college week in my life: healthy meals, surprising my big, safari party

good morning everybody it is Monday morning and I'm Joran canned coffee what's up you guys if you're new here some below my name is Danielle this is going to be another college week in my life where I show you guys a week in my life at college just to kind of rundown today I don't have classes Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I have classes and then Friday I don't have conscious so it's kind of nice I always get this like four day weekend situation but today I've got a lot to do I will be on campus I'm gonna be doing some studying all that fun stuff and want to start off this week on a good note I want to feel good and motivated so I'm waiting for my friend Delaney to pick me up and we're going to orange the your fitness to get a workout in at 9:45 and then yeah we're doing a lot today we're doing a lot also really proud of myself I'm in my office right now and I just hung up my juju had it's called an African juju hat and I was really scared and intimidated so I'm not really good at hanging up things but I did it and I hung up that I like come on that's Gomi Gomi I'm trying to build a whole gallery wall here if you can't tell [Applause] hashtag dead that was one of the hardest ones I've done okay okay so I don't feel insane for like dying no we are having a very productive morning I'm in like a really good mood started off the day at Orangetheory it was a really hard workout for our blog I just showered my hair's just wet and I just don't feel like blow-drying it like I'm just it's just gonna be gross because it's humid out anyways so I'm about to go to lunch with a freshman and Katie her name's kenzley and she's so cute basically we like do this thing where like when we're choosing like our little sis you go on like little dates so like I'm gonna meet like three different freshmen throughout the next few weeks like in my sorority and just kind of see like how we like mesh and stuff and like basically kind of help you pick like a like a little cuz big little day big little reveal is actually on my birthday September 20th so I'm really excited about that Monday let's get it I'm ready for a good week it's gonna be a productive week it's gonna be a happy week I'm ready for it all right let's go so here is my outfit for lunch this shirt is from Nordstrom Rack bralette somewhere random this necklace is from cheeky peach in downtown Athens wearing random bracelets my jeans are from made while and then I'm obsessed with these shoes lately they are from Steve Madden and they're like snakeskin and so fun so that is the fit I'm in my office now and I'm emailing one of my professors because my online like thing to see my homework is just not working so we don't like that but I just straightened my hair it feels nice and soft and good all that fun stuff yeah I was gonna like go to a coffee shop and get worked up and I'm obviously kind of loving just like being in my office and getting stuff done so I think that somebody doing for the next hour – it's about 3:30 and Katie starts chapter tonight we have chapter meetings at my sorority house every Monday so I'm gonna head over a little bit early but before you go over there I'm gonna stop by daily as how she lives at another sorority house and I want to see your room and I want to catch up with her we haven't got to see each other other than like classes really cuz we do have a class together thank goodness I'm just gonna go hang out with her for a little bit before I go to Katie for dinner and chapter what's up go Dawgs it's really cute it's so cute she's like I'll make it cozy for you about the KD house right now we're gonna do some homework work on some stepped his stacks let me get my statically pleasing clip are you lighting the candle there's a mouse oh my god you moved it good morning everybody it is Tuesday I have a lot of classes today I'm a little worried it looks like it's about to rain and that means I'm gonna have to walk to my class and rain unless I can catch the bus so it is almost 9 o'clock and I just finished getting ready I made myself a yogurt parfait and I've got some kombucha here I'm gonna bring it with me to class my first class today is Women's Studies it is so enjoyable it's my only non lecture class so I really enjoyed that our teachers really cooling all that fun stuff I really do say and all that fun stuff a lot I bit the bullet and hired a cleaning service they have like student discounts and stuff because there's just cleaning in my apartment that needs to be done that I'm not necessarily really good at and I'd rather like invest my money and like paying someone to do it so I'm waiting for them to come here and then I'm gonna let them in and they're gonna clean and then I'm gonna go to class so I'm just sitting here waiting for that but yeah I don't know it's gonna hopefully be a good day I just hate when it is all gloomy and stuff and rainy it's kind of gross out when it rains but it'll be a good day here is my out for the day if you guys care this shirt is a random K t-shirt necklace is from Gore Jana leggings are from splits 59 these are the Raquel leggings they are the most flattering leggings absolutely ever a