COLLUSION | Dirty Details of the COORDINATED effort to WIPE out VAPING

if the tumultuous regulatory environment of 2018 taught industry stakeholders and consumers of risk reduced tobacco products anything it's that opponents to vaping are well funded well coordinated and relentless but just how far down the conspiracy rabbit hole could one go when contemplating the machination z' of public health agencies anti-smoking advocacy groups academia and the media are they really working together in an orchestrated attempt to kill vaping joining us today is quite possibly the only person in the world who could answer that question Michele Minton senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington DC she is the author of the spanking brand new report fear profit errs how e-cigarette panic benefits health activists Michele thanks for joining us today on red watch thanks for having me on I love your show so first off let me ask you this question is there a conspiracy against vaping well I mean conspiracy is a you know it's a plot among a bunch of people to do something harmful so yes I'd say there is it's not as coordinated as you know an assassination attempt or anything but there are hundreds thousands of people who are working and being paid to basically kill the e-cigarette industry which will basically kill a lot of adult smokers now the report give us some background about it how did it get started why was it done well like most of my enormous research projects it usually starts with a very simple question at least what I think should be a simple simple question and I started noticing all these media stories about chill and adolescence and I started wondering where is this coming from because the research data wasn't showing an epidemic it was showing a very small percentage of teenagers experimenting with e-cigarettes but it didn't in my mind it nowhere near rose to the level of the panic that I was seeing in newspapers on blogs etc so I started asking where is this coming from and as I did my research as I started talking to health departments and looking at what the FDA and CDC were doing in academics I noticed a lot of similarities and in their language I notice that they were the efforts were very appeared very coordinated as I dug in I realized that it is coordinated that they are working together constantly talking about their strategy and what they're gonna say and how they're gonna do it and you really think about it it's intuitive why they are working together for this because everybody profits when there is an enormous panic about something related to health service shell you write in fear profit errs that a vast network of groups are seemingly independent operating independent from one another yet are in fact deeply financially interwoven so who are these groups and how wide is the network and how does this network operate against vaping alright so most people don't realize that in the US the National Institute Institutes of Health are all a bunch of separate institutes and they all have to compete like the NIH itself has to compete for a piece of the budget they go to Congress and they say this is why we need the budget so the better case they can make that something is a huge threat for more money they can get so that's NIH but people also don't realize is that public health departments in each state and county a lot of their money comes from grants from NIH and the same is true for a lot of the public health organizations the private public health organizations like tobacco free kids truth campaign a lot of those they get their money from both the federal government sometimes and from local public health departments which contract them literally they call them contractors to carry out government business and contractors like tobacco free kids or truth can do things that government agencies can't do including Lobby so these groups then Lobby the federal government and say hey we think the National Institute of cancer should get some more money because of this huge problem and then the National Institute of actual Cancer Institute hand some of that money over to these groups so it's a nice little circle that they're all working together to sustain their campaigns fill us in on on an annual basis just how much money is being spent to fight against obviously tobacco but really today it's fading I mean it's billions I couldn't give you an exact number because a lot of the numbers just aren't available but you have groups like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation everybody loves Robert Wood Johnson that's some the philanthropic arm of Johnson & Johnson which makes lots of things including nicotine patches and nicotine drugs and they fund with hundreds of millions of dollars every year they fund universities individual researchers they fund the American Cancer Society which itself then funds a bunch of other groups and together they coordinate their efforts on e-cigarettes that's just Robert Wood Johnson Foundation then you have a group like the truth campaign which was initially founded back in the 1990's early 2000s with the master settlement agreement against tobacco companies and they got a billion dollars and wisely what they did was they pretty much just put it into a market account and they just generate I think 60 million dollars every year off of off of that so they don't really need to fundraise then you have campaign for tobacco-free kids which itself was initially founded and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation again and then on the other side you have like I said these national health departments of government departments funded with federal government dollars like National Health Institute etc they send out grant money to a lot of these same people to do research and they also send out grant money to local health departments to do to keep people off of e-cigarettes and tobacco and then those local health departments turn around and grant that money to other groups including many that we just discussed so there is a synergy between all of these groups with federal money and private donations our campaign for tobacco-free kids talking with people at truth initiatives so let's say the communications and marketing team at campaign for tobacco-free kids communications and marketing team at truth initiative are they talking in coordinating calendars yeah people from truth campaign for tobacco-free kids academics health departments federal government agencies they are all in constant communication with each other on this issue coordinating efforts holding webinars coming up with copy to send a if that part is coordinated yes I think the most disturbing aspect of the research that I did was was the coordination aspirin aspect where you have the FDA citing campaign for tobacco-free kids truth and researchers at the NIH citing these studies that they have funded and then news media reports there's a new study CDC says this and you know they are citing all of these people and it appears as this is it's a groundswell of independent groups that are saying the same thing they're saying e cigarettes are dangerous they're killing our cooking our kids are gonna kill our kids but what it is is groups that have been working together for years on the same messaging tactics are very similar messaging tactics and they're like I said it's synergistic so you know FDA gets the help and support of apparently objective scientific organizations or health organizations like you know the American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society gets what it wants it gets the FDA to take action and it gets news media to cover all of this which makes it it makes the American Cancer Society or truth or whatever it is look like they're doing a good job and say hey we're effective you know we did this stuff and then the government acted on it so give us more money let me ask you this is the federal government and FDA specifically abrogating its responsibility to inform consumers about an important product that is already on the market yes I mean I would say that they are stepping outside of what their purpose is like I said their purpose is to protect people from adulterated foods and products that someone's slipping something bad and there are manufacturers not honestly coming in within their product and also giving people information and then letting them make their own choices so if the federal government was saying here's what we know about e-cigarettes here's what we know about