Colostrum Benefits (Fat Loss, Skin Health, Immunity) + (Colostrum Is The Best Supplement Ever)

my number one hands down I've tried so many good ones like I'm gonna review reviewing so many other good stuff when somebody's channel I have reviewed so many good someone's on this channel but this one is by far the best everybody should be taking it slow guys Josh Harris wanna do a review on my personal favorite supplement what I believe is the best supplement ever to my knowledge right now I've been into supplement game for a long time I've tried a lot of supplements over a lot of different years some some real good ones that I found are rhodiola rosea maca root several different kinds of organic mushrooms you know very very very good in potent I've tried you know good sources of magnesium magnesium is one of the powerhouses this supplement right here colostrum has reigned supreme for a long long time for me in my life it is by far the best supplement that I personally have come across to one thing and it's better than vitamin blends in my opinion I've tried multiple green blends I've tried just about everything under the Sun almost anything that can be a consumer food wheatgrass tried everything personally from my experience a lot of mostly everything that's supposed to be real good popular it does have a some effects and most of them I do agree with the ones I mentioned I had had a lot of positive effects with but colostrum is by far the number one there's a lot of good research on it and it seems to be kind of just an endlessly good supplement it helps rebuild the the DNA it helps rebuild your thymus gland which gets smaller with age and almost nothing like you know rebuilds your DNA almost nothing rebuilds your thymus gland the first thing was the skin whenever I take something healthy my skin clears up this clears it up better than anything else this actually makes it seem like my skin actually reverses aging a little bit which is insane because most of time when I take antioxidants and stuff I will see my face clear up and this and that but this almost seemed like it was reversing the aging process when I got to be 23 24 25 I started to see little more wrinkles when I like smile on the sides of my eyes and things and I just noticed it differently from when I was younger and this will kind of help reverse that I've been taking this I mean solidly for months months and months now today about 10% more fat-burning qualities 10% more muscle building qualities which absolutely everybody could enjoy it has hormone balancing properties it really gets your hormones like in balance and really really just you know where you need to be it's one of the few things that's a food and it's also antibacterial it actually like fights against bad things in your body but it actually is also food a little bits of sugars fats and stuff like that so it's considered a food but it also gets rid of bad things in your body most of the times things won't do both you'll have something that'll make a good herb for your body but it's definitely not food so it's just this super unique substance that's just great and there's so much more to it than I've already explained and super skin healing like I said if you want to see some magic take this for a while and also mix it with a little bit of water so it gets a little bit pasty put it on your face especially as a guy like I wouldn't I wouldn't do stuff like that as a lot you know putting masks on but once I took this orally and I had so much my skin looked so so good I really people do that so I tried it and it just this phenomenal hurt like how it makes your skin look I gotta say probably I don't do masks on my face so maybe there are better maps but I was just shocked with this and it's not a little bit better it's not a cleared up face it looks like your face like glows you know so maybe I will do a video I don't really want to do this because it would require me taking a week off colostrum but bicycle week off colostrum I showed you my face and then I took this for a few days and then put a mask on or two you would be just insane I probably would look like I lost three or four years off you know maybe even five years off the way I look it's just that insane it really is that that good I've tried so many good supplements this is the only one that I pushed to my family and friends I've pushed this to every single family and friend pretty much I tried I mean hundreds I mean hundreds with so many good supplements probably like 10 to 15 just a plus out-of-the-park supplements that I think everybody should try this is the only one I push because this one it's just the best that gets just by far the best I feel like I have to at least try to tell people about this so I have to at least try so I've showed it to the stubborn people and my friends I don't care I'm gonna mention it once about half the people I've got taking it right now like I said it reveals the thymus gland if you look up the thymus gland is it's about the same size as your heart when you're a kid and then it basically just helps with all the useful properties when you get older it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks when you're like an old old person it's pretty much gone it's like apparently like little fibers or whatever it's like a polygon so this actually helps rebuild it so you're gonna have useful properties from that it helps heal your gums and teeth and rebuilds the gum line almost nothing helps rebuild the gum line so if you do like chewing tobacco or you have some sort of messed up gum somehow putting this directly on your gums will help also you can buy this in capsule I prefer to like have it absorb in your mouth some people say that that it doesn't absorb like a colostrum it's it's basically first milking of any sort of mammal people say that when you're an adult your digestive system is so much like stronger so that if you do take classroom it's not gonna get through I don't necessarily believe that 100% because I have had a lot of effects but this kind specifically claims that it's going to help go through your digestive system and give you more benefits I don't really I mean I like that it offers that but I've taken it several times I've noticed the benefits one of the other huge huge huge benefits probably the top you know three or four benefits is that it's very good for like anti I don't wanna say anti cancer stuff but anything that's bad for you any kind of sickness ailment it's just gonna help under percent like I haven't got sick options I've taken this and there's been times before I took this last year like up within the span of like a month or two I got sick twice for about a week and I haven't had anything since I've been taking this literally if my dog is getting sick I'm gonna give them this stuff it even says that you can do that if anybody's sick in my family like you definitely recommend this and when you're getting older your skin looks like starts getting a lot worse this helps that this helps you balance your hormones it helps me balance just everything it's just like a pretty much a perfect addition to any any lifestyle it's like okay you get older now you're in you're aging a lot where you need this if you don't have a mom like breastfeeding you you need this you don't need vitamins and random stuff to help but I mean everyone said that you don't feed and give babies vitamins as much as you're supposed to give direct breast milk which is what this it pretty much is but it's of a man this one's a bovine colostrum meaning is from cows but I think there's certain aspects of it number one you can obviously you know create more of it as a cow everyone drink if you drink milk that's from the cow people even say that this will help you if you're lactose intolerant people have said that it but it could slowly help you repair your body so that you that lactose intolerance goes away but I also wouldn't neck I would recommend you know really doing some research on it because this is technically milk so it probably has a little bit of lactose in and so I always really wouldn't want to think how bad happen to you so do take that in mind like I said if I'm just completely sick and wrecked this is the own and I can only take one thing this is what I take it helps rebuild the stomach line I mean I'm sorry I just so many things to say here one of the other big benefit is a completely helps rebuild the stomach line is supposed to get rid of leaky gut syndrome which is just one of the number one it's just basically having the constant problems with your stomach if you have constant digestive issues digestive pain just is some sort of issues with your stomach that never go away this helps completely fix everything and I don't really know how much about that but it helps definitely my stomach in general and I have had a herp shows a few people they've taken a small bit of Mount and they said that they've gotten their stomach hurt for me this kind of has a cleansing bit to it so I would take this in the morning with water and by itself and let it do any cleansing that it needs so much more to say about this I probably drowned you guys with information please do your own research this is by far the best supplement that I've ever tried just like my secret thing there's something that just is works beyond everything else anyways guys bendji let me know what you think of the video let me know if you've tried colostrum and we know if you what's your favorite best supplement tell me what it is like what's like the holy grail for taking everyday supplements out to see for me it's colostrum please take this because it actually is just amazing and I think everyone's gonna like it I'll link some of my favorite kinds down below this is one of them I'll link a few ones that I've really really liked down below take it in water mix it up don't take it in the capsule like it's supposed to heal your mouth it helps absorb if you take it in the mouth as well I take it with water in the beginning of the day and at the end of the day but if you have to do it once I would say it in the beginning of the day and it's the greatest thing I've ever found I'm having a great day out here hopefully we're having a great day at home I'll see you all my next video peace


