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Oh you this is the voice of the report of the week signing on hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone listening this is vo RW international the voice of the report of the week thank you for tuning in to the newest podcast and it was program the newest show this Thursday the 20th of June 2019 the year being the thank you for tuning in and joining in and I hope this week that has since elapsed anyway has been a fine one for you hope it has if not hope the next week to follow shall be good in today's program we're going to be switching up the order a little bit just for the heck of it I thought to myself well why not I really do not expect there to be any sort of mass protests or any anything to that extent if I decide to just go ahead and read the topic suggestions and all of the miscellaneous points and and thoughts first and then we get to the answers to the question in regards to technological we're really just technology in general where I was saying I posed a philosophical question last week and I said do you think we control technology or does technology control us and I tried to leave it very open-ended and we have some good answers and we have some good topic suggestions as well so we have those we're going to get to those and otherwise a few developments and miscellaneous thoughts I want to clear up first and then we'll just get right into things because there's some good topics there's some good things on the way coming in first things first you know these are just my genuine thoughts and of course and I always like to say this as kind of a little bit of a disclaimer and I think you kind of you'll get it where I mean you know if you look at your own thoughts right they're ever-changing sometimes yes you have viewpoints or certain whatever you see something a certain way and it's set in stone but you know you have one thing you look at it this way you have a certain attitude towards something and next week it's completely different and of course there is always that degree of variability when it comes down to our own thoughts things change and I think that's for the best I think it's good that that certain things are not set in stone and you know more viewpoints all that stuff changes anyway one thing that is changing first and foremost next week I cannot guarantee that I'm going to be doing a show next week next Thursday that's that's the 27th I very likely I am gonna do a music show then and I still do I still do the music shows every single Thursday but I know that's not you know the appeal to that is more limited and I understand so if you are a listener to that there will be one but as for the talk program I just don't know if I'll be able to do it you know lately I've been trying to balance my time you know you're trying to manage things you're you're juggling of course your personal life everything that I have to do right off camera because it's not like there's just a shutoff switch as soon as I turn the microphone off where the camera off I'm just sitting there you know in the corner until the next review or podcast comes along of course I'm doing many things in my own time so of course having to you know manage that and do so do so the right way not to rush anything and make sure you handle everything you know as it needs to be that's most important personal life always comes first I think that should really go without saying in life no matter what look take care of yourself take care of you take care of your family take care of the people and things nearest and dearest to you that comes first always always short in my opinion anyway but anyway so with that trying to do stuff with of course the main channel I might have to just you know skip a week and go from there because the amount of time that is really dedicated toward this show on my end each week is huge I mean I really I don't think I do a good enough job expressing how much time I usually put into this show week after week and you know sometimes I really do feel and look this is just my personal opinion that the amount of time that I put into this show really isn't worth it and you might be saying yourself what do you what do you mean exactly by it by not being worth it by that sometimes I just feel I feel not necessarily disappointed in the end product but sometimes disappointed in myself and I'm I don't know it's a hard feeling to describe but that doesn't really reflect any stance on this program or anyone that listens to what I always enjoy doing the show and and all of that I look I've already expressed my iya reservations compared to this show versus the channel both are equally important and we cannot lose sight in regards to that they're different right and that's all that it comes down to they're very different but anyway I was getting down to time and you know when it comes down to time I mean we have time we have free time time management right using your time effectively juggling one thing or the next and so on if time is a very very very precious resource very precious I don't really think that it is true to always be able to manage your time no that's not true there are always going to be cases and instances no matter how hard you try we're going to squander your time in one way or another a lot of the time it's not going to be intentional and it happens and sometimes we end up dedicating and lots of energy lots of resources on to something that you know you feel is worth it and in the end it may not necessarily be like for instance one thing that I was doing and this is the next change I have to announce you know you put a ton of work into something that you think pays off when it really is inconsequential and it's disappointing but you know you have to shrug it off I mean that's what I have to do anyway we have to realize yes all of the hours that you put into something is worthless you know that's not something that you want to hear it right that's