nicotine you have the information make your choice that's not what they're doing right now what they're doing right now is saying you have the information and you don't seem to care so we're gonna just step in here and make it for you which is way outside of what their role is right and then there's and they're poisoning the rest of the populations understanding of the product in order to force the vapors to be in a corner yet all of these groups that I'm talking about from the federal government on down they are all there you know they may not have customers but they're all businesses and they use the media and they use marketing just like any other company would so you know the FDA is saying horror horror a cigarette because that gives them support among the population because they're trying to tamp down on people like me and a lot of other groups who are crying foul saying you know you're you're harming adult smokers ability to quit something that is very likely going to kill them so our voices are drowned out by mommy bloggers and people at the New York Times who don't understand science yet still feel the need as a reporter to give their opinion about e-cigarettes we are completely drowned out by that and the FDA can just continue on with what it wants to do the media the reporters the workaday people every day you've talked to are they showing any love for your report and want to hear the story tomorrow like you you know people who are open minded people who are into free markets some of the conservative outlets of course that's not who I wrote the report for really the report was meant for regulators sign finded people progressives because the case I'm trying to make is there might be some long term harms in cigarettes that we don't know that can always happen but we would be squandering an enormous opportunity to save ilion's of lives many more than that potentially over the course of several decades if we let fear drive policy or fear driven by something else you know profit motive the media I mean I'm one who naively still believes that reporters should be objective and I like to think of reporters as objective reporters of the news but more and more what I'm seeing especially with this report is that it's not the case these groups are oftentimes maybe this is a whole separate report that I have to write is that media outlets themselves are financially tied to or not or otherwise tied to some of the groups that I'm talking about like Bloomberg you know we all know mayor / former Mayor Bloomberg very big very big on you know soda bands cigarettes e-cigarettes if there appeared to be some financial ties between him and some of these media outlets which explains to me why I'm not saying he told them not to cover some stuff but that it might make them step back and say we don't need to cover this so no I'm not getting any love and I mean it's a very smart play honestly from people who want who are anti e-cigarettes to simply not cover a study like mine because why give it why give it free publicity so you're getting crickets then from the main players yes New York Times CNN MSNBC crickets nothing and I assure you our media team a CI is very diligent they definitely sent it out to all people gave embargoed copies of the report to everybody and I mean I didn't say the reporters name but I did get one back from the New York Times who simply said I don't agree with this paraphrasing this person said I don't agree with this so I'm not interested that's astonishing yes because it's not about whether it's oh say the health reporter that covers the health beat at New York Times is it her job to decide what science to agree with and not or is it not her job to cover the story yeah this person said that they didn't believe that government organizations give out false information for profit motives so they're not interested in the study I want to ask you Michelle about Bloomberg you mentioned Michael Bloomberg from can you confirm whether or not Bloomberg's organization is actively sending out talking points to the media on a regular basis I can't confirm that yes but that's something that I plan to spend a lot of 20:19 not Bloomberg not only Bloomberg but it's something I plan to investigate in 2019 is help some of these health nonprofits are financially tied to media or what ties there are between the media because when I wrote this report my perspective was that the media has its own pressures people reporters have their own pressures and their own biases and they're not intentionally misleading the public they're just pressed for time they're using press releases or whatever it is where they believe these groups but at this point part of me is starting to believe that it is willful and I've heard a few things that might make me think there is a command from on high from somebody Bloomberg or another group that might be influencing the subjects that are reported on or the people they choose to interview Michelle at some point during all of this now considering that you have been now researching this area for a while and it certainly shows in the piece in your report did you have an aha moment at some point and what was it I think the aha moment was when I when I realized that the it's larger than this but when I read that the American Cancer Society I think it was the Florida Public Health Department had petitioned the federal government for a big grant for their operations and listed the American Cancer Society as their contractor to carry it out and the project would actually be housed at the American Cancer Society building in Florida and members of ACS would be paid by the Department of Health as employees I think that was the aha moment for me when I realized just how connected and inter woven these groups that you know pretty much right up until I wrote this paper I also believed they were completely independent from one and I mean I thought maybe they submit a grant report or a grant proposal to the federal government maybe they get some grant money but otherwise I thought they were completely disconnected and as I did my research in that one moment in particular I realized that they are and it's not a conspiracy if you're not hiding it they are they are the same in a lot of ways they are working together and profiting from each other's activities a lot of our viewers right now are high-fiving you while simultaneously banging their heads against the wall why's that because they've been saying it for years yeah that's what I figured yeah no I mean so I know that academics academics research institutions can appear to be independent a study comes out from this person saying this and people say well he's a he's a professor he's a physician on loba and I said well he is highly connected he is so you know this person used to work for a federal government agency or whatever they they are connected but for some reason in my mind I just didn't think the coordination I figured they were friendly these organizations with public health departments federal government but for example I literally got one of my foil requests included a voicemail message from someone at a public health department like say which one calling someone at a different Public Health Department warning them that I was FOIA requesting warning that there was a FOIA request in progress and the person making the call had been told by the CDC to tell other people about this so that they could have phone calls instead of emailing because the emails would be caught in records and I would be able to see them and another thing I found out was that they have websites where they all talk to each other none of those were included none of those were included in my records requests so you mean like chat websites or something like slack for example is a version it's a inter organization chatroom basically where you can talk to each other and leave messages none of those were included in my in my FOIA records requests I got the notification messages but they only gave me emails pretty much so they are sophisticated and they know how to hide some of this stuff so that's why I didn't get a great smoking gun quote I think but I eat there clearly is evidence of coordination so based on what you're saying you would be crazy to not think they're coordinating you there's the evidence plus the incentive so it would be I mean I'm happy to be proven wrong great that means the world a little bit better than I thought it was but I mean all the evidence seems to point towards coordination