  1. I was borderline dying with chronic gut illness chronic utis from antibiotic use high strength probiotics lots of colustrum and a healthy diet literally saved me

  2. this isnt a supplement

  3. Is colustrum good for acne hyperpigmentation?

  4. Hey Josh have you tried Transfer Factor Plus by 4Life? Its Colostrum also but Im not sure if its as powerful as the one you use.

  5. How come I've never hear about this , I know what its like to take a ton of vitamins just on faith and when one really works you know it and wont to shout it from the roof tops , I'm like that with Hyaluronic acid , if you have joint issues take it faithfully and about a month in or so you will see some huge results , Thumbs up I'm going to research this more , Thanks !

  6. Hmm.. at first it was l glutamates, then bone broth, then collagen, then detox, then bioten, then teas, then maca, then.. then.. so I fall onto this, but amazon sells it at 129.95$ a pound… hard to know what’s worth it in the end.

  7. I had a bad experience with colostrum, maybe because I ordered and drank pure raw colostrum, instead of the processed supplement which does not appear very potent. I had always had a petite, small-boned, enviable figure. But a year after drinking pure colostrum, at 40 years old, I had grown 1.5 inches taller. But even worse is that it made my bones and muscles permanently bigger and thicker. I am now forever big-boned. I will not be able to wear my cute little clothes ever again. I have had to gradually replace my wardrobe with clothes 4 sizes bigger, and get all my rings sized up to fit my bigger hands. And again, I'm not even fat and don't have any fat to lose. It's just bigger bones and muscles. When I tried to figure out what I did so wrong and started looking into this supplement, I found out that colostrum has an extra high dose of pure cow Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is what some body builders take on the sly to beef themselves up like a bull. That is not what I intended to do with my previously slim feminine figure. It's ironic to me when I see this supplement being sold to women as a way to ~lose weight~, lol. It does not make you smaller!!


