what's up everyone and welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is avi ashlynn and I post videos two to three to four times a week it just kind of depends on the week but if you are not subscribed already I definitely recommend going ahead and clicking the subscribe button down below i post a ton of videos and i love posting ecology related videos and really just anything so definitely subscribe to stick around for a good time i'm really excited to be filming today's video because i feel like it can be extremely helpful for a lot of you all because i know for a fact that a lot of my viewers are in college or going into college soon or are just now getting an apartment on their own and have never cooked a day before in their life and that's me too trust me I'm with you all I feel like I have a lot of credibility and this video for meal planning just because I am super relatable to because I am not someone that like was cooking all up until like before I came into college I didn't cook at all when I was in high school I am blessed off parents that cooked dinner for me most the time if I did have to cook for myself I would just make like a girl cheese or something because I didn't know how to cook anything else so coming into college I pretty much knew how to make pasta and a breakfast dinner and grilled cheeses and that was pretty much it now that I'm in an apartment I kind of got hit like the first week and I got really stressed out because I was like I don't know how I'm gonna meal plan everything I don't know where to start I was just really overwhelmed because I just didn't even know what to do so I'm just gonna be giving you all my tips for meal planning what I have found works best for me and I'm going to give you very like affordable tips too these are definitely budget based tip I'm just gonna show you all the process of how a meal plan and really just what I go through its meal plan each week and kind of my routine for meal planning be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you think it was helpful and share it with your friends who are in college who are in the same situation as you and have no idea what to do because meal planning is hard and I understand trust me let's just go ahead and get right in so starting off I'm just gonna go over some basically general tips that I have found worked best for me and that will help you save money in the long run definitely use your cheapest local grocery store if you do have a cheaper local grocery store I'm here in Tuscaloosa we have all D which is amazing because I can get pretty much the majority of my groceries from there sometimes I do have to run into Publix or Target to get a few other things but it's not that big of a deal because I save it so so much money by going the holiday oh my gosh so definitely utilize your cheapest grocery store if you are someone who is all about your shopping experience and you enjoy shopping at Target and Publix more like I do too but saving money's a little bit more important than the shopping experience to me so that's why I go to Aldi but if your shopping experience is really important to you and you are just in love with Publix and Target definitely use on the car wheel app for Target and check out the deals before you go grocery shopping and then add them to your list I did that today before I wanted to target it I saved $4.00 which is the most I've ever saved on car wheel which is actually pretty good so I was happy within with Publix I know that they always have coupons in their store and they also have coupons that you can sign up for be a text message or email so definitely sign up for those if you are someone who does like the shop at Publix and always utilize the buy one get one free section at Publix as well it is amazing okay so now we're going to go into the actual routine of meal planning basically what I do so you need to pick a day of the week that you have time to plan your meals and really like look for some meals that you will really enjoy and look forward to making trust me I actually like really don't like cooking that much if you follow me on Instagram you're probably thinking I'm a hypocrite right now because I always post pictures of my food on my Instagram story because I think it's fun sorry I love posting pictures of the finished product because I'm really proud of it because I went from never cooking before it so now cooking literally every single night but yeah I don't really like cooking until I'm done with it like once I have my finished product and like okay that was worth it but throughout the whole process I typically do not like it this is a meal plan where you plan out the meals you're gonna make ahead of time and you have a set schedule for the meal you're gonna make but you make them that night you're not making them ahead of time so yeah you need to pick a day of the week that you can meal plan a day that you have time to just sit down at your computer or phone and just look on Pinterest look on YouTube look on the tasty videos on Facebook whatever you need to do and just write down the meals that you want to have that week and then following up on that you also want to have a day of the week where you can go to the grocery store without being in a hurry for me my meal planning day is Sunday I typically do it on Sunday nights after I eat dinner I sit down after I'm all full and I just go ahead and meal plan for that whole week ahead until the next Sunday and then I said quick out grocery shopping Monday mornings or Monday mid-afternoon because I don't have costs until Monday night but if you're someone who has an extremely busy schedule and can't afford to take parts of two different days for your meal planning you can totally do it in one day you could do it on Sunday it's probably gonna be really crazy crowded if you do it on Sunday but if you have like a day where you don't really have any classes or you don't have that mini or you just have one in the morning definitely suggest doing it on those day so you can go ahead and get it out of the way okay so next tip is to get some kind of notebook or a whiteboard to write out your meals that you have planned on I was using my phone but it's just kind of like hard to use my phone and I feel like I stick to it way better with a whiteboard so I went to Target I'm a couple weeks ago when I picked up this little whiteboard for like six or seven bucks it's really really cute and it just sticks to my fridge and I just pet Abby's meals at the top of it and then put Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday on here I'll bring this into my room with me as I'm looking for meals for the weeks write down the meals on the days that I think will be the best day to cook them for example if you know that you are super different busy on Tuesdays that's like my really busy day and you don't want to spend a lot of time cooking or you don't want to cook at all that can be your like one day of the week that you designate to either go out to eat where you make something that's a lot quicker and easier to make like you don't want to make some like full fledge like casserole or something on the busiest night of the week but I make your easiest meals on the days that you are busiest that you know you won't feel like cooking and then days that you like don't have class or just aren't doing as much you can make a little bit more fancier and more extravagant meals that take more time to cook if that makes sense so I'll just take this into my room and I would write down the meals that I plan on having that week and I definitely take into account what's going on that week for