Conspiracists Believe Ukrainian Fitness Model is an ALIEN

Bakhar Nabieva is a highly unusual fitness
model who was born the exotic land of Azerbaijan but now lives in Ukraine.
She’s built an impressive social media following and also goes by the aliases
miss iron bum and the self-styled moniker Quadzilla. All these nicknames do
nothing more than make justice for her ultra toned body that looks totally out
of this world standing at a height of 5 foot 2 and weighing about 125 pounds of
muscle this incredible fitness starlet is a powerhouse in the gym performing
many heavy lifts and constantly pushing the limits even though she’s not
interested in competing according to an interview with greatest physiques Bakar
could very easily take the spotlight in any bodybuilding contests that could
take place in this galaxy or any other galaxy. Her unique looks are truly
astonishing when it comes to a training routine Bakhar has admitted to working
with weights and repeating the exercises 10 to 15 times maximum and from what we
can tell it’s more than obvious she just loves to put an emphasis on a legs and
glutes and make them as muscular as possible. Her usual training process
includes doing squats, leg presses, leg extensions, and also lats
because no one wants to have a slender torso when your thighs are so big. Her
exotic looks and attractive beastly quads have led many social media
followers to question if she is actually from Planet Earth and it has become a
common topic of discussion on various fitness forums and social media threads
that she might actually be of alien descent. The conspiracy theories are also
reinforced by Bakhar’s decision to wear black contact lenses which certainly
lend an otherworldly appearance to this beautiful fitness model. Are there really
contacts or are we staring into the eyes of a bonafide alien bikini babe from a
planet far far away. We will never know for sure. Despite her perfectly fit alien body,
surprisingly Bakhar is not a huge fan of strict dieting and in fact she eats a
pretty rudimentary diet that includes foods as basic as meat, eggs, veggies and
believe it or not cakes. The fact that she can stay in shape and consume all
kinds of sweets is yet some more proof that she has perfect
alien genetics that allow her to transform anything she eats into massive
chunks of muscular mass. Many haters believe her photos are photoshopped an
accusation she fervently denies and has even gone so far as to post videos and
other evidence to prove her photos are not altered in any way in any type of
photo manipulated manipulateor software’s We know that it’s hard to even begin to
comprehend how such a perfectly sculpted body can even exist but Bakhar is for
real and hypnotizing looks are the truest thing on earth. In terms of her
ethnicity she ambiguously says she’s mixed cultural heritage fueling
speculation that she might not be of the human species after all and if you think
we’re making this up just take a look at Bakhar’s latest Instagram post where she
seems to confirm these theories by directly citing our article stating “I want
to believe” and also posting an alien emoticon next to the screenshot. No
matter what race she might actually be or what planet she’s from this Iron Lady
has some really good advice for those trying to achieve their fitness goals
being an inspiration for many of her social media followers here we’re
lifting we like to lift heavy things and we like to make interesting videos about
the most captivating people’s and fitness and bodybuilding the topics can
be a bit crazy sometimes but we hope you find we do our research and work hard to
satisfy your curiosity if you have any suggestions please post your mother’s
phone number in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video please
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