rain jacket and my backpack whoo I always have to link down below to my backpack by the way learning wrong finally home long day oh my god my apartment smells so clean it looks clean too oh they did such a great job Brooke just got here and we're recording episode three of gals on-the-go this episode's gonna be about productivity and by the time this is up that episode be up so I'll have it linked down below you can look up gals on the go on iTunes and Spotify and yet it's a good happy so Brooke just left we just recorded our third episode it was so good I'm so happy with it it was all about productivity and it was just it was good I feel really good so now I just changed into a sweatshirt because I think it's gonna be cold because I'm going to Athens church college and I went last year and it is just impeccable it's basically like like a worship service for all college students here and it's really fun a lot of my friends go so I'm going to pick up a couple of my friends at Katy and then we're going it's just really good like if I can have that if I have the time in the week to go it's just we do a lot of worship songs and the messages are like completely catered to like students and most relatable to us whereas like the services on Sunday or like kind of like for the general audience so it is really nice trying so hard but we just lived at this church it was so amazing it was good it was good good music good good times I'm just dropping them off at Kappa Delta so yeah I just asked them to be in my blog funny everybody it is a Wednesday morning and it is 8:05 a.m. I'm ready for the day I just made myself my yogurt parfait I'm like really into it right now it is so tasty and it fills me up and I'm just waiting on Delaney because she's picking me up it's kind of our little routine and we're going to Orangetheory we're going to an early morning class 1 8:30 class which is the earliest class I've ever done an orange theory just because I've got a lot to do today and I just want to do this and get another way so yeah and I always feel really good after a workout so yep this shirts from the lemon leggings from Lululemon and the sweater is from American threads I just get really cold in the morning so I like try to like warm myself up gotta stay hydrated hello peanut guys this is Callie's dog he is so cute he came to visit while we were working today say hi you're being so good out of breath dead dead eating some sushi hello you guys it is a little bit later I had one class today it was sad slap it kind of all really happened fast walked back here I had to pick up some packages I'll show you guys later just some like random like storage stuff that I needed for my apartment I am now changed and I just ate dinner and I'm headed over to Kappa Delta because we have Greek grandchild's tonight Greek grandma something I was involved in last year if you guys know it's basically a hip-hop dance competition among all the sororities in October and last year I made the team so I'm really hoping I make it again I'm like really nervous but I'm really excited and it's really fun we just like literally learn to dance and then we do them in small groups so I'll show you isn't it awfully quick I like have to do hip-hop in baggy clothing it's just a thing for me so this shirts from princess Polly Lululemon leggings and converse and my headbands from forever 21 if you guys are wondering I just finished I just auditioned it was a really fun dance I'm really really sweaty now but now I'm gonna head to go grocery shopping I think we find out tomorrow if we made it so fingers crossed I look so bad right now oh my god okay guys I have never been more proud of a meal I haven't even eaten it yet but I just feel like it's gonna be good like I am just so excited like at Brook Michiyo thank you so much for giving me this idea all I did and I'm not really good at like recipes and stuff and like I love this because it's just something you just throw a ton of things in and call it a day cauliflower and yoky this took like 15 minutes to make so kalfa and yogi tomato sauce onions for flavor and arugula boom done and I'm just gonna eat it and I might just have a little bread and butter with it just spoil myself and that's my dinner and it's like healthy and good for you and I'm just so excited yeah life is really good right now playing some Dean Martin so happy so I got this guy right here it's like a two tiered basket I got on Amazon so inexpensive and literally took me a minute to put together which we love from my previous vlogs you guys saw that I had all my vitamins and all that like literally laid out everyone it just didn't look cute and I also needed somewhere to put my bananas so this is actually bigger than I thought in person and my counters definitely starting to get overflowed so I'm gonna have to figure out what I want to do so I love this and I like it here but that might have to leave I don't really know and then I got this four tiers shelf in the little intimidating so if you like this is gonna take a little bit longer to put together but I got it for my bathroom because I need more storage for like beauty stuff and then I also got this shelf which I'm gonna put under my bathroom sink got a hundred