Consuela's Kitchen (Healthy Meals)

mmm look at these ads I should go get one time to go to Pizza Hut now let me stop you right there why not a Pizza Hut when concealers in the kitchen with quick easy and healthy meals you know what I'll give that a try hey MTV and welcome to my kitchen today we will be making concealers lucida light from my new cookbook this is what we need please start assembling there we go all done yay you may even want to add fresh vegetable like gherkin mmm thanks concealer our next new will be my exquisite before so crack and whisk your eggs looking excellent get your element on high add a dash of olive oil great there is a mixture occasionally learning molecular sperm up before stirring again once the omelet is almost cooked add the cheese in hand flop the sides over the center now turn off the heat and leave the omelet for about a minute to finish cooking now be careful with this part to ensure it doesn't fall apart as quickly as my life ah fantastic now serve up enjoy just possibly it to you [Applause] well thanks this was awesome mmm delicious in you next time on improving kitchen you

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  1. Amazing. Consuela is the best! Totally ordering the cookbook now!

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