um so let's go check out what Snapple is doing she was acting a real crazy this morning I literally had a breakdown I was literally screaming and crying at her because she's like and I didn't know what was going on I thought she was choking I thought my baby was gonna die so I was literally crying and screaming a short video I sent it to her she works in a vet and I'm like do I need to go to the ER I was stressed and ready I need my mother for skarphol if I didn't brush my teeth nothing I throw on some leggings snatched my dog up and I was just waiting at the front door ready to call my uber if my girl said that I needed to bring her to the ER but it just turned out that um she was just hungry which is she acting like I saw him she acted like I saw her like she so apparently um acid can build up in dog stomach when it's empty with food they can just over produce acid in general like you know you could just be a person who produce or a dog that produces a little more acid than usual oh no she randomly produced more than usual or she was unusually hungry because it was her normal feeding time she ate the night before I don't know why she was acting like that this morning but she was making that sound and it turned out it was just because her stomach half filled with acid and she was hungry she started eating as soon as she was done it was over but I was shook because I thought that my baby was gonna die I thought my baby was gonna die it was very traumatic pup is fine now though she's good say good morning to the people babe say good morning to the people then you gave mama such a scare this morning you'll gave mama such a scare this morning why you do that to mama huh why you – that's a mama why do you do that to mama this is what she's gonna be for the whole thing all right Ali I'll I'll leave you to it don't worry good morning everyone welcome back to my channel several months later doughnuts got like a nine-to-five for about two seconds um I don't know why it was the most stressful thing in my life and of course it ended in turmoil because people love fucking witch girl so I had to give him the two deuces and now I'm back on my real shit I mean I've never stopped my shit but if you don't follow me on Instagram it seemed like I stopped my shit um based on my shit but anyway I'm back I hope you guys have been well enjoying the videos that I have been here so I'm decided that vlogging is the only kind of filming that I can get done outside of my fitness videos it's just hard for me to create really like just amazing that just this quality so I'm gonna be joining the trash quality of youtubers where we just vlog and we use weird ass angles and we talk shit call it a day as okay are you done okay cool I'm done make sure you are following me on instagram because that's where you're gonna see recipes that's where you can see work out there Jesus that's what you're gonna see warm-ups that's really gonna see all the good shit so I recommends I highly recommend that you follow me on Instagram I sleep in the nude and I'm too lazy to find shirt so I took the scarf that's on my head and I wrapped it around my body so you know that's what we're doing this morning let's go into the kitchen we are asked my coffee machine and my coffee is me this is my favorite coffee mug I got it at a cafe that I used to work out many moves ago yes many moons ago says exam good coffee buy her this month look so I already have my almond milk in here I don't use much like literally I don't use oops oh my god I just spilled that onto the stove okay I have my coffee here I don't want to shine you got to this like that I know what coffee looks like but you know whatever turn my coffee machine off now I'm gonna add some coconut sugar mine's is from Trader Joe's a lot of my food is from Trader Joe's Kazan polar and that's what poor people that's where poor people shop brah so we just gonna throw some oh is that the words I think that is okay it's way too early for me to make the oldest noise okay I use about that much sugar so that's all much going on to my coffee and we're just gonna mix that in perfect now my coffee is done and when I'm drinking my coffee this is what I usually looks like white color okay I don't want to tilt and make a mistake like before oh there we go there's the lighting and the backgrounds okay like I was saying I eat around 1:00 2:00 o'clock I don't consider my coffee breaking my fast on some people might but I don't consider it breaking my fast and so I eat something that can actually give me energy and although caffeine has a nice boost gives me a nice little boost I can't survive this fitness lifestyle a little coffee diet so therefore I don't consider it breaking my fast until I have actual food and that won't be around usually until 1:00 2:00 p.m. like I said so that's when I'll be back I this video will not be that many I'm not snacker that's why i think these videos are for me cuz I'm really not a snacker and I don't eat a lot like I don't need a lot I don't eat like a I usually have like two big meals I can't really consume three meals a day that's just not for me three meals a day is actually a pretty modern intervention it's not an invention but it's a pretty modern umm thing eating three times a day we used to we used to go days without food first of all but anyway you know back in like even the fifties to times the day was more common than three times a day so eating three times a day it's definitely a newer thing it's not necessary what's necessary is getting the amount of calories that you need to be eating in and hitting your macros I'm not exactly sure if this is going on YouTube RI GTV yet we'll figure it out also I'll be doing a 30-day program very soon that's super affordable Yannick well oh my god I cannot wait to release this program this is my love cha I don't know what it is about this particular program I don't know if it's because I can't lie I learned so much in my nine-to-five about business I didn't go to school for business obviously but I got there and I had to do some very business-related things and I learned a lot like I learned a lot about business and it