  1. It's Tuesday night Feb 12 and we just rolled 80,000 views on this video on Facebook. Nuts that we can't seem to break through on YouTube. That is, break through to the already established vaping audience out there. All of you that subscribe to the channel are amazing. Thanks so much. Any thoughts on what to do on just reaching more vapers on YT? Let me know if the comments. Thanks folks!

  2. If the FDA are covering up the truth about vaping, what else are they capable of doing?

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  5. Hats off to Michelle Minton! I'm afraid the world is every bit as bad as she thinks it is—probably worse—but I hope that won't stop her from digging, or silence her voice. So the anti-vaping conspiracy is a well-funded circle jerk, with participants scratching each others' backs, taking cues from each other, and plagiarizing each others' material? What a surprise.

    Anyone else remember the Bruce Cockburn song "If I Had a Rocket Launcher"?

    As you say, Brent, it's what all vapers have long suspected. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I appreciate your work, as always! Thank you for airing this piece. I hope it serves to light a fire in the vapor community and outside it. No one likes being lied to.

  7. I want to thank you for bringing this to the light of day, and ESPECIALLY want to thank Ms. Minton for all the great work that she has done and continues to do on behalf of not just Vapers, but all the smokers out there that , IF FDA, CDC, RWJ, NIH, et. al. had their way would NEVER have the opportunity to see a vaping product let alone experience one.
    If you get the chance, PLEASE let Ms. Minton know just how grateful we in the vaping community ARE for her extraordinary & yowman-like work that basically PROVES what we've been saying ALL ALONG!
    OMG it feels SOOOOOOO GOOD to have someone believe AND PROVE that WE are NOT a bunch of conspiracy tin-foil hatters, YES!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  8. FDA commissioner Scott Gottleib is nothing but a LOW LIFE YOU KNOW WHAT……He calls himself a REPUBLICAN, but he is a sorry-ass PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT in disguise…… SO DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!