not something that can't you ever want to hear but you hear it it happens happens to all of us and it's time wasted so one thing that I'm gonna be stopping and I really do not know how many people this will truly apply to was aside from for the most part shortwave reports just because most of the people that listen on shortwave you know go stop with the shortwave right most people that listen on shortwave have no other way of getting information so you know that's an aside but otherwise I'm gonna have to stop replying at least as often as I do to the correspondence that was sent to me via email because most of the time historically I say anyway I would always try to respond to most of the correspondents know granted I you know not always and of course it always comes down circumstantially but at least I try to send you know whatever a thank you message give a schedule some of the links all that stuff in email and unfortunately you know I would spend hours doing this because it wasn't just a blanket think I'd try to end visualize it but the amount of people that would actually seem receptive to it and the amount of possible regular listeners that that type of response would garner was little to none you know so it's I mean I feel like I wasted literal days because you go back from all the shows and all the time that I spent doing that and the actual results that it yielded which are marginal if not completely inconsequential anyway I wasted a ton of time for nothing but it is what it is and just because I'm not going to really be replying to emails now look and that doesn't mean that you cannot get in contact with me anymore if there is something that you really need an urgent reply I'll be seeing everything that's gets sent to the the inbox just because you don't get a reply to something doesn't mean that I haven't seen it if you send an email to vor w INF o @ that's the address of course yes I will see it of course I always I read all the stuff that comes in and that's where that stands and that's what's going to continue to stand it's just that I won't be able to reply to everything anymore but that doesn't mean you know this guy doesn't care and so on and so forth of course I'm still going to read everything and when I ask for topic suggestions and responses for the program that doesn't mean that just because you will not get a written reply it doesn't mean then you know I'm not gonna read it and I'm just gonna throw it in the trash if you listen to the show very likely than not you may very very well hear your reply right on the air right on this show I remember there were a few times that someone would write in and I would send off a reply you know like let's say they had a question about something I sent a written reply and it wasn't good enough you know it is what it is it's just a commentary on the state of things you know you feel and look if I and I will stop replying to the things and all the emails clip builds up it's like 500 a week that come in so you know it's a lot of time and I stopped doing that it's like the world is gonna end and the earth itself will implode it's not gonna happen life continues on the show continues on and that's where it stands but sometimes you know I feel like I'm I'm not really going out of my way but I was just trying to do that the little thing above to trying and then it's not good enough but people are people that's just the way that it is anyway I'm just kind of rambling here time is an important thing try your best to make the most of it and that may be a subject that I will try to hone in on a little bit going forward all right now first things first as we get into the show today right away I want to say there is no question for today's program however all that I ask you know the equivalent you have some radio programs that have open phones right they open up the phone lines and they just take phone calls about anything you know whatever you want to talk about be that I don't know any anything that you want what's going through your mind right now so that's what this is this is an open phone type of deal this week anything you want to talk about go for it email is vor win8 and what do you want to talk about it is there anything you heard about in the news that you want to share your viewpoint opinion on any good philosophical trains of thought that are going through your mind anything going on in society oh well anything going on anything that you want to talk about many questions miscellaneous pieces of feedback are there any pieces of knowledge tidbits did you read something interesting on Wikipedia the other day listen to anything good on the short life but for anything in between so if there is feel free to share it and if you just want to say hello let me know that you list v/o RW info1 I've been doing this recently and I finally mastered the NATO phonetic alphabet so I've spun out phonetically practice makes perfect that's Victor Oscar Romeo whiskey India November Foxtrot Oscar at vor W INF oml calm with that we're gonna be getting into some of our miscellaneous topic suggestions and again anything miscellaneous that you want to talk about share anything go for it shoot me an email keep it long short anything that you want to do and even if it doesn't get a reply doesn't mean that I haven't seen it please bear that in mind alright so anyway the first email coming in has a question it's from Alvaro and he says three weeks ago I graduated from Harvard which truly has changed my life in so many ways to interject congratulations and continues anyway now that I am in the workforce I was listening to the news and ran into a story about a Parkland High School shooting survivor having his acceptance to Harvard rescinded due to a variety of racist and sexist comments he made while in high school a lot of people I know are arguing about the ability and right for universities to rescind student acceptances due to their past actions two years ago several future Harvard