Colonel Crockles the Crocodile | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our
secret yoga codeword which is Namaste Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste There! Now, shall we have a look
through the cosmonoculars and see who we’re
meeting today? Joining your thumbs
and fingers together have a look through. Whoa! Look at it,
spinning around all the colours
and the shapes. It looks so amazing. Can you see the picture? Ooh! Yes, look,
it’s a crocodile. It’s Colonel Crockles the Crocodile. What’s Colonel Crockles doing? He is doing yoga. He is doing mermaid pose Ooh! la la! Oh! this is lovely. We’re off to visit
Colonel Crockles the Crocodile who lives in a swamp. Now, Colonel Crockles
needs cheering up because he doesn’t get
many visitors anymore. He is an old crocodile,
lives by himself. He’s got family, grandkids The baby crocs
called hatchlings but they don’t often
remember to call him or go and visit him much. So we’re going to go
today and cheer him up. Let’s start by packing a bag with all the things we
need to have some fun. We take our
legs out long and bending our
knees little a bit we bring our fingers
to our toes. We open up the bag by
reaching our arms up. Ready? Whooooop! We take our arms wide and we twist one
way for a camera. So we can take some pictures
and get some memories. Here we go. Camera! Camera!
Camera! Camera! Arms out wide twist the other way Oh! Look, let’s get a
Confetti Cannon so we can fill Colonel Crockles’
swamp with lots of colour. Here we go Confetti Cannon! Confetti Cannon!
Confetti Cannon! Confetti Cannon! Yey! Arms out wide twist the other way Oh! look, yes! Let’s get this costume a chicken costume. Here it is. Chicken Costume! Chicken Costume!
Chicken Costume! Chicken Costume! Arms out wide
and twist the other way. Oh! look, Colonel Crockles favourite some cream cheese Let’s get the cream cheese. Cream Cheese! Cream Cheese!
Cream Cheese! Cream Cheese! Lift your arms up high bend your knees a little bit and lower your hands to
your toes to close your bag. Ooooooooooh! Now it’s very boggy so we have to take
some big squelchy steps to get to Colonel Crockles’ swamp. Coming up to stand everyone and take a big step using your elbow
to touch your knee. Here we go. Big step! and back and again Big step! and back again Can you do two more? Here we go. Big step! a last time Big step! Oh! Look. We’ve arrived at
Colonel Crockles cave. Jump your feet wide bring your arms wide and join them up
above your head coming into cave pose. This is where Colonel Crockles
likes to rest from the Sun Huh! And here he is. It’s Colonel Crockles the Crocodile. Coming into crocodile pose lying on your side make your body
as long as it can go with your arms
above your head and open and close
your crocodile mouth. Yey! Well done, everyone! We come up to our knees and we give Colonel Crockles
a great big cuddle. Arms wide and wrap him up Oh! It’s so good
to see him. We come in to crocodile
pose on the other side. Lying on the other side now your arms long and open and close
your mouth again. Colonel Crockles opens his mouth and he begins to cry Oh! Huuuu! Cosmic Kids it’s so wonderful to see you. Not many people come
and visit me anymore, you see? I’m old. I’m just not much fun anymore. We sit up Nonsense, you’re still
fun Colonel Crockles. Why don’t we do something
to cheer ourselves up? We could have a costume
party this afternoon and invite some friends over. Colonel Crockles thinks
this is a wonderful idea and a big smile
arrives on his face but then he worries Well, how will we
make it work? Leave it to us Colonel Crockles. Time to get
the phone out. Take your legs out long and take hold of
one of your feet we dial the number
for Cleo the Cat. Booop! Beep! Booop!
Booop! Beep! Booop! Beep! Prrrrup! Prrrrup! Prrrrup! Hi, Cleo! It’s the Cosmic Kids here Yeah, we are having a party at Colonel Crockles’
swamp this afternoon and we’d love
you to come. Yes. You can. Fab…yeah! Oh! It’s a costume party, yeah, so come in costume Oh! and Cleo if you got any other
friends that you want to bring bring them along Yeah, Lovely! See you later. Bye! We put the phone down. One more call to make. So we pick up the
other telephone and we dial the number
for Clint the Crab. Booop! Beep! Booop!
Booop! Beep! Booop! Beep! Prrrrup! Prrrrup! Prrrrup! Hello!
