Complete Your Healthy Lifestyle with Juice Plus+

the only way you can understand what Juice Plus does in your body is to eat Juice Plus and I'm talking about all of it the fruits the veggies the berries the complete protein powder now we have an amazing protein bar and I'm really glad that we have the complete bars now because I just love having all that real nutrition in such an easy form I am a product of the product I hike the mountain every day I take a shake in the morning it's so hard to eat right in the mornings and get a healthy meal you're on the go you're moving and Juice Plus complete has totally changed our family's ability to get a quick healthy meal and replace empty calories with healthy ones I know as a teacher I have a half-hour lunch time period and a lot of times I'm trying to prepare for my next class so I'm eating on the run and the shake has been a good option for me instead of having a big heavy meal at lunch if you substitute a shake in you can have a lot more energy later in the day because you're not crashing from this big heavy burger that you ate a lot of people think that eating healthy is complicated and for me it's five minutes how simple is fruits and vegetables in the capsule and complete shake as well for a great snack I love the shakes they're like my my guilty pleasure that's not very guilty so yes you have to get on Juice Plus to experience what I feel you


  1. Ditto to all that's been said about the positive benefits of JuicePlus – I, pesonally, am learning to eat healthily because of JuicePlus! Thank you JuicePluis on behalf of my 103-year-old Dad in Singapore and my hubby, Furman, who has bounced back with a vengeance after his recent TIA! Check my Facebook page where I have posted activities he has participated in since I returned from Singapore on February 1, 2016!

  2. Great video!!  Loved it!

  3. Love this video!  Great, simple explanation! Connect with me for more information! Love what I do!

  4. This is such a wonderful commentary on how simple it is to eat healthy by adding Juice Plus Complete Whole Food Shakes and the Juice Plus fruit, veggie and berry powders into your family's life. Seriously, this is how I thrive. I rarely have time to cook, and don't eat fast food. This IS My 'fast food'. My kids love their smoothies and shakes and I know as a mom that they are getting what they need in their blood stream with a few whole food tasty chewables! #onesimplechange   #cleaneating   #livelifetotheplus   

  5. Bravo — another life-long fan here, since 2001.

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