Congestive Heart Failure Diagnosis and Treatment

and now back to Roger Cooper and the American health Journal there are many reasons why people develop congestive heart failure their heart may have been damaged or they may have medical conditions which contributed to the condition we spoke with dr. Vladimir Ilich of Lee Memorial Health System to find out the diagnosis and the treatments available congestive heart failure is not a single disease it's many different problems and disease could lead to that but simplest would be that heart is not able to perform what supposed to do to supply organs vida but so its inability of the heart to function well who is the typical heart failure patient typical patient adjusting failure is any from mid 60s to 70s and 80s they might have large heart attacks in the past so the heart string is very low although we see more and more people who have actually normal swing of the heart and for various reasons had he not done well things like a written here like atrial fibrillation could lead to congestive heart failure some promise with the heart muscle we call that big group of disease called cardiomyopathy but heart muscle is not proper and even the string is good might lead to inability of hard to work well for people who are younger they could have some congenital prongs for the muscle so you could have people in congestive heart failure in their 20s and 30s also too much alcohol drugs could lead to the muscle injury so one of the reason of congestive heart failure also alcohol Academy operty which we unfortunately see if area fairly frequently dr. LOH discusses the symptoms there many symptoms of congestive heart failure the most typical one would be shortness of breath meaning those people feel that breathing is not as easy and as before one of the early symptoms would be when those people lay down they might have trouble breathing so sometimes people first symptoms actually they find itself sleeping in a recliner or sleeping upright because they are uncomfortable laying down when patient comes to emergency room because he's very short of breath that's the presentation usually on swelling of their legs you are first you try to make it easy on the heart to take away the fluid out usually with something called diuretics medication which unload the heart in a way so basically people through kidneys release some of the extra fluid that's immediate acute treatment once we diagnose people we congestive heart failure we want to know why they have congestive heart failure this diagnostic part and includes many diagnostic tests including from simple like EKG then echo which is after sound of the heart and sometimes we also use things like cardiac catheterization to find out there is any blockages in that you're feeling the heart which is one of the most common reason for the heart to fail these days once you have the ignore this treatment varies but typically includes medication something called ACE inhibitor and beta blockers which medication trying to prevent a heart of getting any weaker and also you try to treat primary reason for possessives failure if the person has major coronary disease with narang of the arteries we try to open those arteries either by percutaneous intervention which is known as stenting or with bypass surgery need be for more information about dr. Ilitch or the Lee Memorial Health System cardiac program called two three nine four five four seven to five or visit Lee Memorial dot org


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  2. You whosoever affected by heart diseas take follwing suppliment your blockage will reverse guranteed in one year
    Vitamin c – 3-4 grm ( if bp is high take calcium ascorbate vitamin c instead of sodium ascorbate vitamin – c )
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    Proline – 500 mg
    Distribute dosage in parts throughout day
    Control sugar and blood pressure by chaging food and exercise and lifestyle is necessary for reverse
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  3. My dad died yesterday because of congested heart failure. Life will never be the same without him, I just wish something could have been done. Rest in peace dad, forever in my heart.

  4. Hello Dr.

    I want your HELP. my father suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. I want you suggestion.

    please help me.

    email- [email protected]

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