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welcome to nutria med incorporated this is where manufacturing and quality meet hi I'm Brandi drawl and thank you for joining me on our facility tour today you will see one of the premier manufacturing facilities in the dietary supplement industry located in beautiful sunny Southern California lies nearly sixty thousand square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing of dietary supplement with the highest level of quality and on-time delivery our in-house capabilities include the full production of capsules tablets with a variety of shapes and sizes and powders all with several turnkey packaging options including bottles pouches bags and customized solutions in fact there is not a pack out we can't do and when it comes to quality don't just take our word for it we are certified for current good manufacturing practices or stage EMPs by the Natural Products Association and NSF international additionally we are certified organic by ctos and our systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS our tour begins in our receiving warehouse once raw materials and packaging components are received log tag they are then kept in our dedicated quarantine area until released by our quality control unit once our receiving department has finished their inspection including proper paperwork we will take a small sample from each lot for quality testing the sampling is done in a cleanroom environment to prevent any contamination raw material samples are then taken to our in-house quality laboratory for testing our stringent usb-based internal quality specific nations require that we check appearance and color bulk density tap density pH particle size identity through FTIR and other analytical tests to meet the specification for each product our FTIR will identify a raw materials unique identification or fingerprint and compare those to the acceptable standards established by our quality control unit we'll come back to the lab a little later for now the process continues in receiving after the quality control unit passes the material each container will be labeled with a QC release green sticker applied only by the quality control unit green means go once the material is cleared it can be taken out of the quarantine and enter the manufacturing warehouse where it will be placed in a dedicated bin location the next step is weighing our weighing Department is equipped with scales that are checked and calibrated for accuracy daily with our five-point check system like our sampling rooms our weigh stations are self-contained clean rooms during the weighing process quality is ensured by our double check system while the way operator is carefully weighing materials they are supervised by a way master once the batch is prepared for blending our quality control unit will review and sign off the way job before the materials are blended once quality approves the way job the batch record will travel with the weighed materials to our blending area all of our blends are gravity fed to our state-of-the-art be blenders our facility boasts 3v blenders a 1,200 kilogram a 600 kilogram and our 300 kilogram blender our blending operators strictly follow the instructions in the batch record we first review the batch record for weight accuracy of all ingredients to be blended next the materials are individually screened before loading the blender our operator strictly follow the blend instructions developed by our in-house R&D department blend instructions are created with blending process validations for each blender these validations ensure blend uniformity after blending the blended materials are again screened before further processing our polity control unit can check blend uniformity by using what is called a thief in some cases raw materials may need to be further processed to increase or decrease particle sizes this processing may happen before during or after blending depending on the formula in order to increase the materials particle size will use this specialized technique called granulation this is the process for each fine fluffy powder is transformed to free-flowing granules kind of like changing the consistency of baking flour to granulated sugar free flowing powder is essential to produce quality tablets or capsules nutria med is capable of both dry and wet granulation granulation is especially useful with herbal materials which are difficult to compress this process is also useful for encapsulation by increasing the materials density to achieve a greater active fill weight per capsule our granulation facility features two high shear granulator x' each with a capacity of mixing and dry 5000 kilograms per shift through our specialized granulation techniques we can also offer extended release functionality as well as micro encapsulation now that we have a larger particle size we will mill the material to a target size in order to maximize flow and uniformity once our quality control unit has verified the specification for the blended materials they can be taken to production to be encapsulated in two-piece hardshell capsules or compressed into tablet tablets are made with our high-speed fully automatic tablet compression machines we have the capability of making over eight million tablets each and every day and we offer several tablet shapes and sizes we also have the unique capability of producing bilayer tablets which can deliver two formulas and one pill ideal for extended release products up to 12 hours after tablet compression tablets can be coated for a beautiful finish though many products are coated with a clear solution we can coat to match any color regardless of the color coated tablets are easier to swallow we also offer any karat coating which is ideal for products with unpleasant odors such as garlic or fish oils in addition we can pad flavors such as vanilla or mint to the coating to further enhance the taste and smell our processing facility is equipped with some of the most advanced and capsulation technology available today with the daily production capacity of over 9 million capsules per day we are built for speed and efficiency before packaging products we go the extra mile and inspect each and every capsule or tablet we manufacture and for that finishing touch we run our capsules through a polisher to take off any of the excess powder that may have been on the capsule our main facility is equipped with two fully automated bottling lines each line is equipped with bottle unscrambler slot counters and fillers cata nurse cappers shrink banders heat induction treat tunnels lock coatings and labelers we also have daily multi packs for those on the go for powders we offer jar fill in several sizes from four ounce jars to five-gallon buckets for sleeker unique shaped jars we have a steam tunnel for shrink labeling we also offer the very popular stick packs we have five stick pack fillers that make sleep sticks with adjustable links ideal for water bottles or food sprinkles and pillow pouches like several of the popular vitamin c products on the market once products are finished and in their final consumer package our quality control unit will inspect them for consistency and accuracy upon the approval from our quality unit for shipping we finish the process with special care and handling to ensure safe transit of our products I want to thank you for taking the time to tour our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility if you find yourself in Southern California please be sure to give us a call and take the Lite tour yourself our doors are open to you until we see you in person we wish you the best of health bye for now

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