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all right hey the previous video froze so I'm back here with you guys trying to get this just going again so uh as you guys are making your way back into the room I'm just gonna kind of talk a little bit more about just routine back again hey what's up or not good yeah happy to see you guys back thank you for joining me here yeah you know YouTube freezes and stuff technology I think YouTube live is pretty cool this is kind of new for me you guys have know me from my youtube my yo Elliott videos where I was just me and my flip cam shouting at the camera and uploading every day since I did took my hiatus YouTube live came about I'm an OG here so YouTube live is kind of new to me so anyway when I get back from my travels California and the you ain't prolong fast so so like I said I want to I want to compete at 200 so I'm gonna gain up to about 210 between now and a month from now the reason why I want to gain up to to 10x is I want to do that 14 day fast where I'll probably get down below I'm thinking about a problem if I lost it's for only 14 days so if I got downs like 190 I wouldn't be too bad I want to get I want to gain the weight so that when I when I fast I don't lose too much so it's gonna competing at competing at 200 pounds and so that's phase 2 which will be a 14 day fast and then phase 3 seven weeks out contest prep mast rank recovered hey we're back so that was basically it three phases over the course of the next 15 weeks 16 weeks phase 1 I'm gonna get swollen fat and strong phase 2 14 days of fasting phase 3 it's all about contest prep just to let you know what the strongman strep cap challenge is gonna be all about by the way if you're you're interested in in attending the strength camp challenge or being a participant in the sub camp challenge just go to strength camp challenge comm it's gonna be a big weekend it's gonna be awesome in fact the following weekend I'm holding a grounding camp here in Florida also so I might like pair the two of them together on a website I'll be mentioned in mentioning into my my videos and my emails stuff like that but come on down to Florida come for the strut can't challenge stay for grounding camp that's gonna be all the end of August early September briefly the the events that are associated with the strength camp challenge are bench press for reps now it depends on your weight class I'm going to be in the lope in the low weight light weight class so it's gonna be 225 for reps benchpress all the other numbers and stuff and all the events will be on this truck Camp challenge website once it's updated which I think Danny's updating today so we'll be bench press four reps max deadlift zombie training for high rep benchpress and heavy deadlift when we deadlift man I wonder my heaviest deadlift was uh close to 800 pounds it's like seven chains at 200 pounds I think I can I think I can get close to five six would be friggin amazing we'll see you in these 15 weeks if I could get if I get my deadlift up that hot I'm going to go balls to the wall baby I'm excited about this so you got those two we got farmers carry farmers walks love it love it about 200 pounds of hand then we also have a remember what else I think we got a sandbag toss and stones so on Sundays I'll be doing these live streams next week I'll be doing the live streams in the morning I probably won't be live-streaming while I'm traveling but then I'll come back the following you know the end mid mid-june I'll start live streaming again with you guys I'm gonna do Sunday live streams at strut camp where I'm gonna be training for strongman I'm gonna call it stone church on Sundays with Elliott help we're back all right so yeah be live-streaming all my workouts I'll be live-streaming the 14 day challenge so as soon as I get back from traveling I'm gonna livestream my 14 day fasting challenge you guys are gonna see what it looks like for a man to not eat for 14 days but to Train I want to be training I'll be training there in these 14 days my goal is to maintain as much strength as I can during the 40 days that I'm passing that's why I'm building up the fat building up the strength over these next four weeks and like I said I'll be I'll be live-streaming on Sunday stone church right our body is our temple we'll be doing that so that's it man I'm pretty excited about that pretty excited to meet up with you guys once again instruct Camp challenge really excited to be competing once again right like I've been in a cocoon these past few years and it's been a pleasure I love doing it I love being different versions of myself I've been worked on quite a bit I've had quite a few injuries but it's gonna be cool I'm a winner too so I'm not going into this to just have fun get along women do that they do sports so they can get along with one another a half-friend men want to win love are you guys I wonder if you guys I'm being divisive with the sexist lately I got good reason why so that's it I'm gonna start training right now I'm gonna hit high rep benchpress on the Swiss ball working some stability really working on stability for the shoulder we're gonna core stability but also high rep because I'm gonna be hyper tripping them fuck up Nathan what's to know how my fast is going you must've just got here bro I'm not fasting right now I'm doing 16 eights which is not technically fasting it's it's just time restricted eating I'm gonna be doing a 14 day fast the end of June though and so I'll be gaining weight now so that in June when I do those 14 days I don't turn it to Skeletor like I did last time which I wanted to do I got down to 168 pounds