Concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness

the main thing I wanted the students to take away from this course was to understand what it takes to design a workout program and what's going to happen to their bodies what physiological changes will occur with just a little bit of exercise I had asked the students what they thought about the pretest before and after and most of them gave me pretty pretty positive answers about what they thought about the pretest well before I was pretty excited I liked working out and then after I was sore I remember that I could hardly walk I couldn't move my legs like oh my goodness afterwards I liked knowing it yeah one story the next day few days after a three-minute step test specifically okay so when you told us what we were gonna do for the pretest I was actually like poor thank you I really liked it overall I was scared because I thought that I was gonna have to share my results with everybody and that was gonna be embarrassing but it was very just personal and I didn't have to share with anybody and I was actually surprised that I did better than I thought and better than some people in the class I thought it was gonna be easy with them and when I was doing it after all doesn't like minute workouts I was actually real tired I'm not even gonna lie the beginning of semester their pretest sit ups this is an average for the class they went from 34 to 37 on their push-ups they went from 31 to 36 on their lunges they weren't went from 29 38 for the weight their pretest weight as a class was 161 and it went down to 160 their systolic pressure went from 122 to 118 their flexibility they went from 33 centimeters to 34 and then their pretest three-minute step test which is measuring cardiovascular endurance their vo2 max went from 35 for the class average to 43 then we measured their muscle strength and we measured that using a 1 rep max on bench press and leg press they're pretty bench press went from 171 to 195 so that was a significant difference there and then there are free leg press they went from 267 to 271 not much of an increase but at least it was an increase and also asked the students what they thought about the interactive lesson what they got from it if it was useful and most of them felt that it was pretty helpful the majority thought it was pretty helpful it did help it helped me learning a little bit quicker than just going to the big day me myself active website was amazing because I don't read very well like out of a book and honestly my studying habits could be a little bit better and I think that you made it really easy for kids to want to do well in your class I had also asked students about their thoughts on the labs that we did in class and and what they thought about the labs if the labs were conducive to learning if they felt that they got something from the labs I thought it was kind of hopeful because you to learn new techniques or so different types of exercises to do I liked doing the labs and I really liked the workout time that we got in here after you taught us about you know anaerobic and aerobic and what worked for me you knew that I was trying to lose weight when I got into this class and so it was just perfect I asked the students reflect back on their post-test and to go through and analyze the results from pre and post and look to see if their workout was effective if they actually got anything from it so I was I was happy with them because my bench went up to 60 pounds I was like that's good that's real I've mattered for me they were a little bit better I thought I do better on the sit up for that kind of quit halfway my post test results I think were some of the biggest in the class I'll be honest I lost five pounds I was pretty amazed I started out with 12 push-ups which is pathetic and then I did like 36 so that's good I asked the students what they thought about the class and if we need to make any changes to the class I asked them specifically do we need to add more lecture or would you like to see more labs and I got some pretty interesting responses it was really personalized I'm gonna visually much anything like he could change it it was a pretty good balance class I've learned a lot of things like the blood pressure and I want to go the doctor I know what they're talking about and I don't just sit there looking like a fool so I liked it overall it was good I actually thought it was pretty perfect cuz of this class I think I'm gonna do my major in kinesiology I always tell students to find a sport that they like and then to design their workout program around that sport I think if you can do sports specific exercise it just makes exercise more meaningful I can go out there and wrestle for hours I can go out there and hang glide and kayak and I can do this for hours play racquetball have no problem with that and I can burn a lot of calories but if I was try to do the same activity by just running on a treadmill or lifting weights I get bored with that you


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