Collagen Supplements, the best thing for your Skin, Hair, and Nails.

hi my name is Faye and I just wanted to do a quick video review for this collagen supplement that I've been using this is collagen 1 plus you can get this on Amazon and I recently switched over to this I used to drink a collagen powder that you mixed with water and it was gross gross gross but I drank it because I really liked the benefits as you age and those collagen in your skin you can start noticing wrinkles but whenever I was using the collagen my skin would look firmer and younger but it was just so gross that I had to switch and this I'm liking just as much but without the gross mess of the drink so check into this if you're looking for a really high quality collagen supplement again this is collagen 1 plus and I guarantee you're gonna notice benefits to your skin your overall complexion thanks


  1. I bought liquid collagen and almost threw up!!!! I'm going to try these pills instead of my 40 dollar bottle of dead people skin in a bottle to drink.

  2. It is impossible to add collagen to you skin in any form. All you can do is avoid additional damage to your skin. Stay away from sugar, the sun, smoking/pollution and stress.

  3. There is NO evidence there is any difference between collagen supplements and any other protein you can take. Source: Every science study ever done about collagen.

  4. Can breast-feeding take this?

  5. Guys! ! Anyone thought about the Ripped Muscle Factor (search on google)? Ive hear a number of fantastic things about it and my buddy build lots of massive muscle quickly:)

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  36. it's real! is true, those pills make magic! you can read online about collagen, and if you want to take care you skin, you have to start taking care of it from inside the body, not just outside, i bought the pills a few months ago, and as a Doctor, i can say are amazing.

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