on my first section of my math homework that's something right homework is done I'm going to hop into bed what time is that I think it's early 10:30 10:30 on the dot that's like really good for me I've got class in the morning you guys know the drill so I'm gonna hop into bed I might do a little online you oh I forgot I put clothes in the washer gotta dry them now lol I'm gonna pop my clothes in the dryer and then go to bed I'll see you guys just made some oatmeal and I just realized I forgot to do some reading for my Women's Studies class so we're doing that right now good morning guys I just got ready I have to head out the door I'm living a little later than I normally do for this class because I usually gets the class early and I was like I'll just get there right on time here is my outfit of the day for school I was just feeling the tennis skirt vibes this shirt is from Nordstrom Rack my necklace is from made by Lexie on Instagram skirt is from Lululemon and then I'm just running my Adidas sneakers I just want to be comfy and cute and it's actually sunny out today which we love finally back from classes a long long day I actually really enjoy my human geography class though it was funny though I was starting to get a little sleepy and then the professor brought up New York City and I just literally woke up and I was awake throughout the class so it is a really interesting class and I met a sweet subscriber named Evan so shout out to you and we also have a social tonight so yeah it's the fari or jungle theme so I'm just gonna dress up as like a safari person but yeah I don't know how to do it that time well date you guys tonight's dinner is last night's the nurse leftovers my amazing cauliflower on yoki seriously I can't stop talking about it so many people were spun into my story a bit last night on Instagram listening to Dean Martin again just doing life that I made the Greek grain team for Kappa Delta is so much fun they put out the list like a couple hours ago and I made it and I'm really excited I think we start practices next week and yeah it's gonna be so fun so yay I just finished getting ready for the social I'm so excited this is my makeshift trying to be cute Safari gal I actually ended up wearing a black tube top well actually it's a black bodysuit from princess Polly I wear it all the time necklace made by Lexie I decided to just keep it on shorts are from I am Jia and it's so funny people probably gonna be like oh my gosh like you went all out but like I actually own these and they're like supposed to be cute so I mean I love them and then I'm just wearing my fin slip on I'm gonna wear a safari hat so hopefully I'll get a clip when I get my hat but yeah this is the fit we are Safari girls good morning everybody I've been having a lazy morning I was just watching some YouTube videos actually talked to Brooke on the phone she's in Miami right now and she was telling me about her trip my grand big Brooke not Brooke my co different Brooke I'm just coming to pick me up because guys like literally like I'm actually so embarrassed to say this both Brooke and I forgot my big and her littles birthday Taylor last week it was last week it was during school it was like the first week of school we're all like stress and like I wasn't really looking through my feet I was posting things but I wasn't really looking through and like it's no excuse like I had Taylor's birthday and my phone but not on my paper planner and that's where you miss it and I totally missed it and I texted Brooke and she was like oh my god I forgot to we're the worst like I'd like there's no way to forgive this like I'm a big birthday person I'm like what I hate it so we're going to surprise him right now in her house I got her this really cool adidas hat because she likes to do this and she likes to wear hats and this really cute mug that's all wrapped up except I didn't have time to get a gift bag so it's an urban outfitters bag and then we're gonna stop by Starbucks get her favorite drink and then go surprise her hopefully her roommate is kind of like helping us do this literally Taylor I love you so much and I'm literally so sorry and like actually the worst person ever like I didn't do a birthday post or anything and like hey we're outside of his house right now and we're about to do ever really nervous we got surprises Starbucks and her little gift okay no idea no idea hopefully she actually might be sleeping she actually very well might be about her roommate left the door open my heart is really I know the stairs are right there I can't can you see a human she might just my face is really pale right now so I just put on sunscreen I just made a smoothie and I'm going to actually enjoy and relax for the day well for a couple hours at least I'm just gonna go lay out by the pool oh my gosh there's on screen everyone so I'm just gonna lie hopefully it gets some vitamin Deeks I've been inside a lot this week just like doing work I'm gonna bring some reading I'm gonna do a little work all that fun stuff with some podcasts so thank you guys so much for watching this week in my life I love you guys so much and I'll see you next week bye bye


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