COLMI SKY 4 – Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker ip67 Waterproof – Unboxing and Review (with Subtitle)

Hi guys, welcome back to channel
freddyUs this is the latest smartwatch from Colmi has a cool design and has 14 features For those of you who are attending for the first time
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wristwatch and smartwatch from material, design, size and features display packaging typical Colmi color box
white left and right edges have the words Colmi SKY
4 the back has specifications we open it in this box there is a user manual and magnet charger cable this is COLMI SKY 4 it looks really cool Or what kind of smartwatch? who knows can comment below at the top right there is a POWER button wow there is an analog watchface clock bottom button for BACK the screen is touchscreen case material Alloy, black color Doff and there are only 2 buttons 1.5 inch display size using ips 240×240 resolution for Silicone strap material feels smooth and supple the strap can be replaced easily strap width 21 mm with an overall length of 250 mm stainless steel buckle in the backcase there is a heart rate sensor and connector
magnetic charger waterproof ip67 battery capacity of 180 mah the case size seems to be too big for the hand
i namely 48.4 mm with a height of 55 mm 13 mm thick when used in my small hands strap is quite fitting not oversized only in the case looks oversized more suitable for you who have thick hands
/ big for auto wake up it’s quite responsive according to
I if you want to change the watchface touch and hold there are 3 watchface options Slide up is the Pedometer menu in the slide there is KCAL and Distance then there’s sleep data control music and weather this ECG Heart rate feature this is a regular heart rate, it runs dynamically /
sustainable there is blood pressure blood oxygen this exercise feature there are several sports choices like this it looks there is an alarm stopwatch countdown there is a findphone, remote camera and settings if you slide down there is an indicator display
battery bluetooth, DND and brightness swipe to the right there is a message notification like this when there is whatsapp and phone incoming swipe to the left there is a heart rate This heartrate is good can detect when we release automatically
off when it is brought to the skin, it automatically activates for the application is still the same as colmi cy7
pro use Fundo Pro can be downloaded at Playstore like this it looks Ok guys, so this video Hopefully it can be useful and become a recommendation
for you for prices can check the purchase link in the description Please like and share this video
can also ask in the Comments I’m Freddy, thanks for watching And see you next video


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