students had their acceptance as rescinded due to racist and bigoted memes which were leaked from a social media group chat when that happened no one really talked too much about the right for Harvard to rescind these students most people I knew simply thought it was funny that the kids were rescinded due to dumb meme in all of these cases I felt that the university had the right to rescind the students however not all people agree with me regardless of the context of the past comments or actions universities are sending students as a acceptances ruin those students as lives and I don't know if that fully is right my question do you think universities should rescind people's acceptances and do two comments or actions they made or data on the internet or if they should even have that right well here's my thoughts you know what I agree with you I really do they have every right to rescind someone's you know does that mean that it is the right thing to do no but are they within a you know legally yes absolutely they can doesn't necessarily mean if one agrees or disagrees but they are able to do that they are a private enterprise and you have to remember right higher education here in the United States is a private enterprise it's really and look this gets to the whole argument is it really it is a business right we know that sometimes I I think it's kind of but then you you know it's it's a big it's a big issue right if you make it free which part of me does think I mean knowledge and that certain extent really should be but then how are you going to motivate someone to teach and you know keep it going and so on and so forth but if it was publicly funded there would be a whole different story but then you could argue what about the quality of it and you know you get you get into a whole rabbit hole right there that I don't really feel like delving into this evening so we'll just keep it at this you know it's a private enterprise it is no different than platforms like YouTube saying look we we do not want this type of content on the platform people will pitch a fit but legally they have every right to do it well some people will say well you know I think that this is discriminatory toward those let's just say what this stance or viewpoint because there could be other platforms and that will sub for those viewpoints and will ban or even over move or rescind people with the viewpoints that you disagree with and it doesn't make it right but that's how it is with private enterprise they have that ability to do that and you know same thing like how a place has a dress code sometimes you know you're seeing that less and less in a way of course it's a silly example and on a much much more insignificant level right if some place has a dress code you remember the old saying no shirt no shoes no service well that's the same thing they are they have the right that if they don't want to serve someone who you know isn't dressed this way or that way they don't have to do I necessarily agree with that no you know what that's that's the way that they want to do things and at the same time if they want to bend the rules they can do that too like last a couple weeks ago now God how time flies I was at this one restaurant in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and it was a steak house I kind of mentioned this in my video but I'm not gonna assume people watched it it was called the double cut steakhouse and anyway it had this dress code that said business casual now I always imagined business casual as being like and this is from like a an immense dress code wearing like maybe khakis and a button-down shirt you know talked in something nice some slacks and a dress shirt again tucked in nicer stuff but you know you do not need a tie and jacket no for me my personal you know I I wore a full suit of course it's it doesn't have to have any dress code and I wear a suit and if I was wearing a full suit and I sat down and I was looking around and no one else there was dressed in business casual attire there was a table there was literally some guy in a swimsuit in the steakhouse I mean I wonder how he wasn't freezing because the Eric Bing was blasting it maybe he was and there are some other guys you know in like tank tops and stop very casual attire but of course this establishment chose to bend the rules and say well you know we're not going to enforce it but of course if let's say the management decided to get more strict and said all right look you guys either change out of the swimsuit and put something nicer on or beat it well they have the right to do it certain things I do not agree with and of course that should always and be remembered that free speech does have its limits right you cannot go out and make threats against someone's life or well-being and say well I'm fine with that free speech or go in a movie theater and shout fire and cause a stampede that injures or kills someone and say what I'm just no free speech might any one of the brain knows that there are limitations it's common sense but those are my thoughts when it comes down to that thank you for your question next going over to another topic a completely different one Mattie and Kansas that's Lee use my question how do you personally feel about insects and arachnids do you like or dislike them and if you do like them what are a couple of your favorite or least favorite ones well here's what I have to say insects and arachnids are all extremely vital to ecosystems and the food chains and all of that right we know that if all of them just because we don't like them disappeared no and y'all forget it it would it would be a terrible it would be destructive could possibly end the world to be honest so they are extremely vital so even with the creepiest of creepy crawlies out there I'll live with them I'll deal with them you know it's not like if I had a genie and had these magic wishes I would will them all away no now they're very important so number one