– Hi, Clint. Yes! the Cosmic Kids here. Now Colonel Crockles is
having a costume party I said costume, yeah, yeah,
costume party this afternoon. He’d love you to come. You can?
Brilliant, Clint. Oh! have you? You’ve been baking
chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, bring ‘em love it. We’ll see you later. Bye Clint, bye! This is excellent. Now we’ve got
the friends coming. We need to help
Colonel Crockles find a costume. So we go into his cave. Coming up to stand jump your feet wide arms above your head into your cave pose. At the back of
Colonel Crockles cave there is a lovely
old clothes’ chest. Sitting on your bottoms draw the soles of
your feet together and bring your
hands to your toes and fold your forehead
forwards towards your toes. We open it up lifting our heads Whoooop! And inside we find an old coat a red coat from Colonel Crockles’
old army days. It’s got a lovely blue collar and some big
shiny yellow buttons. Oooh! and there’s a
rainbow coloured frizzy wig. Can you rub your
head with your fingers? We can use this Oh! look and a
red squidgy nose. Could you rub your nose? And Colonel Crockles
can come as a clown. We stand up we turn our toes out and we waddle
around like a clown bit like a penguin Waddle! Waddle! Waddle!
Waddle! Waddle! Waddle! Colonel Crockles thinks
this is really fun. Now, we need to get some
food ready for the party. So we go into the kitchen and we open the cupboard door. Coming in to door pose
on two knees take your leg to the side your arm up to the sky and open up the door Woooop! Brilliant! We find a bowl in here. We can do some
mixing in that. Let’s come into bowl pose. Lying on your
tummies everybody bring your feet
towards your bottom and reach around
to grab your feet then lift yourself up. Coming into a ball pose. Very good everyone. Now, coming back
onto your knees we need to find some
ingredients to make some things so we open up
the pantry door. Coming high up on
your knees again take your leg out
to the other side. Lift your arm up to the sky and open the pantry door Wooooop! Brilliant! Colonel Crockles has got carrots, cucumbers,
flour, eggs, sugar everything we need We can make his
favourite carrot cake. Come on sitting up let’s take our
legs out wide. We put the bowl
in the middle. There we go And then we twist one way to get
all the ingredients for the cake let’s get them
and shake them in. Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em!
Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! And let’s twist the other way get the other
ingredients we need with the cream cheese
to make the frosting. Here we go. Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em!
Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Now, we need to stir it so we pick up our
stirring stick and we Stir it! Stir it! Stir it! We put that one back and we stir it
with the other one. Ready? Stir it! Stir it! Stir it! Very good, everyone! Put your spoon down and get your cake and let’s pop it in
the oven to bake. Whooooop! Brilliant! Now we need to make
the cucumber sandwiches. So we bring our
feet together to butter the bread. Hands at your waist and butter Butter! Butter! Butter! bit more Butter! Butter! Butter! tiny bit more Butter! Butter! Butter! last little bit Butter! Butter! Butter! I think that’s probably
enough butter now. Now, take your arms wide and twist one way Oh! Yeah, we’ll get some
cucumber from over there and twist the other way to get
some more cucumber over there. Bring it to the front and chop it. Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!
Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Lovely! Arms up high and we fold our
fingers to our toast put the top slice
of bread on Whooooom! Very good. Now we chop our sandwiches
into triangle shapes. Coming into dog pose. Coming onto all fours everybody spread your fingers wide tuck your toes and lift your bottom
up to the sky. Coming into a nice triangle
shape for our sandwiches. Very good! Now, we walk ourselves forwards and we come up to stand. We’ve got all the food ready. Time for Colonel Crockles to wiggle
and shimmy into his clown costume. Bring your feet together
and wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!
Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! and we jump
our feet wide arms wide spin into our
chicken costume. Spinning from side to side
to get our costume on Whoohoo! We can now even
cluck like a chicken. Paakaak! Paakaak! Paakaak! Very good! Now, before the guests arrive we think we should
put on some music and have a little
dance to warm up. We sit down on our bottoms and we cross our legs. We come to the computer
where we put on some music. Reaching all the way forward using your fingers to tick tack the numbers
and the letters to find the music. Now, Colonel Crockles loves
Country and Western. So we dance a little
Grapevine with him. Coming up to stand at the side Now, we’ll do it
slowly to start. We step to the side we step behind we step to the side and together. Let’s try it
the other way Step to the side Step behind Step to the side Step together. Do you think
you can do it? Shall we do it faster? Here we go. Step behind Step together!
