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hi my name is Jeff angel owner of bringing home personal training and we specialize in in-home training today I'm going to talk about the 11 components of physical fitness and give you several examples that will be demonstrated for you in one big workout all right first off the 11 components of physical fitness include agility coordination speed cardio endurance power strength muscular endurance balance reaction time flexibility and body composition now we're not going to demonstrate body composition today because that just requires a matter of leanness and body fat percentage compared to fat percentage in the human body so that's something that we don't demonstrate here today that's something that we measure however we will go over the other ten components of physical fitness starting off with agility now as you see here we have to bow shoes and I use these a lot with my clients to increase core strength balance and as you'll see here we're going to work on agility so to first start off a basic movement is what we call a lateral step up so it's a footwork movement where agility requires moving over several obstacles right we're moving through several obstacles and cutting or moving quickly from left to right or forward and backward so as you can see my footwork is one two on top one two on the middle one two three on the sides this is your basic lateral step up working on agility now you can advance this a little bit by doing a crossover or what we would call the grapevine and aerobics classes crossovers and lateral step ups so again agility now we're going to go on to coordination mixed in with agility here we have a small medicine ball now to incorporate the coordination part of it we're going to do your lateral step ups but with the ball you can do a press out press out press up press up now you're incorporate incorporating two movements in one so you've got your agility and your coordination with the ball press so that advances it a little bit now as you can hear my breathing is up my heart rates up right so that's also working on your cardiovascular endurance another component of physical fitness now another thing that can go on with your Bose use here is speed drills so the faster you go the better you're going to get is your speed so again fast footwork this is great for football players basketball players as fast as you can go up and over and again putting in that coordination passing pressing push push speed work so speed another component fit of physical fitness so we've got agility coordination speed and cardiovascular endurance all in just one exercise to BOSU one ball you can even use just one BOSU up and over with your footwork press press push press one BOSU good exercise heart right weight up burn a lot of calories whoo I'm gonna catch my breath alright so next up when you go on with power and that's going to be a couple of plyometric exercises here for you we remove one BOSU out of the way bring the other one in so power movement is going to be an explosive movement I'd like to do plyometrics training with a lot of my clients so going into a power movement would be a lateral jump squat for example all right power deep squat explode up another good one jump squat onto the BOSU power and then power on jump squats onto the BOSU ah power another one more simple your basic jump squat now again you can incorporate more coordination with a ball so you can do another push push with your jump squats same with your jump squat onto the BOSU push and pull push and hold another power movement but also incorporating your coordination and of course getting the heart rate up for your cardiovascular endurance all right next up is going to be strength so I know the component of physical fitness is your strength upper body strength for example can be push-ups right I've got a variety of push-ups out there now as you show you basic one pan here we go leg feet on the BOSU leg in there and doing your pushup so this is muscular strength and this is muscular endurance at the same time because you want to pump out as many pushups that you can to see how far you can push your muscles here muscular endurance and muscular strength together in one exercise there all right next up another component physical fitness balance all right now a lot of times when I'm working with clients we work on core strength on the BOSU so balance is a big one now again I just have medicine balls here you can use dumbbells with this training but you don't need a lot of fancy equipment in order to get a good workout in all right so we're basically balanced I have a lot of people just stand on it both feet planted for beginners and just doing maybe a torso twist with a medicine ball good for golfers all right I always got to work both directions get a good twist in the torso throws your balance off all right another one a one leg deadlift more balance ball in hand you want to kick that leg back behind you straight balancing on one leg bring the knee up and a front raise with the ball so you got a lot of balance here if I can get it again another component of physical fitness a one leg deadlift and again when you're moving the upper body along with it a little bit more coordination involved another good balance one let me get my ball see if I can do this one then teaching my advanced clients this one getting on the ball pit ball this one's a bit squishy but then kneeling on the ball and then from there you can do our movements if you do master this so if you had dumbbells if you do bicep curls you can do your lateral raises for shoulders variety of shoulder presses also alright again now it's all balanced core strength and now because you're incorporating upper body movements you have coordination also alright alright so that's balance another component of physical fitness that ball out here all right next one reaction time so this is one that a lot of people don't work on but it's something that baseball players have to have hockey players tennis especially reaction time you got a ball coming at you fast you've got to react to it move your feet so a quick drill that I came up with a reaction time for people you got your BOSU you've got a small pretty solid medicine ball this one's full of sand see if I can do this one so you're standing you're going to throw it at the BOSU go after it and catch it boop you never know really where it's going to go so you got to always watch that ball coming out at different angles I'm good at this so it comes right at me pretty much but when you first do this it might take off on you so be careful you don't have any fancy bases around the house that you want broken see as you can see it can go left or right wait to catch it with one hand but again this is you know working fast so it can be a speed drill and reaction time got it another one for reaction time I teach people for beginners taking a medicine ball holding it above your head throw it down catch it this was good for senior citizens all right not too hard you got to keep your eye on the ball you can get some coordination but against reaction time see where that ball is coming up for more advanced ditch up on top of a BOSU and again throw it down hard let it come up your reaction time is looking at it grabbing it more advanced you go into a squat bring it up throw it down squat bring it up throw it down catch it more balance now coordination heart rate is up and a little bit more power here because you're really throwing it hard to eat that back up squat so you got muscular strength muscular endurance so we're really piecing together a lot of the 11 components of physical fitness here all right so that's reaction time now flexibility is the last component of physical fitness we're going to talk about it and already just demonstrate in one for you so that one leg deadlift that you did it's good flexibility for your hamstring and they would lay and the hamstring in the back of the leg so here I'm stretching and then coming up so a good stretch by getting my balance hold it stretch I can feel it that's a good stretch plus a balanced exercise right and then of course you have your basic stretches or your upper body right working out your shoulder flex of flexibility here tricep stretch flexibility all right those are just basic examples of increasing your flexibility through just little stretches and one exercise alright so hopefully this short little demonstration gave you some ideas as to what all the 11 components of physical fitness are as I said we couldn't really do body composition but the other 10 are actually movements that that you can perform on your own alright so if you have any questions you can always contact us that bring it home personal training comm and again I'm Jeff angel odor bringing home personal training and come back and see us again

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