huh and I wanted that I wanted to I was hoping to do that but I'm gonna get a little chubby a little little swallow these next few weeks that way when I do the 14 days yeah no food for 14 days I don't lose too much so we'll see so experiment Ralph Waldo Emerson all of life is an experiment the more is the better all right I'm not the type to to learn from reading books I'm too dense for that on the type of learns by trying shape well anyway I'm already warmed up I've been stretching I just finished training Coleen and so some dumbbell high rep dumbbell presses I'll do a warm-up set down there I'm gonna use it on the I'm gonna do it on the Swiss ball just just for fun actually no I'll try me what you guys are doing once in a while hey have you got any questions send them we'll see colum and Elliot should run the world hey did you enjoy my interview with cold brother I appreciate that yeah go check out my Elliott Hulse Channel it's a video on prolonged fasting with cold and Cole is one of the Cole Robinson the snake deuce snake that guy's one of the most fascinating guys around I like weird people I like fascinating people I like I like out-of-the-box eccentric people maybe because that's what I am and so I was arrested with him immediately instead of watching his videos hey fatty I was like I love that guy alright cool it's so working some high reps stuff here today in a while start with 50s I might go up since I don't know oh damn yeah 25 reps team RS interval kind of short about 30 about 60 seconds I'll go to the next one so yeah we're gonna hypertrophy work you guys asking me controversial questions somebody wants to know about the Alabama law i'ma look at the Alabama law is about abortion and I believe abortion is murder was my opinion so if you go to jail huh Wow you killed somebody you should I could rant on and on and on about that and I'm not gonna today cuz I got my next set Oh it's been a long time since I've trained for hypertrophy in size I guess not that long last year but it's uh it's been a long time since I've followed a routine like the one I'm following right now I'm literally I'm training the way I trained when I was competing as approached Roman which is one that Wednesday Friday Saturday I'll be doing Sunday's instead of Saturday's cuz truck campers busy on Saturdays it's funny yeah that's all the time building up strength camp so I can't even go there so yeah I'll tell you more about my my training split in another video but uh I also let's also talk about my feasting and fasting routine in another video but during this phase where I'm gaining I'll be especially when I get get back from New York after my 14 days fasting I'll be doing like a 16-8 eating window break it fast at 10 stop eating at 6 right somebody wants to know why I'm using the ball so that bench just to change it up a little bit when you use the ball it's an unstable surface so your nervous system a little bit more active also I get to use my glutes stabilize the core you know it's cool just a little different I'm gonna do it I've been kind of getting a little stale with my typical barbell workouts I got one of those nervous systems that need constant challenge and just one of those kind of got any constant challenge I get bored easily so just change it it up that's really all it is I'll be going back to flat I'll be doing many variations of pressing coming up here soon last set clean slate that's what all that fasting was about my fasting season clean slate I wanted to say I wanted to decide what I want to create on that sleep right new canvas what do I want to create that is in canvas hey AJ Washburn thank you for the super chat did you have a question my friend or a comment we're gonna go look at it nothing you just want to send me five books much love I appreciate it super chats a new to me live is the new to me so I appreciate the love all right I'm gonna hit up invert body weight inverted rows over there so it's like the reverse of benchpress right I'm pressing now I'm pulling someone working that big back thick chest high reps once again you know as many reps as like in three sets right he hardly being touched if I lower this a little bit Jackie my rest until short agent washburne thank you again he wants to know what's a good strong man program so you can compete this year he's doing 5×5 that's great like I said I'll tell you more specifics about the routine on following right now put it's a lot it's a lot like Westside Westside barbell powerlifting during the week Monday was a Friday max effort upper max effort lower dynamic repetition today's repetition and dynamic day then my fourth day is all strongman equipment implements so I'll be doing so I'll probably do farmers there but sandbags yeah basically your typical Westside conjugate tech training Louie Simmons and so that means max effort max effort and then supplemental work I'll do every work core work lots of grip and then they actually absolutely need one day a week to do strongman implements hi on yes putting that weight on a man are you still 168 Flying Circus wants to know how long I'm like 188 maybe 190 I look pretty big 490 I didn't expect to look so big at one I do shoulders at all so yeah 190 I'm gonna go up to a 210 so that's another 20 pounds almost without getting too fat no I'm not fasting I'll be fasting the last two weeks or the last week of June first week of July 14 days stick around join us 14 day fasting challenge end of June first week of July you don't have to join me you can follow along and just watch while I do what I do during a prolonged fast but then later on you might want to do it I hope to just sort of be