  9. Is this better than Creed Aventus???

  10. I've been taking colostrum for about 4 months, it has helped with my histamine intolerance, but I have loose stools. Do you think it's killing bad bugs off or something? I'm not getting a typical herx reaction like I did with probiotics.

  11. Because of your video, I ordered the same colostrum you use. I will definitely let you know if it changed my life like it changed yours! I am suffering with bronchitis that doesnt want to go away. That's one reason I'm getting it. The other reason is, I'm as vain as they come and I need it for skin rejuvenation lol

  12. You so look sooooo young and youthful! Very nice complexion! That sold me!

  13. Wow excellent information! Thanks!

  14. There is literature that give you prostrate cancer too

  15. This stuff makes me sleepy it’s really good though

  16. I'm the laziest dude on Earth and when I take this I work out like I'm Ric Flair on crack in 1976!!

  17. I just ordered 16oz and looking forward to the benefits. Have CFS and a lot of Gut-digestion issues and then some. Thanks so much for this! Very inspiring- will endeavour to post after a few months if it changes things for me. Many positive Autoimmune condition testimonials for this product so here's hoping!🙏🏻 I too have tried everything under the sun and nothing so far is amazing like how you say this is.

  18. I have candida and Leaky guy syndrome
    Can I mixed the colostrum with Papaya?

  19. Hi Josh would you recommend a 3 day colostrum fast to help leaky gut? To speed up the journey?

  20. Does it tests like milk?

  21. How long should one takes it for?

  22. I'm taking this, it's really good. Been having candida overgrowth for over 6 years now, nothing has helped me like this is helping me now.

  23. So should i take 2 tea spoons first thing in the morning ? 1 time a day ? I just got the same one thanks!

  24. Hello can i take it as tablet form ?

  25. How much water should you take with this?

  26. I’ve been checking these videos since recently trying colostrum.
    I concur with you, it has been a life changer in a positive way. I recommend to the viewers, awesome improvements in my overall health as stated in this video.

  27. Colostrum and bee pollen!

  28. Sovereignlabs colostrum is the BEST!! I know so many people who are being helped by it. It can really help with diabetes.

  29. Very cool. Thanks for the info

  30. Anyone here got a herx reaction to colostrum, headache, dizziness, sleep?

  31. What was your Issue Josh? Leaky gut, anxiety?

  32. wow, sounds awesome Josh. I will have to give this one a try

  33. Great video Josh I stumbled on this video watching a video about organic coffee enemas and someone recommended taking Kombucha, Kefir, and Colostrum, for really good benefits. I'll be doing more research. Any thoughts?

  34. Hmm, just learned something new! I'll definitely study up on this and give it a shot. Thank you for this vid!

  35. He talks way too much ….

  36. I've had stomach issues for years, a naturopathic nutritionist recommend the Colostrum and it has greatly improved my gut and skin issues. I highly recommend the Colostrum LD powder.

  37. Thats awesome man you review supplements and perfumes! Im a supplement junkie too ! They definitely work!


  39. What do you recommend/like more the powder or pill form? Thanks for sharing by the way 🤙

  40. LD Colostrum is also the most researched Colostrum you can find!

    Amazing stuff, I used to have all sorts of stomach issues – GERD, Acid Reflux, Sour Stomach from acidic foods…i always took TUMS or Prilosec to combat whatever issue I had. Colostrum works 10x better than anything you can buy at your local drug store.

  41. Im gonna try this, thanks man

  42. What’s the difference between the LD and the symbiotic links that you put? There is a huge price difference

  43. Do you have any link for us to order the product?

  44. Hey josh where can i get one?

  45. Hey man i know this is fragrance related but im kinda scared that my fragrances got damaged? My friend told me that fragrances doesent tolerate heat and that they can be damaged. There is a heat wave where we live and there was 40 degrees celcius where i stored them… Its in a dark place though.

  46. My naturopath recommended me taking the colostrum for a minimum of 6 months. I started taking it a couple months into the scd and actually just stopped taking it because I ran out, but am taking a 3-month hiatus, per my ND’s recommendation. She ordered me capsules (which were handy for traveling) and a huge container of the powder from the brand, Pro Symbiotics. I couldn’t order it myself tho.. had to be placed by a health professional or doctor. I can’t handle dairy, aside from butter or 24-hour yogurt, but the colostrum is fine. It tastes gross (the powder), but is slightly better if you mix a splash of apple juice in it. To me, it tastes kinda like melted ice cream or something, and not in a good way! Colostrum is really great for the gut and immune system, so I think it’s wise that you’re checking it out. Let me know if you have any other questions about it!

  47. im ordering, thx josh

  48. FIRST!!!!!

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