I understand and I respect them for that in a silly way you know to be honest most of them are completely inoffensive to me they don't bother me and I don't bother them there's one I suppose it's an insect I would imagine even if it isn't and I'm not going to look it up right now and if it isn't I apologize but it's just the first thing that popped up into my mind was the centipede especially the house centipede that is a very creepy creature and I'll admit I I've killed a few I have and there they are scary looking things and I try yeah I try to understand that they are not going to harm me as a matter of fact they are in a house some of the best some of the best things that you could actually have that despite their their unsightly appearance they will clean it out they will get rid of many other insects that are pests if they do it at night which is bad for me but good for most people leave you completely alone they are not interested in you know mind their own business so I've been trying to gain a better appreciation of house centipedes but boy are they creepy looking I mean they're creepy but at the same time I do I do have to take a little second to admire although all the pairs of legs that they have and just how fast if they really choose to they can scurry around I mean they can dart so fast if they wish most of the time they just kind of creep around but if they want to go full-speed boy can they so I understand and that's always been a tough one historically yeah the house centipedes it's a real love/hate relationship admittedly more on the side of hate so it's a real tough one there all right Sean over in Canada he's a regular listener and he's you know he's uh sent in some emails and he's been trying to dress nicer which I was really nice to see he made the transformation over in suits and you know he's he's he's just doing great he's wearing what he wants to wear it's going over really well no but he did have a question a sartorial question he said this was in regards to suits and and the button configuration why did they take our buttons away from us why is it so hard for me to find a three-button suit because I'm a tall thin guy and I need it to button single button I don't want to invest in suits to look casual I want to look formal that's why I bought a suit and I he had a longer email he was saying that he was looking around for suits that suit him well and he was going with some of the more modern suits at first slim fit so on but he was not a fan of the two button suits and he was saying you know he's taller and then and the two button suits just do not fit his three is frame well I don't and he found an old three-button suit and it fit great I've seen well why why can't I find the three button suits anymore and you know it's a shame three button suits were popular first in the 90s they they were kind of there in the 90s mid 90s then they went away a little bit and then they came back in the mid 2000s again like you start looking at stuff from 2007 to maybe 2000 maybe 2011 even and you will see three button suits they were very popular then but you know it changes right fashion changes styles change and that's just the way that it is it is always fleeting always and you know they try and do the next thing the next best thing now you can still get a three-button jacket even a brand-new one but it will be exceedingly difficult if you have a lot of money to burn Brooks Brothers had a good three-button jacket but you know that's if you want to blow a thousand bucks I would not recommend that I would HIGHLY discourage it but if you know whatever you work in high finance and you have the money to throw around but even Brooks Brothers quality I mean I have it out for them but has gone downhill in my opinion but you can go to the thrift stores and you'll still find a bunch of three-button suits now I've always liked them now I've always been a fan of the three button jacket configurations the of course there is always the long-standing rule with them we have the sometimes always never rule which is you know that goes for the buttons that say all right the top button sometimes button it the middle button always never button the bottom one make that's one of those fashion rules now if you really want but in all three buttons someone is not going to chastise you in this the street but I always like the three-button suit I remember just as a little personal anecdote when I first kind of started getting into the suits you know that was going back to the mid 2000s and of course back then that's when the three button suits were popular so even open-toe like 2011 a lot of the suits that I had were three buttoned ones I remember I used to have this black pinstripe suit that was three buttons that I would wear then and it was a great suit I liked the three buttons I had a gray suit that was three buttons that was another good one I had a brown pinstripe suit that was also in the three button configuration and again just a really good suit so I've always been a fan of that the three button suits those are always good the one well the one the one bakit style that i like now there's two and I've been a fan of these for a while is the two button suits that are from the 80s and 90s and you compare a jacket from the 80s in the 1990s and you can tell real quick by the way the buttons are we're on the older jackets that I prefer the buttons are lower and actually the jacket is longer which is good I like the longer suit jackets I don't like the ones like they go down to your waist and I'm not I'm not a fan of the style if you could pull it off that's great and wear it with pride but I just like wearing a longer jackets anyway the buttons are lower and as a result lapels of course are bigger and wider and I like those wide lapels sometimes people will joke and I'll say like you can land an airplane on them but that's fine the the wider the better as long as they are not wide to the point where they are gaudy like