Contemporary Dance I Choreography Tutorial With @MissAuti

Hello beautiful humans. Today I’m teaching you
a cotemporary dance to, some song that will be in the description, it’s actually really beautiful. And so grab some space. Grab some confidence, confidence. And we’re going to dance. Brayden, let’s do this. But first, our Patron of
the week is Joshua J.D. Very mysterious last
name, and or middle name. Joshua thank you so much for
your love and your support, and you are a fellow
dance teacher, right Bray? – [Brayden] Yeah. – Yes, that’s amazing,
I’m sending all my love. Thank you for supporting us,
thank you for loving on us, and we’re so happy to have
you a part of the family. I’m going to be facing
the back of the room, because you all requested it. So you ‘re gonna start facing the back in a nice parallel position. You’re gonna step on your
left foot, plié you’re knee, and reach that right arm overhead. My right foot is in the tendu. Six, seven, and da, da, da, da. From here I’m gonna step right, step left, I’m gonna do a little coupé turn, it’s kind of like a 3/4
turn into a jazz split. So a coupé is connected to your ankle. You’re gonna do a coupé
turn and then you’re going to slide down into a jazz,
kind of a jazz split. Right leg is straight,
right foot is pointed, you’re on your left heel. You’re gonna push over, bring
your left knee to your right knee, sit up, and now you’re
sitting on your heels. So let’s rewind and do that
forward, one more time. Forgive my hops, my feet
are a little bit sticky. When I wear socks I’m too
slippery so you just can’t win. Here we go, six, seven,
and step left, reach right. Step right, coupé turn,
slide down, right palm. Push, left knee to
right knee, up and over, sit on your heels. – [Brayden] Auti what are you doing? – I’m playing with my pretty skirt Bray. I almost forgot the word for a skirt. This is from Dancewear
Corner’s, isn’t it cute? – [Brayden] Yeah. – I just feel like a
little, like a little lady. But then I can go like
this and not be a lady. Whatever. Okay dancers so now you’re
sitting on your heels. And you’re gonna reach
your arm is downstage, so closest to the front of the room. It’s your right arm up and overhead, that palm hits the floor. I’m gonna put my left hand
down now, sit on my booty and allow my legs to
straighten out into a pique. My feet are pointed, I’m
sitting up nice and tall. I’m then going to lean with
my head, let my belly button hit the floor, right
knee comes in straight, and I’m gonna stand up facing the back on my right foot, and stretch. Let’s do that again. So you roll to the floor.. You did your jazz split, you
brought your knees together and you’re sitting on your heel. Downstage arm up and
over, palm down, leg down. Piqué, roll to the back right knee in, tuck, stand up, right foot. (upbeat music) Here we go. Nope. All right, this is for real now. Five, six, seven, and. Good job guys. Okay peeps, now you are
standing up on your right foot, so I’m facing the back of the
room, which happens to be you. I’m gonna step on my left foot. My right foot is gonna slide
through, first position, and I’m gonna come up I’ll show
you guys, to a flexed rise. So my arms go up and my right leg is bent. My left foot is up on a relevé. But this will now be facing
the front of the room. So we’re here, six, seven,
eight, step left up, right, left. So I’m now facing the front of the room towards the diagonal. From there I’m gonna breathe up, my hands are gonna go to my knees, okay. That was up, knees. From there my right leg is
going to ronde de jambe around. My leg is going to the right. My arms are going to go to the left. So it’s opposing directions. We go up, knees, ronde de jambe. Face the back of the room
in a piroutté prep, kind of. You’re only only going to do half a turn. So I have my right knee
bent, right foot turned out, left leg straight. I’m gonna come up to a passé
and tuck that left knee. Passé, from there I tuck my left knee down and I roll on my booty to sit
on my heels one last time. So, rewind to the corner. Six, seven, and breathe up to
your knees, ronde de jambe, prep passé, tuck, roll to you knees. From there you come up,
just to your right knee. Left leg shoots out, you’re
gonna extend over, and close, roll, and lay, and close. Bring it back, bring it back. Six, seven, and breathe
up, knees, ronde de jambe, prep, passé, tuck, roll,
sit, heels come up. Lean together, roll to
your mermaid, lay, finitio. (upbeat music) Okay let’s go with the
music from the top, six. One time from the front. I love you so much people. Thank you for watching. I hoped you enjoyed
this contemporary video. Friends, people on Patreon
are getting content much before you. And they get exclusive
content, and they get to be Patreon’s of the week, and I
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guys, you’re amazing. Wishing you the best day,
best night where ever you are. And we’ll see you so soon. (upbeat music)


  1. Huge fan since day one I’m a dancer and you’ve helped achieve so much with being you!! Stay this way forever!! Plz notice me:)

  2. Yay. You posted. Thank you Miss Auti

  3. Hello! I’ve been practicing my fouettés à la seconde for almost two weeks now but my hip really hurts when i do it and i don’t know if it’s because i am doing something wrong or if it’s because my hip is not strong enough. I’ve been feeling the same pain when i do my développés à la seconde too. Any tips?

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love you Auti💞 you're the best!!
    I really need this during this period 🙏 je vous dis merci.
    Please stay safe #Hanny'scare

  5. Hey I loved the video❤️ I’m actually a beginner and self-taught so I wanna say thank you so much for your helpful videos and love you so much🥰 hope you respond💋💋

  6. Hey I loved the video❤️ I’m actually a beginner and self-taught so I wanna day thank you so much for your helpful videos and love you so much🥰 hope you respond💋💋

  7. You are amazing 😍 all the things I know I from you love you your awesome

  8. Damn! that gracefulness 😊 Hope next time you'll do an extreme level of contemporary. I just loved the balance and graceful of your dances Ms. Auti😊😇

  9. With no dance going on due to the Coronavirus, I thank you SO SO SO much for this dance routine!! It is so much fun, and so beautiful!! Thank you!!! <3

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  11. Hiii! I’m from Chile and I’m very grateful I found you, you are just awesome!

  12. I always enjoy your video . Your video Inspired me !!!! 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  13. Contemporary dance is regressive. Classic arts are so much more refined and technical. Most of the modern arts are ugly..listen to the music, notice the sculptures, paintings, etc., look around at the architecture and fashion, compare this contemporary dance to her ballet videos…it looks like she’s just messing around. 🧐🙁 Stick with the beautiful classics everyone.

  14. Love your dance videos! ❤️❤️

  15. Thank you!

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