the inspiration yeah ah so four shoulders today I want to try something different hey that a new super chat see a $5 let me double check see a wants to know or his name is Obon Oh bar what up what uh Oh bee Oh bee Obama wants to know hold on where is it yo Elliot I don't become more athletic for overall better sports performance well the question really is what sport do you want to perform in right like overall sports performance is way too broad if you're a tennis player you need agility and rotation power right that's sports performance but if you are a football player a lineman you need a lot of triple extension tricep and quad strength each good you see so sports performance versus what do you want that's really the question because you want to keep in the sport specific but all sports all athletes benefit from a few things few basic things a good foundation of strength and GPP general physical preparedness so you should be able to handle your own body weight relative body strength really important that helps your speed so building a good based foundation of strength and having general physical preparedness mean meaning have some stamina be able to go flexibility stability power you know that's overall flexibility stability strength power you know really but it always depends on what kind of sport you play both bro so hope that helps I need some water so stick around and check out what I'm gonna do next there's gonna be something a little different in fact I'm curious how many guys have never used club bells for training before and that's what I'm about to use so I'd like to give a big shout out to addicts makes these adjustable club bells I did a video about these and I had the owner that created these and it gave the to me it gave me these as a gift there's there's a video on this channel from camp channel I think it's full of training with warrior warrior tools or something like that but he teaches me how to train with this I think these are pretty cool I do a lot of shoulder training but on this day I'm going to use this to sort of supplement my sore shoulder training I see guys on YouTube I get it right nope ooh don't make a lighter so what's really cool about these and I'm just gonna be making shit up like today I'm gonna watch some videos later on this week to figure out more how I could use these in a more resourceful way well for today look at this you just unscrew it and screw that it's a little bit of a hassle just take off one of the pieces hey we're gonna look at me do it fast and you're gonna line it up and screw that down there is some piece on YouTube I gotta find that channel again I remember watching him and he's got this is especially his one dude he uses these big backs like this and he does what I'm about to do now I think it's pretty cool I got these and he said and I had to give me a just abou mace is also how you doing Jack they're really greasy boom I think I should be better so they're adjustable right because if you have to buy these at different weights are pretty expensive I have so much trunk camp that are pretty expensive these there are adjustable so you don't spend as much you try this again ah I think there's something goes sideways too sideways stuff he's showing me some shit like this I just have to go back and watch the whole video it's on this channel Elia has severe mental issues who don't got mental issues I'd like to know they say to be well adjusted to know to be well adjusted to a neurotic world is no is no indication of sanity I know I'm saying it wrong but just cuz you quote-unquote normal don't mean you don't got issues in fact the most normal people got most of the issues cuz you're living in a mental prison so yeah I got a fucking issues who does it who's not eccentric right and eccentricity is our gift it's what makes us unique right but you could be a lemming if you'd like you could be the same bland boring lukewarm right with a say in the Bible neither hot nor cold you're lukewarm sauce bitch you out my mouth I'd rather be happy like this whoa I know I'm getting these wrong but I was man I tell you the toughest part of my hands is the grip Donnie the guy who who trains me in that video it was just a couple months ago tells me that uh I don't need to grip it so hard and then as I get better I got to watch that video again get em their swings so this part is his right arm I painted all kinds of instability in his right arm it's coming around though how much do you think music affects our psyche and someone asks sound vibration bro hmm sound vibrations are legitimate and we're we're hypnotized by all kinds of frequencies which sounds words spells right thing by the word spell your spelling but you're also spelling those words cast spells we spell with words a word cast spells oh hell yeah what else Jeff Jeff wants to know if you should break up with his boring girlfriend I don't know you might like boring I like boring I like boring boring boring put it this way excitement ain't what it's all cracked up to be boring sometimes is a lot better right like it was women I don't want any drama right like a lot of these guys I see them they hang out with women that are pure drama because they don't want to be bored that that that neediness for excitement is real beta it's it's a real sensual real addictive real real ungrounded I need excitement any constant excitement so you guys that need constant excitement end up choosing women who are a lot of drama I don't know if you want drama in your life maybe you like drama maybe that's kind of excitement you need but I'd rather have a boring girl more boring the better because me I'm full of