those 1970s you know game show suits and those types of things but I'm a fan of those and then I like the double-breasted suits with the six by one button configuration and those are a tough find I would say that there are almost no no places that even make those suits anymore so those are a very very limited only place you can get them anymore as the thrift stores because you cannot find them at all unless you can go to a custom tailor then you know work up the money and you'll get whatever you want but I'm a fan of those but wear whatever you want so I hope that answers your question I'm going to take a quick water break and then we'll go over to the next Rob is uh checking in he just says I have a topic suggestion I mentioned that you have not left however I remember you have mentioned that you have not left the u.s. on too many occasions I'm interested to know where you would like to travel to I think you'd thoroughly enjoy a trip around Europe there is no end to the culture and history to embrace I'm from Ireland and currently live in the Middle East though it's only now that I'm far away I realize how much you can see and do Europe in a short period of time even with a limited budget I think you hit the nail on the head Rob I think Europe would be one of those places to be able to go to and visit and of course you know there's there's so much of Europe I would like to see one day of course France Germany most of Central and Western Europe and I mean you would have to I think it would have to be something that would be done through multiple trips I have a tour just one long thing you know because it would be one of those places you would like to take some time to really be able to see because one type of tourism that I never got was on the type that would be like having the power through something you know I want to see it just to see it and you're like go see it you just power through it alright I saw it but is there really any appreciation to it it's like you're just rushing through everything just cuz that's what you have to do oh yeah I went and I saw the whatever I was in London and I saw the sights there you know I saw it not to see it did you really have the appreciation did you really enjoy it most importantly and if you didn't then it was it really worth it I suppose that that would only be for the individual who took the trip to decide a quick question from Tommy more of a suggestion he just said for your insomnia have you ever tried melatonin and I have and it was not good yeah you know people will sometimes complain that it affects their dreams it did mine hand that caused the nightmare is a very graphic ones that I don't want to ever risk having again at least willingly if there's something that I take that would cause those I'll avoid it one thing that works for me anyway to a certain extent because you know I'll try the different things and see what works what doesn't diphenhydramine you know commonly known as benadryl and all that stuff that works you just have to be careful with it and the one thing is long ways if you're going out to buy any always look because it is sold as a sleep aid and as allergy medicine and it is the exact same thing okay you go to CVS next time and go find you'll find one thing that has the the pills for you no allergy relief you know look at the ingredient it'll say diphenhydramine hydrochloride and then go ahead and look at the sleep aid and what will let's say the diphenhydramine hydrochloride same exact thing same dose 25 milligrams sometimes you'll find the ones that are the liquid it'll be 50 milligrams just don't take too many because you will you will be in a world of misery so I've read and I mean again it's one of those things at work sometimes but sometimes it doesn't it makes you tired and it'll sometimes make you groggy but it'll help sometimes its sleep as for me I emphasize the words sometimes but something is better than nothing anyway we have two more Alize in New Jersey keeping it in in the realm of certain medicines as I was surprised to hear you mentioned doxycycline mono in the last week's program I had to take it due to a tick-borne illness during hiking because the doxycycline is used to treat of course acne but also it has a purpose for treating certain types of infections and illnesses such as those that can be received from ticks all depends on the doctor's discretion but it does work there but anyway she mentioned have you ever had then the the nausea side effect and I guess when I took it it was rare but it would happen and I forget what I what I did I forget that because this was years ago I forget that if I solved it by taking it on an empty stomach we're taking something with it I forget if it was one or the other but I remember if I didn't do one of those things I would be very nauseous to the point where sometimes I would be convinced that I was gonna throw up any minute I'd have to get up I'd be just you know hanging out by the bathroom just because I felt that it was inevitable and thankfully it wasn't but you know and it feels so real you're not gonna risk it you're not gonna sit there and just wait because by the time it gets to that it's usually too late there's only that one experience that I had where I was you know regular morning all of a sudden there is in haja and this time it wasn't just not as yet but it was contained and end of story done deal finally we have a topic from Joshua who says what are your thoughts on movie theaters charging high prices for food at concession stands are they taking advantage of customers to gain more money for food or do you think that they need to raise prices in order for their theater to remain open I think it is the first I I think it's just to take advantage be and I say that because I remember reading you know how credible it was I don't know but I remember is a good article anyway that was saying yes while you know over the last few decades attendants of movie theaters has gone down