College Student Healthy Eating: PSA

it's the first day of college exciting right all of the late nights pizza to order McDonald's to eat endless ramen noodles and redbull well unfortunately that isn't the healthiest way to live according to 2017 studies sunii percent of college students gain weight during the undergrad years more specifically obesity rates and college students increase from 23 to 41 percent what causes college students to eat poorly typically they lack time and money to afford the healthier options there isn't always easy access to places like grocery stores and the frequent feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed caused them to turn to comfort food habits like these are not healthy and can contribute to this obesity epidemic our country is facing learning good eating cooking and fitness habits now will benefit us in the long run and help solve this obesity problem we can do this by working on being more physically active drinking more water meal prepping getting more fruits and veggies and limiting our sugar processed food and alcohol intake to learn more information go to the website above

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