then they everything I just know that Dale crazy was thinking that she was real I guess I know I thought you would never change I'm in for my niggas tell them oh hey yeah so I mean it's a campus now I am tired I am I just woke up from a nap not too long ago so sorry I'm speaking slow right now but I'm just really tired right now so and it's raining as you can hear as you can see it's thunderstorm right now some I wish I get into the mood to rock into this rain like I have an umbrella and stuff but it's just the fact I have to walk into it the joys of having a parking permit but you still have to park bar I have to walk in the right so I I guess I'll see you I have to class yeah see you when I see you I'll see you after class you sinner good afternoon guys so right now I am on my way to campus I just left Starbucks to get my group member some coffee because she basically needs it she said she's doing a lot of studying today so it's just like you know what I'll just do that for her so I'm going to campus to meet with her because we're going to be working on our presentation that is due tomorrow and then after that I will be setting up a table for our projects I'm just to bring more awareness to our campus so that's the goal for today yes so what I got from Starbucks is a tall sweet cane cold brew I don't even know why I got this because I can only take like maybe four sips of this nothing I'm done I'm the type of person who puts Coffee in there cream not cream and a coffee light but yeah so now let's go meet with my team member and then I'll see you guys later right now I am on my way to Martinez forgot the lemon one lemon so I'm back from the grocery store and I just thought I'd do a little quick little hollow showing you like the items that I get since all of my friends and some subscribers have axed so yeah so for today the mill that I really won it with like chicken Kiev so I got some hummus um I got two things of the Greek yogurt cuz this is for like breakfast I got light side cream because I am truly addicted and then I got the fight a told told the Greek yogurt this is unflavored and I'm using this because I want to try and make a homemade sauce for my PITA and then just to eat as well and then I got feta cheese crumble this is for the pita and then for breakfast and then next week um I want to like start incorporating more fruit and vegetables in my diet just because you know it's starting to get hotter the weather's starting to get nice we just put you in a good mood to just like you know nourish your body with nutrients to benefit your health I don't know I just feel like I just want to feel good inside and out a little bit more I just been a lot um really tired lately and sluggish so I got some strawberries and blueberries and then I like to put that in my uh my yogurt in my oatmeal and then I just got half a pound of chicken breast lunch meat for like breakfast and like with little sandwiches or I like to make my own cheese and crackers and meet with my own lunchable I like to make my own lunchable then this is a new item it's the smoked chicken sausage it's 100 calories five grams of fat and 12 grams of protein I wanted to try this in like pasta and maybe I think I want to try this like as a as breakfast or as a bit as a protein substitute for dinner so we'll see hopefully this is good cuz yeah then I got the Thomas English muffins um the light one hundred calories this is for breakfast I got a seedless cucumber this is for the pita and then you know for salads and lunch and then I got a small bleep pocket pita this is 100 top 100 calories five grams of protein 25 grams of carbs and point five grams of fat and then I got fresh cilantro and parsley I got two OVA kados I have one sweet potato and then this is me being lazy will be cook chicken breast strips from Tyson so yeah so that completes my little grocery haul so like I said this is for mainly just for the rest of this week it's in the middle of the week right now so this is just gonna last me until Sunday and then that's when I'll probably like go to the grocery store again um get the why can't I talk yes so this is just gonna last me until the end of the week and on Sunday is when I'll probably go to the grocery store again so yeah I'll probably show you my um chicken pita it is presentable if it is not you'll see me in the next day so yeah let's hope and pray cuz I don't have no aesthetic plates you know where its make it look good like I don't care about all that like you girls just trying to eat cuz she's hungry so hey everybody what's up everyone I hope you are having a wonderful day today is Tuesday it is almost why my hair being complicated it's about to be 3:30 and I'm on my wet class I would have shown you our meat earlier today but I was rushing of course rushing we're not gonna tell anybody but I was kind of late for class so yeah who go to class don't talk about what I got my tea mug in my car you just gotta do what you gotta do you feel me so yeah so we're on our way to class right now and I was having the most wonderful nap you can ever think of you know when you get that deep sleep yes I see when we are on campus so this is my last class ie that are walking to on this campus and it's hot and I'm tired ayyyy words on out here you see the bond is in on my way to the car now got some fruit see if we can see it look at ginger oh shoot we might be good up here I don't see no yellow packaging oh shoot we possess the system let's hurry up yes be who so yeah we just left class and we are we have less than 45 minutes to get to work so that's what I'm going to do and then I am probably gonna do some tomorrow I hope I do but if I do I'll bring you guys I'll see you guys tomorrow

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