Netflix has not killed movie theaters you know that there is a certain percentage of the population who like going to movie theaters and then go and it doesn't matter Netflix all that stuff exists at the end of the Amazon streaming services the ever so neglected movie service on YouTube I've actually thrown a couple bucks their way once or twice to watch it a couple films by the way if you ever want to watch free movies look check YouTube believe it or not they have a free movies section most of them are going to be obscure titles but look it you're gonna find some diamonds in the rough I guarantee you there if you ever want to watch Legally Blonde Legally Blonde – they are there you can watch them for free on YouTube and I kid you not I'm not even saying that as a joke there's legitimately good movies there probably some of the best ones you can get for free they're actually they're good it's not just a girls movie or anything that's rich through it's really good Reese Witherspoon she did a wonderful job in both of those films off topic but anyway it's because it's it's why that's how they make so much money same thing at Yankee Stadium and the baseball games if you've ever been to Yankee Stadium or probably any major sports venue you know how much they charge for a hotdog and maybe some a burger or some fried stuff or a beer that you can consume and imbibe whilst watching the ballgame an incredible amount is it because baseball is dying no 20 of people still are a fan of it is it still necessarily America's pastime as it once was no but there's lots of baseball fans it's a huge sport a huge numbers of people go to Yankee Stadium to watch a ballgame and they're not in a shortage of money but because they're the only game in town they can go ahead charge up prices as they see fit and that's where it stands same thing with gas stations near the International Airport in Orlando there's a gas station that was charging close to $5 a gallon of gasoline and they did so exclusively because all of the rental car dealers nearby have that rule where you have to return it with a full tank of gas well now if you have to do that you go there and you pay exorbitant amounts of money to fill up the gas tank it's because there's a shortage of gas or people not driving anymore no it's just agreed getting the best of people sadly it whistling to vo r:w international the voice of the report of the week questions comments feedback reception reports and program comments vo our double hew info1 thats vor win8 mic wise remember that today's program question there is none open phones really open emails but you know what I mean talk about anything that you want whatever it is doesn't even need to be a question or a topic suggestion just talk whatever you want to talk about go for it so it's open vo RW info1 Jenna come no restrictions whatsoever just talk about anything and then that's where it stands any pieces of knowledge anything you want to share I go for it if there's something if there's a good song that you listened to and you want to know my thoughts on it it's not guaranteed but go for it send send it over maybe I'll let check it out and talk about it next week or whenever whenever I do the next show be that next week or the week after alright anyway going over to the question for last week's program that again asked in regards to technology if it was controlling us or if we control it we had some good responses and a few points questions and pieces of info so let's get to those another sip of water their first one comes from Tim he says hello I enjoyed the new podcast while on vacation in Poland I'm traveling for my cousin's traditional Polish wedding when I arrived at my grandfather's house I noticed that he uses a shortwave radio for news instead of a TV he tuned in at 7 a.m. to see what was going on in Poland technology definitely seems generational to me I did notice a couple kids who were glued to their mobile phones during the wedding people who were in their 20s had iPhones as well but they didn't seem to use them as much hopefully the newest generation doesn't get too dependent on electronic to the point where it's controlling limited it is a real generational thing you know no of course there are always outliers you know like look at me I mean I sit here I'm listening to the radio though I do have a smartphone granted and but you know everyone has their preferences and it also depends I think geographically like for instance someone in East Africa in an area that's just developing still it may still primarily get their news of let's say from the BBC World Service on shortwave or The Voice of America or many of the domestic radio stations they're broadcast on shortwave they stole money may listen to that just you know you listen to FM radio or whatever you can listen religiously to the vor dub you podcast or whatever whatever it is that you listen to or however you get your news and information you know it's it can vary by of course geography where you are but generational as well when it comes down to the youngest generations again I think it depends on where you are it may be the prevalence of smartphones is not necessarily as big in Poland as it is here though I imagine that there are many many many people who use smartphones in Poland here in the US maybe the attitude of consumerism who knows everyone has them you know and unfortunately I do not have much faith in the youngest generation I'm talking people who are kids right now to be not dependent on electronics because it's all around them you know it is and it's literally all the thing no you can't blame them for the circumstances that they grew up in and how the world is when they were born they had nothing they think they had nothing to do with that it's just the circumstances that they entered this world into but all you can do is to see see how time ends up being might not be for the the best but it might not be for the worst I of their time will tell we