planning out my meals for example this Saturday I said I'm eating out because that is game day and I know I probably won't feel like cooking anything that night and I'll probably go out to eat with my friends so that's why I put that as Saturday on here and now for the more interesting part where you're like Abbi I don't know where to start with meal planning I don't know what meals to look for I don't know what meals to look at I want to be healthy but I don't want to spend a ton of money what do I do this took me a while to figure out but basically if you just go on Pinterest and search healthy meals for one or you can even do healthy meals for two so that you have leftovers every single that you make something and you commute for lunch the next day but if you just look up something along the lines of healthy college meals healthy dinners easy healthy dinners sheet pan dinner sheep and dinners are really good to use because you can make a ton of food on one pan and it's really easy and they're really quick so yeah I'll just get on Pinterest and look up a healthy easy meals something along those lines and prep trust me you will find plenty of meals just click on the pin and open it up and like your browser or whatever and then basically I will just have my phone out and I will go into my notes on my phone and I will look through the ingredients for that particular recipe that I plan on making and I will just look through the ingredients and think what do I have and what do I not have say I need to get some zucchini for a dish I need to get some chicken and garlic but I already have the parmesan and I already have the olive oil so just for the things I don't have on the list I'll just go through with each and every recipe that I've picked out and do that same process just clicking and looking at the ingredient list and putting them in my notes on my phone so I have one big grocery list and then when I go to the store I just put two little X's in front of it to remind myself that I already put it in my grocery cart you can also use YouTube videos I'm sure there are a ton of YouTube videos out there that have like healthy dinner recipes or any dinner recipe it doesn't have to be healthy I'm just trying to help you all because I know being healthy is generally a concern for most people in college but you can use YouTube videos as well just do the same method look through the ingredients that are used and put down in your notes what you need doing this kind of eliminates like the mindless grocery shopping habit that a lot of us have we won't go to the store with a list and we just walk through the aisles and grab things that look good and then we get home and we realize we don't have anything to make one cohesive meal and we're like what the heck I just spent $80 and I got nothing to make a meal and I just have a ton of random snacks that don't go together that is literally the worst feeling ever no planning definitely helps you save a lot of money because you will literally only get the stuff on your list and then occasionally you'll get a few extra things just because they either a look appealing or be you remembered you need that they needed them and forgot to put them down another tip is to plan on having leftovers or for one to two meals a week a lot of times I have it eating the leftovers before lunch or I will share something with a friend a roommate or someone will just come over and we'll each have the dinner or something but definitely plan on having leftovers one of the nights a week sorry the lighting just got like so weird in here I'm really sorry about that so you have a really busy day and the night before you made some like pasta or something I plan out to use your leftovers on those other busy nights that you have specifically you have more than one busy night a week so it's really great to go ahead and plan a night for leftovers and if you end up not having leftovers from that meal you can always resort to something that you have in your pantry a lot of times you'll have like extra pasta and veggies I'll have extra chicken or something and you can whip something up really quickly but it has not happened to me where I've been literally like Sol because I didn't have leftovers and don't know what the cook next tip is to give yourself one I'm gonna say one day but you can do two days because I know some people are busier than I am in college or they enjoy eating out more than I do plan one the two days a week to eat out if you're cooking for yourself every night you're going to get really tired of it and you do need to give yourself a break just go ahead and plan one of the nights to be on one of your busiest nights or if you know you're gonna be out that night and you're like going out or going out friends go ahead and use that as one of the nights to eat out but just preferably doing the night you're busy and if you only put on your calendar one day a week you will probably get not go out more than once a week I have had times where I've gone out like twice a weekend it's just when I've been way more tired than I anticipated being and I didn't feel like cooking but I was able to get like a really cheap dinner somewhere else if you plan that just eat out one or two nights a week you're more than likely to stick to it than if you didn't meal plan and you just never felt like cooking and went out every week you save a lot more money in my meal planning because if you go out to eat you're typically spending anywhere from seven to twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen dollars on yourself each night and that adds up very very fast it's an average of probably like 60 65 bucks a week I'm just kind of like pulling that number out of my head because if you take into account tipping because I'm hoping you wouldn't eat fast food every single night but I mean do what you want but if you only have fast food a few nights and then the other nights you went somewhere where you had the tip where I hope you would tip well then end up spending a lot of money my past few chips are like $50 and then today's was 45 but I think it's just gonna keep declining because I've been having to get like spices and oils and all kinds of things that like every kitchen needs but I you have to stock up on whenever you move into an apartment so I think that generally speaking you can say that you can spend around 50 to 60 dollars a week for meal planning and it'll give you meals for the whole weekend even more but if you are shopping and like Publix or Target you're gonna be spending a lot more money on food than just fifty to sixty dollars a week for meal planning grocery shopping is something you have to invest in unfortunately and I just think it's a lot healthier and a lot better if you don't spend all your money eating out every day of the week oh this video was extremely helpful for you guys I just kind of wanted to go over the way I kneel plan and let me know if you all would like to see some of my favorite dinners that I make that are healthy be sure to give it a thumbs up if it was helpful and if you did enjoy it I really enjoyed getting this video planned out for you all and just sharing it with you all because I feel like it's gonna be super helpful if you know it'll help a lot of you all stay healthy and save money and be sure to comment below if you have any tips for meal planning that I may not have said to help everyone out and help me out as well because I'm still always looking for tips but that is it for today's video thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you all in my next one bye


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