Collagen Supplements for Skin – Do They Work?

you hi guys welcome to comfort life channel the channel where we are discussing different kind of useful and healthy things and I do hope that you are doing and filling great today's video is all about collagen in dietary supplements and we shall try to find the answer if the collagen supplements really work collagen are supplements whether is the drinks or the pills they all promise you to deliver the youth in a bottle or an appeal and actually most of them are really pricey collagen supplements are often marketed as anti-aging products that help to improve skin also they actually cling to offer many other benefits to your health to your bones to your muscles to your teeth and even weight control and as for the youth part they also promise to reduce the wrinkles to plump up the skin to boost the Alliston production and a collagen production of course and so basically help you to look younger however the truth is that there is no a scientific proof or just little to no evidence that all these claims are really effective and that they can really do anything towards your health or appearance in fact collagen is something that is naturally produced inside your body and it is a very important for your skin health and freebo's and bones muscles for the teeth and your incomes and unfortunately collagen in your body starts reducing almost already at the age of 25 and let's say in women it says reducing by one percent every year so it definitely means that with age your skin and your body has not as many collagen and Alliston of course they like work all together if we're talking about skin appearance and that's why a person actually he gets older this is this is how you're aging collagen is a type of protein which is when ingested is broken down by the digestion they just assist some interim inner acids to be recombined by the cells according to their needs so as I've just said that collagen is a protein and it definitely means that it gets digested inside your body exactly the same way as any other protein let's say you were having steak for dinner and then by the end of the day the steak is going to be digested into amino acids so it's the same thing that happens with collagen so basically when you take a collagen supplement this collagen just doesn't end up from the stomach inside your skin all over the body it's again doing the same job as any other protein it's break it's your body breaks it in terminating seeds and then your body uses it according to its needs we should never forget that this is a very new science and a lot more starters need to be done but we need also to remember that the collagen fragments supposed to be very small so they could be absorbed inside the bloodstream and just to imagine that the collagen fragments are ingested and then they go you know through all the poses the very acidic digestive tract and tract and then just accumulate in the dairies it is really hard and to me it's really impossible to imagine so my conclusion here is going to be that there is no evidence and no scientific proof which can really make you believe that by buying the our collagen supplements you really do any good to towards your skin and bones and another really good thing that will definitely persuade you is that you could get your collagen from the protein rich food and you could get it definitely from a well-balanced diet if you are consuming dairy and meat products you could do that you could it adds or it could just consume beans and tofu all this has protein in it and all this will definitely promote your body to make collagen by its naturally besides there is a cheaper and better alternative to the collagen supplements and this is simply going to be gelatin this is the one I'm using and you can check out my video about gelatin where I explain all the details about how you could consume it how you could include it into your diet and why it is good for you and just here I would say that it has tons of benefits health benefits for your overall health and it's very good for these skin appearance so it's way much cheaper it lasts longer it does promote you it does give you a protein actually one tablespoon has 6 grams so I think this is a better thing to go with because it's natural and it actually does the job although collagen supplements are relatively safe and they should not really do any harm but at the same point they're not beneficial they not really do it any good and there's again they're really pricey and you could just spend this money to buy Whole Foods I hope this information was somehow helpful for you and I think it is a great idea to always put some common sense toward to the marketing hypes and claims and see if it really works for you because there is no need to spend extra money on something that doesn't make any difference it's always a great idea to invest in yourself to invest in some Whole Foods thank you so much for watching this video put the thumbs up if you liked it 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  1. Wait a minute isn't collagen natural just like gelati.?

  2. I want skin to be more fairy white like I hope it work

  3. These supplement do actually work

  4. thank you for the info- I love your vids, very informative

  5. Thank you for a very comprehensive video. Japanese rice wine (rice fermented liquor), O-Sake, containing high Ethyl α-d-glucoside (α-EG) leads to skin with plumpness. α-EG is a glycoside present in O-Sake, Japanese rice wine, which was recently found to increase the amount of collagen. Pls visit and

  6. You are way too young to give this kind of opinion…sorry darling (:

  7. you are gorgeous.

  8. What she says make sense …collagen is a protein…n u take n body brake it down into amino acids as any other protein….

  9. Ух ты.. какая клевая девченка , я влюбился в вас. Отличный Английский

  10. I'm 16 years old and I'm taking the Callogen tablets one in the morning and one before I go to sleep at night. Am I doing it right?