excitement balance it out a little bit otherwise crazy hey somebody sets another super Chapman check you out CA I think that means Canadian Oh Oh bye on you again thanks Elliott so you're asking about boxing and basketball okay okay very good so let me approach it in terms of basketball first you want to be able to build that same type of foundation as you would if you were a football player like Osama you want to be able to pull and you want to be able to squat those is probably – the best exercise for you but because it's basketball you want to translate it to jumping so so like they call it complex training where you work like a heavy pull and in box jumps alright so you want to as quickly as you can translate that foundational strength into max effort strength so you know what side type program would be good for you also there – as far as boxing is concerned conditioning and I think you know that I mean boxing is conditioning and skills so practice your skill with your skill coach and and be in very good shape all right that's what boxers do they just stay in shape that's that's that brother I'm gonna fuck around with this a little bit more I don't know the difference between top chats and live chats bloggers someone best around these a little bit more this sideways what that's going to do with these you show me something like this I already did that did this I can wear these little light for these but just gonna do them anyway messing around today I'm really just messing around a lot a lot of what I'm doing today is just messin right whoa we started 42 no I'm gonna do want to stop with these in the works and lateral raises but I wanted to get that in there camera back a little bit got better lighting my lateral raises conceal the truck striations somebody asked Joseph wants to know if I'm gonna do fasting tutorials yeah I am late June early July I'm just gonna hit up a little bit of these just finish up the shoulder work yeah thank you what's it like that you enjoy myself so I got a quick super chat here from world-renowned what's up we're on out so we met at the entrepreneur summit last August thank you hundred seventy seven pounds gains ten percent body fat since then sitting at 205 damn with that 14-day fast benefit me slimming it back down yes dry our Matt grow well the first question is yes you will slim slim back down follow my protocol I'm gonna be following a protocol during those 14 days I'll spill it out to you very briefly here but by watching you know I think I learned by watching and doing so you can kind of follow along with me well I'm doing it but you're gonna want to keep lifting while you're fasting now I've made the mistake of too much volume in too much intensity killing myself during the early part of my fast and then I couldn't train anymore throughout the rest of the past what you're gonna want to do is keep the volume fairly low intensity pretty high keep the exercises basic so I'll probably be working with like a press a pull and a squat you're not much more than that maybe depending on how I feel hit hit that every other day and and that's it and it and really the objective is to maintain as much strength tension strength as possible during the fast we'll see like I said all of life is experiment I can theorize all I want I have some experience now because I've been doing this for six months but I want to UM sharpening the process fine-tuning the process and of course they'll be doing it here with you guys so yeah my friend you'll drop weight quickly if one of the things you ought to know about fasting I think Cole mentioned it on in our conversation but it's muscle sparing your body kicks in when you go into ketosis about after 48 hours of fasting your body starts kicking up growth hormone and that's the spare muscle so did you have muscle so she can go and eat muscle icing go out there and hunt that's what our bodies are that's where our bodies do it's pretty amazing fasting doesn't mean loss it doesn't have to you're right about that you could do it the way I did it I was trying it I was I wanted to lose stand little self a Muslim nope nope not Muslim Thank You Lee Davies watch my video about what it means to be a man hey depending on which video you watch I said a lot of different things about that can I make a video with you never made a video together Jorge Bruno yes I did me Jorge Bruno you interviewed me at the 21 convention patriarch edition and I'll be at the next 21 convention in October here here in October here in Florida Orlando so those you guys who are red tailed or where whoa man making men strong again you want to come to the 21 convention I'll be there so uh soldier Bruno Stanley stood wants to know if I want to fight him you just asked me if I was Muslim and now you want to fight me because I'm not Muslim be wary we pick fights man I'll learn how I learn Muay Thai recently yeah I'm going to hit somebody tries next Oh we got another super chat here I'm gonna check it out hodgetwins and elliot live you know we've never met personally like I like all the stuff that they're doing now I always liked what they were doing they're funny but they American yeah they're nationalists pro-america I think Paul Merrick is a good idea I think pro nationalism is good idea no matter what your country did we freeze here looks like we're frozen well I think we're frozen but I'm just gonna leave it on why just be talking myself trying to find the right it's about good spot we walk I think we're cut off we're still recording I'm snow let it go hmm they're still frozen here everything's frozen there nothing


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