  9. Excellent job, thanks to both, and Michelles hard work. Many of us have seen this too many times up front and personally. My pulmonologists flyers all over the office are outrageous! SOS:What about protecting our kids??! This is worn out banner.Flyers show vaping products contain kerosene, nail polish removers, more BS along the same lines, with scare tactics such as pictures of a lawn mower asking if kids would inhale its gasoline…I tracked down who made these obviously bogus campaigns, to find similar to Michelles on local scale:State Health Depts;Campaign for tobacco free kids; supported by largest charities doing the sham scam campaign. I tried to ask the MD how he felt about posting clearly false Information in his office and around other areas of clinics, hospitals, offices? My discussion was NOT going to go anywhere positive or near truth and science. Main arguments always come back with “Too much we dont know, I dont want minors inhaling anything”. Keep it up. I will too, hopefully all the viewers will too. Our county held community meeting: with state representative introducing e cigarettes and vaping to parents, elders, anyone attending/interested. It was proVape including owners of B&M vape shops, school principal, manufacturer(vape & eliquid)-poorly attended(<20ppl) We should repeat w/more promotion.

  10. Sometimes I really hate being right.

  11. I read the "Fear Profiteers" report about 8-10 days ago and nothing I learned surprised me. Years ago Dr. Polosa already stated that with an increasing success of vaping he and his colleagues will soon be "out of business". All of them are financially dependent on smokers smoking, smokers unable to quit but trying – again and again – using Nicorette and other NRTs. Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs depend on smoking. Vaping ex-smokers wont pay their rents. And that's the sole reason for the relentless war against vaping. It would be extremely "blue-eyed" (naive) to think that public health organizations, scientists (like Glantz) and of course the media are acting independently. Years ago journalists lost their freedom to choose the topics they write about as well as the control over the content of their articles. Who is in control? I don't know all of them but definitely the FDA, millionaires like Bloomberg (e. g. California last summer), certain industries like the pharmaceutical industry and others who use the papers for advertisements. The pool of corruption is too deep to be drained.

  12. Another great report again. Thank you.
    I fear this is the same all over the world. Same in Holland were health organisations, government research groups and most political parties are overall negative to vaping. This current government is now also planning to ban indoor use, tax the sh*t out of it, apply plain packaging and bans stores to promote it as a harm reduction tool. Motivations are that they claim kids are taking up vaping as an introduction to smoking and some politicians are even saying they are just as harmful or even worse than smoking…. one politician even claimed there is tar in vapers…. Even though the reality is the exact opposite and there is a lot of growing evidence in favour of vaping. Every time I write to a politician pointing out there arguments are wrong, they keep on reverting to one of the negative health groups who are both anti-smoking as anti-vaping and all the reports or organisation ( like the royal college of physicians ore even anti-smoking group ASH) that I revere them to they just say they do not believe it or my statements are falls. They are stuck in a loop of negativity, they do not allow advocacy group for vaping to talk to them and the media only copy negative stories about exploding e-cigs or the formaldehyde stories or the so-called epidemic stories from the US. It is funny and sad that only the far-right is in favour of vaping and the rest is just having borderline hate against the whole thing, which means that in a coalition government as Holland has (and there is no party that wants to work with the far right) there will only be anti-vaping governments. I fear Holland might go to an Australian kind of situation if nothing changes quickly 🙁

    Luckily I moved to the UK for work, which is a lot smarter on this subject and even though my own Dutch government keeps calling me a liar, I will just keep writing to them.

  13. Thank you Michelle and Brent. This is what the public needs to hear as opposed to the BS the FDA, politicians, etc. put out there for their own intent and financial gain. It's crazy! Seriously, thank you guys for shedding light on this.

  14. Bunch of crooks

  15. I hope that in the future an international criminal court, kind of Nuremberg's, send to jail these assassins that are profiting with the deaths of so many people. It covers all countries, not just United States.

  16. The Deep State is real. And it's all about money and power.

  17. Dirty deeds done not dirt cheap.

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  22. Thank You Michelle Minton and Brent Stafford. This was a frightening and eye opening video and report.

  23. Thank you Regulator Watch and thank you, too, Ms. Minton.  The facts revealed are dismaying, to say the least.

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  25. Very good video sir, shared this on two vaping groups on Facebook that I belong to.

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    This video needs to go viral…

  27. Thanks Reg Watch for this very informative video. I quit smoking and started vaping 5 months ago. My health has improved significantly! Your channel so good! 🙂

  28. It's happening in Canada also. The unfounded teen vaping "epidemic" has started in Canada.

  29. It would be nice to see at least some of this information make it to the general public that should be hearing this kind of news. Not just stuck in its own circles within the vaping community.

  30. Glad to know that I'm not paranoid. Keep following the money.

  31. Absolutely crazy! Thank you! All their dirty laundry needs brought out! Our government sucks and I can't believe there are still people that blindly trust them…

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  33. Passed on to Grimm Green and SMM big time YouTube vape reviewers and big with CASAA. Vaping saved my life.

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  35. Sean Hannity uses an ecig. Have you reached out to him?

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