College Morning Routine in GERMANY

Oh good morning everyone so welcome to my morning routine in Germany so a little background on me I am from America I go to the University of Alabama but I am here in Cologne Germany for the summer so I wanted to take you along with me on a typical morning so I like to get up around 8 or 9 a.m. in the morning and I will directly walk to my kitchen and the first thing I will do is get a glass of water if I have a lemon and I'm feeling fancy I'll make it a lemon water but I do like to just have a glass of water in the morning I think everyone knows that there's a lot of benefits to doing this so I will just chug that before I do anything else so I don't necessarily do everything in the exact same order every day but I will typically either get ready or make breakfast after I will drink water and make my bed so on this day I made breakfast for me I like to stick to really simple things for breakfast sometimes it's just a little baguette from a bakery with some jam on it and coffee some days it's just fruit for this day I did a fruit salad with two eggs so I just washed all of my fruit chopped everything up and made my breakfast this breakfast was super easy it took maybe five to ten minutes and I also had an orange juice I love to make orange juice myself at home but this was just a raw pressed juice that I got at the grocery store so I will just eat my breakfast and practice German because I'm not fluent yet but I'm working on it after breakfast I'll begin the process of getting ready for the day I have a fairly short beauty routine I will just brush my teeth wash my face put deodorant on lip balm with my contacts in and yeah usually to a light makeup routine for the summertime so that is what I do here after I finished my beauty routine I will just sit down at my desk and write my to-do list for the day so I got this to do list pad at a local boutique recently and they ordered these amazing pens on Amazon Germany so you guys can see my to-do list for this day was nothing too busy but I still like to make one every day I also wanted to show you my current planner calendar setup so I've been loving using my iPad for this I find it's just a lot easier because lots of times plans will change and it's easy to edit that on my iPad so I have the next few months already set up and after I do that I will finally get dressed so I'll just go into my closet look for something to wear and then I will usually go in a walk around the city this is just a little sneak peek of the beautiful city that I'm living in for the summer so I walked to the river on this day I like to take my little notebook with me so if I stopped at a coffee shop or something like that I can practice some German because I am honestly in the best best environment to learn a new language being in the country so this is just a little snippet of my notebook and some of the things that I'm learning a lot of this is just from square one and so I just sit on these steps across the river and this is one of my favorite favorite places to chill in the city especially on a really nice day these are the Pens I was talking about earlier that I got from Amazon I'll link them below they're incredible so as you can see I just chilled probably for about an hour to listening to music and relaxing I brought an apple and a water to drink while I was doing this and yeah I just like to practice every single day it's sort of how I keep my days structured as well because it gives me something that I need to do every day and that is my morning routine and I hope you guys like this video subscribe if you want to see more vlogs of my adventures and of course more college videos coming up in the fall but yeah I love you guys so much and I will talk to you in my next video bye


  1. hope you guys enjoy this college student morning routine in germany!!! im on summer break right now, but taking german courses online 🇩🇪 subscribe and follow me on IG (@katiehoran) for more! also, I had to film parts of this on two mornings if you’re wondering about the different shorts 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  2. Wer ist hier noch aus Deutschland? 😀

  3. Can you make a video about how to start learning German

  4. I would love to see a makeup and skin routine!

  5. Where do you learn German? I have some trouble finding good sites for learning, could you recommend some?

  6. Köln
    Cologne ❤️

  7. I love your rings! Where did you get them?

  8. what ? the first thing you do in Germany is not fucking ? i m so shocked !

  9. That to do list is so detailed 😁 glad to meet another American in Germany 👏

  10. Your morning felt so relaxing! I would love to go to Germany!

  11. You are my inspiration!!

  12. Egg with fruit?? I think, I can never understand the breakfast culture in Europe

  13. water from the sink, especially in Cologne is super unhealthy :/

  14. you’re actually supposed to use that deodorant at night before bed so your skin can soak it in and in the morning it’s working to its full effect!

  15. I love your videos! The way your cutting board was slipping and sliding while you were cutting your fruit scared me a little bit. I was so afraid you were going to cut your finger. Not your fault, just a slippery cutting board I guess!

  16. omg Katie!! I'm in The Netherlands! SOO close and I love Germany. You should do a meet up!!

  17. Are you from Germany?

  18. Hey i’m from Austria so I speak German, if you have any questions just ask me! 😊 really like your videos 😊

  19. starting off with water! adulting level: 100

  20. Hii I am from Maharashtra and I am get what on this routine you first do breakfast and then you brush the teeth..

  21. Help me beat…!

  22. Nice video!
    Viel Erfolg beim Deutsch lernen! 😀
    Grüße aus Osnabrück ^^

  23. What a cute video! I would love to see more vlogs about your time in Germany! ❤️

  24. what a nice house u have!

  25. Lovely video 👌👌

  26. i loveee you soo much

  27. i saw " ich bin traurig "
    guess wht it is 🤡

  28. love this kind of video!! college youtubers are my favourite haha x

  29. Wow so inspiring 👍🏻👍🏻

  30. ahhhh what you‘re in cologne that’s only 1,5hrs from where i live 😍😍😩 hope you have lots of fun here!!!!

  31. does she drink the lemon water before or after brushing her teeth? i cant stand the feeling of a dirty mouth so i have to brush my teeth before i eat or drink anything lol

  32. Katie – I love how open and honest your videos are. Candid and raw. And so organized and structured. Please never stop making videos. Love your content so much.

  33. Love your video s

  34. How do you study german and do you have any tips for studying foreign language

  35. That’s so cool. I will probably go to grad school in Cologne in September if I get a spot, so I love seeing videos about it right now! Hope you’ll enjoy your time in Germany!

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