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common HPV human papillomavirus myths only women get HPV factors men get HPV in fact most sexually active men and women will have at least one HPV infection at some point in their lives according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention any person who is sexually active can contract HPV even if you've only had one sexual partner all strains of HPV cause cancer factors HPV can cause Ino cervical penile vagina and vulva cancers however not all HPV strains can cause cancer high risk strains of HPV the strains that cause cancer like type 16 and 18 can cause cervical cancer in fact these strains account for 70% of cervical cancer cases they can also cause other types of cancer a study found that high-risk HPV infections caused about 5% of all cancers worldwide however the National Cancer Institute reports that most high-risk HPV infections go away within one to two years and do not cause cancer low risk strains of HPV the strains that don't cause cancer but cause skin lesions can cause anal or genital warts if you don't have sex you won't get HPV HPV can be spread through skin-to-skin oral anal or vaginal sex condoms can lower your risk of contracting HPV but you can still contract the virus through protected sex if there's skin-to-skin contact with men can get screened for HPV HPV can be diagnosed in women through the use of a Pap test also called a pap smear however there are no FDA approved tests to screen for HPV in men myth there are treatment options available for HPV although health care professionals can treat precancerous lesions and genital warts that are caused by HPV infections there is no treatment available for the virus itself people with HPV always have symptoms most people who have HPV do not develop any symptoms although there are many potential health problems associated with HPV like genital warts and certain types of cancer including cervical cancer most people don't develop health problems from an HPV infection if I got the HPV vaccine so I don't need to get fat tests even if you get the HPV vaccine you still need to get regular pap smears to screen for cervical cancer the two HPV vaccines Gardasil and sir verax which protect against only two high risk HPV strains that cause cancer the vaccine is a preventive measure and doesn't help people who are already infected with the virus which is why they are recommended for people in their 20s or younger while both vaccines are available for women only goddess Allah is available for men thanks for watching this video please like share and subscribe channel for more health tips have a nice day

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