have a listener in Switzerland who again I'm gonna clear this out first so to make some room okay he says I guess we all agree that phones can be addicting if used extensively for distraction and entertainment I would say so yeah I agree with you and he says as I've been using Android phones since smart phones existed I have a highly customized set up with many apps notifications turned off it's amazing when you think of it how much integrated your smartphone can be into various hard and software I still remember when I used the YouTube app for the first time to promote control my TV it felt like something from the future other than that I can use my phone as an input device to fill up my Trello boards or check the status of things like to-do lists and projects I have a few dozen the Spotify playlists which come in handy in various occasions and are not bound to one particular device technology has given us a lot of Liberty and I think it is an obligation of each user to get proficient with it as best as possible otherwise one might indeed get controlled by technology in the end an interesting viewpoint that you have that you feel if you are familiar enough with it then perhaps you will not let it control you because you know what you're doing it's an interesting interesting viewpoint thank you sir going over to Greg in Tennessee I believe in Hamilton Tennessee specifically and he says I think the basic answer is no technology doesn't control thus we are using current technology to control each other in the same way you wouldn't blame electricity for murdering convicts under the death sentence or a combustion contributing to the depletion of our ozone the blame lies fully in the hands of the persons furthering or allowing the activities I work as a programmer and I've heard it said quote computers will never do anything a human didn't make them do one quote whether it's a bug in the programming or something more directly sinister computers in the Internet are entirely at the whims of the humans who use them blaming technology is a scapegoat and it has no will of its own yet anyway we have to consider ourselves accountable for how we spend our time whether that's on the street at our jobs or on reddit Facebook YouTube technology is just the latest branch of how we communicate as a society and we must take ownership of both the good and the bad to have a chance of maintaining a thoughtful polite and progressive society over the call I think that it's a bit of both when you ask if it's controlling us I think people get addicted to certain things like their phones etc people rely on it for things even survival if they're in an emergency there are ways we should I hope so have control as in eating with family on a day to spend in quality time as well because it just gets in the way some may not have control some may I think it really is 60/40 more people these days are addicted to the phones and electronics and living in the moment I I agree you know it definitely is a balance I mean I think yes they are admittedly an integral part of society and the world right but at the same time yeah there's certain things I think especially when it gets into your personal life that yeah you know I think you have unplug and and at least direct your attention to what matters most over to Mulan in England people are zombies on their phones they don't pay attention to their surroundings and their survival instinct is come completely off people are so engrossed in their technology they would die for it and endanger themselves by not paying attention to anything the limitless part of the information has also gotten people so used to it that they that they panic when it's suddenly off as nice as it is technology is starting to control us and I mean that's the thing you know Google is a blessing Google Wikipedia all of those wonderful resources are great that if you have a question or a fact or something that you want to look up it's as easy as just google it but you know before the internet of course you'd have to go down to the library go and search for it in an encyclopedia and you not even guaranteed then that you would find whatever it is that you're looking for so of course in those circumstances it's an absolute blessing and it allows for that sharing of information but at the same time if it was gone I think so many of us would be clueless I mean even if I'm familiar with how it's done it would be such a pain right to now instead of just typing it in and getting the info five seconds later spending at least tens of minutes trying to behind this one fact going over to Courtney she says this is my answer to your question about technology and control I believe that neither we control technology nor does Technol technology control us I believe that it is just part of the way we live life now people like to blame technology for lots of problems but it is not responsible for anything our way of life has changed and will continue to change for years to come it is people who are stuck in the past that our convinced technology controls us ultimately I am convinced that technology has been around since the dawn of time we have only just woken up to it in the last 50 years thank you for your viewpoint and comments and I think that goes along the lines with what some other listeners are saying perhaps the blame directly on technology to a degree is a scapegoat but it may also come down to well what is the person exactly saying when they do blame technology is it their frustration with technology themselves or the people who use it you know it's that's the thing another water break I'm trying to cut down on the editing today long long day long day that's all I can say Ivey checking in then we have one more after this I wanted to answer today's question by saying that I think technology really does control not only us but our lives as well I mean if you think about it most of the day is wasted because we spend hours upon hours on our phones and