  11. just eat cheap pudding

  12. yeah too bad we're not in the year 250 where we didnt have mcdonalds or chilis, or publix and places. back then there were no places like that so the animals and humans back then were all naturally healthy because they both ate from the land which was filled with organic components. now everything is concrete everywhere you step and the air is toxic no matter where you stand because of all the gases being released from unnatural things. back then we hunted animals and utilized the whole animal for feast, while reaping the most highest benefits of collagen and gelatin naturally. today we dont hunt animals, instead it goes to the butcher house or slaughter house and they mess everything up and do everything so fast just to make a dollar. its so crazy. if we can make money, why cant we all just have money if we can make it. i would still be doing the same thing if i had a million dollars. im sure the guy working at chipotle wouldnt mind showing up to work in a Porsche because he would be happy hes making money. i wish everybody who worked got 10,000 a week. and the only way to keep it is to keep working or else they fire you and hire someone else like they would do normally.

  13. thanks that was a good reminder that advertising doesn't equal facts 😀

  14. Too many have unrealistic expectations, in regards to supplements. They are more about maintenance, than "fixing" previous issues. Without the necessary vitamins and minerals, your body will not work properly.

    Many "fix" issues taking them, because previously, they were following a diet of malnutrition. The average diet, for most people, is seriously devoid of the basic requirements to maintain health.

    It also matters, where you get vitamins and minerals. Not all brands are equal. Price, isn't the measure of quality, as many "cheap" vitamins are far worse for value, as they have little to no benefits.

    With that being said, food is the best way to supplement. Many foods today, such as pop deplete vitamins from your body.

  15. this hot ass girl just turned into dr hot ass girl

  16. The only think that has helped me was Knox gelatin, its the only one at store an I wanted to try to see if it really would do anything. Im 55 an heard Dr. Wallach talk about Knox about 10 yrs ago. But, I didn't listen an thought it would do nothing, having watched an listen to soooo many others who have lied about things, what to buy or try, etc. But, Dr. Wallach was right!! Knox gelatin helped my knee from crunching an popping, my fingers were getting swollen in the joints an aching in bones. I took one pack in a bit of water every other day ( cuz I didn't want to waste $$$$ on it daily, if it didnt work), within 2- 2 half months I noticed one day that my knee wasnt popping an I could actually bend an exercise with no crunching, popping, pain……I truly thought the Knox was probably like all the olive oils an vitamins…….most are fake an not containing what they claim. I was dead wrong!!

  17. I like how your eyes widen when you stop talking

  18. The problem is people think they're going to get instant results! People like you.. these things take a while. The only way to get instant results is plastic surgery.

  19. You should get more than 16,000 mg to really see the benefits. I noticed the difference within the 2 month. The neocell 6,600 mg was a bit low but I saw little results but my skin did seem better than usual but I think taking vitamin C really helps and drinking plenty of water.

  20. hate on this girl is rediculous. well sed hen. trying to help people out and she gets spoke about. if you dont believe in Collagen then why be on this video? get lost!!! good make will do good for you.

  21. Hydrolyzed collagen is said to be methionine deficient…if that's the case, knowing how the sequence of amino acids determines the protein, isn't the deficiency of methionine going to affect the function of the protein, therefore, rendering it useless?

  22. Just curious.. Are you a doctor and where did you get your information?

  23. Take it easy on mean comments she must read them. Be nice

  24. umm I'm really not trying to be mean but you are young so how are you gonna see the results? unless you tell me you are 40 or older. but i guess it wouldn't hurt to take no matter what your age is. the thing that is going to help the benefits of all these supplements is healing your gut while taking all these supplements. i believe that is why some people don't see results. heal your gut people. healing your gut will get rid of depression anxiety along with all the superficial benefits. been healing my gut and started taking collagen and it has done wonders!!! no negatives here. worth the money. the fish collagen works best. also take it with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid for best results.

  25. Great video!!!!

    (Factive…check the dictionary…i cant figure how to use that word)

    Do you think bone broth gives the same proteins?

    You are nice to watch…whats that slight accent?

    Great perspective…using whole foods…crockpot them chicken feet if you can find non GMO fed ones…

  26. I used Beef gelatin for 4 days and my knees felt 100 times better. I was able to run down a flight of stairs. I haven't done that in 10 years. I couldn't believe how great I felt and I will try to use beef gelatin from now on.

  27. I had a pain in the ligaments between my arm and hand. I totally forgot collagen helps with muscles and started taking collagen for my skin. In under two weeks, the pain I felt in my arm had goneee.

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