did point me in a certain direction of what I want to do with my own business like tactics not anything that they did was like what I want to do but just as far as tactics and things like that I've learned a few things I've grown up that's a business owner and I see what I wanted you know so I think that that's why this program is just like just so important I don't know not that the other ones aren't for important is the right right word important isn't the right word that's what this program is feels like my baby because I don't know I just have new a new set of eyes and I'm creating a program that's a 30 days which I think anyone can stick to I think breaking down this program into 30 days is what our to do I was doing 12 weeks at a time and although I had a lot of clients who were completing those 12 weeks energy murder and shit 12 weeks is a lot for a person who has never worked out before like it's a lot to look forward to it's a lot to wrap your head around and stick to so I think releasing 30 based sequences it's gonna be the win if this goes out before the program make sure you drop a comment like if you are doing a 30 day workout program that comes with a meal plan Facebook support group extra bootcamp workouts like girl y'all are gettin so much for such an amazing price like oh my god I can't even like if you want more details definitely check below um I'll probably post a little comment and Cassie but go on my Instagram is are most of the details are gonna be but y'all and I'll probably make a separate video about it but yeah oh yeah yeah I'm so excited I cannot wait for this pro bono job I would love to bring you a beautiful subscription service which will make it even cheaper let me drink some coffee how excited I am I hope y'all are excited please go to my profile and check my client transformations so they could so you could see the truth y'all it's the truth see my transformations check out all my workout videos um and yeah my scarf is falling down and my titties are out so i'ma go this is a blog I figured I'd showed you guys what I'm up to right now I'm trying to work on a website I'm on Weebly I was checking out several different websites I really don't know what to go for but I'm working on my website this is just some of my clients hey blooms some transformations um that I was just trying to put it's just not working out right now it's just really not working out I know this looks a hot mess right now like clearly this isn't even close to being done I'm just messing around with the template I'm like can you move here please no I refuse I don't have this kind of patience like you're not doing what I want you to do I get so irritated this is why I can't do this back to five seconds I guess so fucking irritated like what the fuck is this move oh my god we are slowly but surely getting somewhere look at that right now I am at this part I'm just writing out all the meal plans this might be my favorite part of the website so far look at these Oh Yukio oh yeah who wouldn't want to train with me look at that face we haven't fought over here we're having fun over here look who it is look who decided to get up hi pop pop hi baby hi baby oh she wants our belly rub I ain't got no type of panties on sure like it she's real ratchet this is what I mean this is expect this quality expect it expect it cuz this is this is what this is what it is subscribe I'm done messing around with my website either for today or for now because I don't know I have other things to do to get done for clients [Applause] okay I literally have 10 million thoughts in my head so when I try to speak when I try to speak it is really a problem it is really a problem okay I finished the first page to my website um now I'm going to smoke a bowl so I'm gonna be very open I'm a pothead I use weed as a pre-workout and so I'm gonna smoke a big fat bowl and then I'm going to the gym so I'd love to know people's opinions on uh lead as a pre-workout how do you feel about that how do you feel about weed in general feel like weed has become such what am I trying to say weed has become so accepted ah accept it but I feel like there I feel like that's also not true at the same time oh free promotion definitely not not for this brand not for this brand hell no let me take that shirt off that's definitely ain't going on YouTube ain't no free promotion not for this brand ah ah no no okay that was oh man me being distracted forever okay so I was going to go to the gym but now we'll be meeting with my friend later I love working out with friends so I'm still gonna pack this bowl anyway though because I want to you know my boost up the creativity juices a little bit a little bit ain't never hurt nobody I never hurt nobody ah stuff y'all hear that dog everyday that dog is going off like it's being maybe maybe it is being tortured should I call someone I don't know the dog is always going off every single day I'm like can you show can you shut up but not about the maybe maybe it's a craft for help can I put this on YouTube and about to get arrested I see white people doing this all the time so don't don't even try and only on top if I go down huh everybody going down okay so yeah would love to know your opinion on weed and fitness and health in general as we all should know if we are caught up on a recent research we there have not been any articles or research that has been done that proves that weed is not good for you but there has been tons of research done that proves that weed is good for you however I don't think that smoking in general like just that action I don't think it's the healthiest so I am looking to switch over to oil and to a pen I still think it's a touchy subject for it well oh no I think is a touchy subject my mom knows and she doesn't like it and refuses to learn anything about it so what can you do you know I honestly don't care you can't I'm not the same people who have said negative things to me about weed please I'm more fit and healthy than all of them and I'm not gonna go into details and what that even means but people really need to worry about themselves I'm doing something that has not