tablets it's really become quite the problem these days and who knows one day and probably the year 3000 or so just to give an example technology might be the one thing that completely dominates our planet also you have to take into consideration how some people have already come up with more advanced technology like robotics self-driving cars and haven't completely come out on the market yet but are in development you name it it is sort of astounding if you think about how dependent we've become on our phones alone now I know I've been surrounded by a number of people who wouldn't put down their phones just to engage in a meaningful conversation with me even though I'm a shy person and of course there's always a brighter side to the situation to where technology has its benefits in a number of ways for instance you can use a smart phone to get in touch with a loved one or friend by calling them and that in itself isn't bad because it's a way to keep in touch with that person either way I hope the email isn't too long just wanted to offer my thoughts your thoughts are very appreciated thank you for sharing them all viewpoints always welcome on vlr topic you and yes I think it is definitely a double-edged sword where it does have that room for legitimate addiction I think even clinically that's a real thing but at the same time it has those good things as well I'm like one of the things now I I myself used to be extremely anti smartphone but one thing that I am legitimately thankful for is the ability for communication to be able to talk to the ones that matter most to me and communicate more readily especially in you know definitely uncertain circumstances if you're on the go a lot going on you know even if you're I think that that I suppose I would say advancement in communication really a big boost to things personal opinion and finally going over to Tim in Melbourne Australia he writes I would have to say with confidence that technology is already ruling us in general and that it will more than likely become more and more so you may ask why technology has grasped on its users right now that's because they're creators and shareholders have a strong investment in the technology and they'll do anything to ensure the usage and addiction to that particular product I have to say that in the near future it's going to be worrisome as there is a very real chance that this technology or AI will start getting the better of us humans it sounds like science fiction but believe me it's a real concern just listen to Iman musk for example he's been warning people for years about the potential scenario with AI believe him or not there is no doubt that AI has the potential in the very near future to make our lives difficult and whether it be to take over our jobs or eliminate us that's my thoughts best regards thank you Tim over in Melbourne Australia AI artificial intelligence what one day it will gain sentience I think it well if we continue advancing it it will one day and it'll essentially be its own conscience organism capable of logical and most importantly critical thought and we may very well when they lead ourselves into the trap and that'll do away with us all and you know what we were we did this to ourselves if that's what happened I hate to put it and knows those terms but it's the truth you know it's not because of the AI we were the ones developed it we've had people warning us about this for so long and that's where it is so and that's not to say for sure if there would ever really be a robot revolution or any of that but I mean who knows you cannot predict the future we don't know what's gonna go on I mean there might be a nuclear war in 20 20 20 years and that's it and it's done or who knows maybe we will gain all sorts of technologies for many many many years unimaginable be able to find one thing I hope one day is that there'd be better ways to travel the universe I mean what if there are things faster than the speed of light and just our our understanding of physics is a so rudimentary we will we haven't even discovered it yet who's the same we just don't know what is out there and you know you just don't know what the future holds and speaking of I don't even know where I was going with that transition but that's all that I have for you today the show is over and that's it any questions comments feedback reception reports topic suggestions anything you want to talk about always open vo RW INF o @ again I don't know if I'm going to be doing a show next week so if you do not see any uploads or anything then that's the case and if you listen in on the radio and you don't hear anything obviously that won't be at the show and I'll just feed the music show and so if you hear the music next week then you know that you know there's no show but we'll see what happens and no matter what I'll be seeing you guys in the future and do take care this is V orw international support the show please donate via PayPal vo RW INF o @ we got 5 bucks last week and that was it vo RW INF o @ via paypal or via patreon slash the report of the week thank you take care I'm your host the report of the week this is vo RW glowing ice is a one-man music project that is best described as something called outcast pop pop music for unpopular people mixing distorted guitars big electronic drums synthesizers and sound effects recorded from the real world glowing Isis latest album sunshine funtime is something to experience the topics of the songs from sunshine funtime range from the afterlife gamer girls songs on the radio and getting married and even robbing a bank it's certainly out there but with upbeat playful EDM dance numbers like eggplant emoji – the slow thick synths and heavy industrial drums of slow motion in bed there is something for everyone to enjoy it's sunshine fun time by glowing eyes available on itunes spotify amazon everywhere else music is sold and streamed online


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