Step behind Step together! Step behind Step together!
Step behind Step together! Yey! And look, our first
guest is arriving. It’s Clint the Crab and he is dressed
up as a cowboy. Sitting on your bottoms coming into crab pose hands behind your knees bent feet flat lift your bottom up and let’s go digga-digga
yee-haa that way Ready? Here we go. Digga! Digga!
Digga! Digga! Yee-haa! And the other way Digga! Digga!
Digga! Digga! Yee-haa! Very good, everyone! And Clint has very kindly brought his freshly baked
chocolate chip cookies. How lovely is that? And who is this? Coming down the river
in a red canoe, a boat. Coming into boat
pose everyone sitting on your bottoms lift up one leg lift up two lift up one arm lift up no arms and give me a wave Yey! It’s Cleo the Cat and she’s dressed up as
the captain of a pirate ship. Coming into cat pose
on all fours, everybody. Then arch your back up
looking into your bellybutton then lower your
bellybutton down and wiggle waggle your tail going Meow! or Arrrrr! like a pirate cat She is rowing the canoe. Sitting on your bottoms take your legs out long. She sings a special song holding onto your
foot for your oar let’s sing Row row row your boat
gently down the stream! If you see a crocodile
don’t forget to scream! Aaah! Oh! That’s a fun one And look in the canoe with her are lots and lots
of baby crocs. It’s Colonel Crockles’ grandkids,
the hatchlings. They’ve come too and they are all
dressed up like pirates like Cleo’s crew. Coming into crocodile pose again on your side we snap and snap our jaws and wiggle our tails pretending
to be baby crocodile pirates. Aaaahhhgggrrr! Colonel Crockles is so
delighted to see them and when they see that
he’s dressed up as a clown they roll over
onto their backs and laugh like
happy baby crocs Coming to lie
on your backs take hold of the
soles of your feet and roll yourself around
a little bit laughing. Haaa! Haaa! Huuuu! Oh! We have such
a lovely afternoon. Coming up onto your
knees, everybody. We take pictures with our camera
to capture the memories Click! and we fire the confetti cannon
to cover the swamp in colour. Coming up onto
your tippy toes after three let’s do a big
booming jump into the air. Ready? One Two Three Boooom! Wow! Look at all the
beautiful colours of the confetti. We dance a conga. Coming up to stand put your hands in front and we danced Do doo doo ow! Do doo doo ow!
Do doo doo ow! Do doo doo ow! Then we eat
the lovely food. Sitting on your bottoms cross your legs and rub a hand
on your tummy pat your head at
the same time Mmm! delicious cucumber sandwiches and can we swap
our hands around using the other hand now
to roll around on our tummies and pat our heads
at the same time Oh! and that
delicious carrot cake Ooh! and the
chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! Now, as the Sun goes down
we light candles. Coming into candle pose. Lying on your back take your arms out wide and lift your legs
up to the sky. We wiggle waggle
our toes like flames and we sit around
the campfire and we listen
to Colonel Crockles as he tells us some
amazing stories. As the Sun goes down fully and night comes the stars come out. We lower our legs down. We take our arms
down by our sides and we relax all together. It’s so amazing to spend this
time with Colonel Crockles for his grandkids
to sit and listen it makes us think of the older
people we know in our lives in our family or even just
in our neighbourhood our community the lives that
they have led the places they’ve seen the friends they’ve met and the stories
they have to tell. The older people in our
lives are so so special and we lie here now
and we think of them sending our love and we think maybe
it would be nice later on maybe to do something for them send a card draw a picture give them a call have a chat and be good company and listen and learn. Now, it’s time to
wake ourselves up. So we wiggle our fingers
we wiggle our toes We bring our knees
all the way up and give them a hug. We roll over
onto our side as we open
up our eyes and we come up to sit with our legs crossed We bring our hands
together at our hearts and we finish
just as we started with our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste Well done, everyone! Thanks for coming to visit Colonel Crockles
the Crocodile with me. You were amazing and he had so much fun. I hope to see you again soon
for another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!


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