been scientifically proven that it is unhealthy which doesn't mean it isn't unhealthy um even if it is unhealthy we all have our vices right I find I personally find that we don't my battery better not die you better act right act right I personally find that smoking weed calms me down it makes me creative it lets me see certain things in a different light and I also just enjoy myself a lot just a little touch more so I like it can't wait to go to the gym later me and Yanni box keys how excited I get does anyone smell go me do you got your bow you got show blood you got show joint you got your pen whatever you do whatever you do just take one call with me one pole that's it that's what I thought I'm asking for one pole let's share this moment together let's share this moment together all right we good it's definitely past the time that I would usually eat because it is 3:25 it's 3:25 right now and I usually eat between 12:00 and 2:00 but I got really just trapped into what I was doing which happens to me all the time and then I forget to eat and then I get hungrier than I'm like it's okay I'll just do it later then I'm not hungry anymore and I forget and then we end up almost being four o'clock with no food in your stomach and almost kinematic so um yes so we're gonna cook right now I need food I try to eat as vegan as possible as plant-based as possible but we're gonna have to slip some eggs in here because that is the oldest the source of protein I have in my home right now that's what's gonna have to happen yeah I have no Mercer ysou Exodus this what happens when I have nothing else to eat I rely on eggs usually I have soap in the house and that doesn't happen but that's what it is avocado so we have tomato avocado egg spinach I think I'm gonna have a slice of Ezekiel bread as well I'm gonna pop that in to the toaster and that's gonna be my food that's what I want all right I like this hook sea salt garlic powder black pepper smoked paprika this is correct so meal is done I have my Ezekiel bread um English muffins I have my avocado I have my eggs and I'm also going to have my eggs hub oh you guys know what my ex have in them I'm also going to have some fruit probably and orange this is a normal like sizeable meal for me because you have to remember that I only eat two times a day and I have to get almost 2,000 calories in my diet so that's meal number one I destroyed that like I think I ate that in like 10 minutes I was so hungry it's ten minutes fast I eat really slow um and you know if it's just hungry because so though I was gonna have an orange but I got more goom's I'm gonna have I said I was gonna have an orange but I actually want like a half serving of a smoothie so that's what I'm gonna make I still wanted this movie I can't help it I eat smoothies almost every day I'm gonna put this berry blends in there from Trader Joe's hemp seeds also from Trader Joe's oh God almond milk unsweetened spinach and the rest of this avocado alright y'all that was meal number one I hope you enjoyed your gonna come follow me to the city we have some things to do then we're gonna meet up with my friend yadi and workout in the gym so I wasn't gonna bring up my whole camera here is that whatever while I'm in the city I'm walking to me like wearing yachty it's ugly out here it is ugly out here I look wild I do not look good right now this is what it's looking out out here I'm in NoHo right now well today this is actually one of my favorite areas in the city Italy look like a whole tourist right now which is just let me not say oh I'm sorry guys don't get offended no that's just the normal you New York spirit we talk shit about the tourist ok we talk shit about the source of here don't come here if you saw that's it that's it oh shit I forgot I'm actually here on a purpose what address am I on that I'm hearing I made it I'm in my friend's job right now and she works and I don't even know where her technical title is wait let me turn to the camera she's doing real important stuff yeah real important things things you know nothing about so I've never been into a room like this clearly I'm ignorant about this world I don't know to call this room it's a studio this is just for the studio okay okay Yanni's over there we're getting ready desolation [Applause] okay in the gym now killed it for a good hour and a half to two hours now we're gonna go eat as you know this is all what I eat in a day video about to eat of the last meal of the night I'm excited so we're in nature's world just a spot if you downtown broke down and you're working out at the blink or the Planet Fitness down here warm home you need to stop buying first of all free promo from nature's grill but they could get a free country I thought you know get a little time right huh food is really good I literally get the black bean burger all the time it's so fucking good with those sweet potato fries and they bake their sweet potato fries here which I really enjoy I like that they on fry them this is the deliciousness very I was going to edit this blog and I realized I never said goodbye and say goodnight and say thank you for watching I just think anything I did not in this vlog I literally devoured my food and then got on the training came home and started finishing up some work that I needed to get done I just look I'm sorry I'm sorry to keep fiddling with my hair I just feel so awkward looking right now like oh thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this please let me know in the comments if this was entertaining if this was boring um let me know because it doesn't make sense to do blogs if no one's enjoying you know what I mean make sure to give it a thumbs up that is what helps us get seen in this world of YouTube like I said leave your comments below make sure you're following me on instagram at Swank ocean where I post constantly you are literally losing out if you do not follow me there and I will see you in my next Mon good night


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  2. The amount of fun you’re having by yourself in this vlog made me happy.

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