you sweat more, which is fine you know, it’s what it says on the box. So why this might be controversial is that people have this misconception that by sweating more, they are burning more fat, which is totally not true. Sweating is actually your body’s way of colling down its body temperature when it’s working out. But I will say that sweat is highly motivating because when you’re in the gym and you’re sweating, you do feel pushed to work out even harder, especially when you see the sweat you kind of see the
fruit of your labour. So I would say that sweat does have its benefits in making you push more in the gym. So my personal thoughts on these health and
fitness products are that everyone’s just looking for a quick fix you know, everyone
wants to find a magic pill or one step’ solution in order for you to get results fast. I think that it’s very easy to be sway by marketing tactics because you see all these products
online, you see a before and after and you know you think that like wow this must be
some kind of magical solution to my problems. So I think it’s very important for you to do your own
research and to not just take things at face value. And when it comes to trying new products, especially when it comes to things that you ingest, you know like health products and supplements, I think it’s very important to consult your physician or your doctor before you try them out. In short, don’t believe everything you see online and
definitely be a discerning buyer. And I know it’s very tempting to buy into all these quick
fixes but nothing beats proper exercise and nutrition when it comes to reaching your fitness
goals. So that’s all I have for you in today’s episode and if you’ve tried any of the fitness products, please do let me know in the comment section down below because I want to know your experience or what your thoughts are on these products. And if you heard of any other crazy
controversial fitness products, I want to know about them, so leave them in
the comment section down below. Thank you all so much for watching this video, if you
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