Cody Gets Tickled at the Gym *TMG PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS*

I um I had like a creepy I don't know I had some creepy shit happen to me the gym no way yeah I mean I kind of I don't know oh wait yeah I kind of got like a little taste of what it was like to be a girl the gym you know you dudes are just a ruthless ly hitting on girls at the gym yeah I mean I hate on that creepy I don't know I don't know I don't know if it what I don't know cake it was mm big trainer Jack dude yeah huge bony older guy that always says hi to me and so I've always seen it you know it made me feel kind of like you know cool I'm one of the one of the guys now at Gold's Gym it says hi like a little be like what's good and he'll like that me up word how did you guys meet what machine was it no I mean like he just started saying hi to me I would just walk by I mean I go what's up dude like he's always there and he always sees me so big what's up dude what's up dude cool cool cool what's up what's up hey every day you know every time I'm there basically okay and so you know I see him again I'm like yeah what's up dude and I go to start doing like lat pull-downs wherever I have my earphones down with blasting music he comes up behind me and like like like tickles me like pokes me right here like mid-set – and I thought he was like fixing my form so I I like drop the thing I take my earphone out I turn around I'm like what's up and he's standing like right behind me like like just with his fingers on the side of my thing and he's like what are your plans for the weekend and I'm like bro wait what do you mean you don't know what do you don't know I could like do did I think the people there are so like just like that could be a normal interaction for for what fucking bodybuilders fuck calm I don't want to paint this as some like weird like that's pretty fucking situation if it was just totally innocent I just fucking misread the whole thing I don't know I don't know man I don't I don't know if I've ever jokingly ran up to a dude I've seen at the gym and tackled him and said what are your plans for the week he's like poked me in the sides and I was like what sit out and I'm like what's up and he's like right here what are your plans for the week I'm like nothing just chilling is like just enjoying the holiday weekend I'm like yeah he's like cool cool he just like walks away and I was like I come my shit I've went to the other side of the gym man I was like I bet you girls get that shit all the time man which is fucked up fucked up as some sexual assault right that I knows crazy damn bruh you got yeah and I Sam and then we're always like you gotta come to Gold's man I'm never going the gold I'm never going to gold I don't know I don't know man that's just how I read the situation I might have might have been innocent but I don't know I understand don't think you should touch other people at the gym yeah I understand like if you if you're actually boys and you're doing like some gay chicken shit we're like you walk up to your homie that you've known for a while and you're like swipe your hand on this lower back or whatever the fuck and you're like that I was good dog like what are your plans but to a dude you've never had a conversation with homie yeah you've never talked to that yeah yeah yeah that's a compliment don't you mr. Duncan Laurie can do a good work exactly he's I'm alive he's like oh shit I can't wait to bend this little man over and Optus East rate of tickle do me a jim tickle support oh he said hi my name's uh my name is Frank I'm 27 and I got my first gym table the other day that's that's unfortunate Frank how did it happen well you know I was uh I was just I was on that abductor machine and I thought you know I get a little extra working on my hand ice on my abs and then this huge like freak show motherfucker walks over he's like seven feet tall he comes up to me and and I've got my headphones in I got my eyes closed because you know I'm just kind of working through the pain and then I feel like just I know I'm strong I hear I hear in my ear just a real soft go jeez did you go I'm like what was this silly boy I start laughing and start chuckling and he thinks I'm enjoying it and I don't like no stop stop and so like he keeps tickling me and then he wraps you wraps his big freak show hands around my stomach and I spaz out of my yeah what are you doing and he goes what are you oh sorry man what are your plans for the weekend just enjoying all that cool yeah for sure [Laughter] this is Jim just Jim thing that's just Jim tickles yeah just let me make that Instagram account Jim tickle tickles yeah and the Jim tickler he's still out there yeah yeah yeah girls must get that shit all the time yeah I should sponsor Ashley at Gold's man yeah but yeah I believe man dude was just so uncomfortable seeing that shit people for like some girls like mid-set some dude just like tries like thinks that that's the time never the time but they think that's the time made fucking thing so we're you like to come here you're fuckin shit and they're like made what sorry what in there like listen you know they got to take their shit out sorry what what did you say I would you fucking sandwich I noticed you were eating the thing was that good protein bar or what's up with the yeah it's pretty good sure cool yeah my name is Derrick by the way Syria see you around this is the awkward like nerd like go yeah yeah or just like hey excuse me yeah what's up you're are you using that some points to some shit yeah 10 feet and the other what are you good thing using the kettleball know I'm know what I'm not even close okay cool what's your name by the way cool cool I'm Justin so he gives her a little tickle yeah nice to meet you it's amazing this point and she's not taking keeps going you're not ticklish yeah what was wrong you know everyone's ticklish a little bit like freaking out no more please what what get the fuck off come on you gotta be a little big gotta be a little bit let's fuck is the what stop it get the vine everyone's everyone's a little bit we're stopping you so fuck out of here dude she's Casey frame that let me try a spot where you spot one come on come on let me just let me let me try one more let me try one more is some fucking awkward ass shit dude thought my other second least favorite is when a dude is trying to hit on a girl in a fucking when you're all waiting for like takeout like a place like the habit or something and likes like nine people standing around with like whatever dudes like this place always takes so long some building huh you guys it takes forever yeah yeah I don't know yeah that's well it's so good you gotta try the chicken steak it's like I'm I'm a vegetarian oh yeah I tried that for like a month I couldn't do it it couldn't last what do you work wasn't yeah like what building like where do you work what do I work over there it's not weird now cuz I told you where I work yeah I'm like a spin instructor at that oh yeah I tried that for a month – I couldn't go and wake up early well Chloe what class do you teach that's crazy I want to take in your class you still teach there oh shit maybe I'll take another class right check yeah you know that's cool pushing on me I'm Justin yeah so he tested cool cool anyways this place always takes so long what's your number know like your receipt no sorry [Laughter]


  1. I tried the gym tickles for a month

  2. The casey Frey mention😂

  3. That feeling of “Am I over reacting it was it actually inappropriate?” Is the worst and they captured it

  4. Play on half speed and it’s a whole different video you’ll thank me later

  5. This video gives off some Hell Yea Guy vibes

  6. Dont be flattered cody. It was inappropriate touching. Dont push it off as it being flattering. You didnt like it, you were uncomfortable and its valid. Dont let people make you feel that you need to take it as a compliment.

  7. The most sugar gay thing i have ever seen.

  8. Cody must be exuding a lot of bottom energy, even at the gym lmaoo

  9. I guess you could say that guy was

    sugar gay

  10. Yo the part where Noel says “wait” has me dead 😂😂

  11. I lost it when he said “you ticklish btw?” 😂

  12. lol Noel's face when cody is telling the story ! I cant man

  13. Good bad flirting improv hahaha omg

  14. Kody held his pocket

  15. Cody is such a bully! He gets unwantedly hit on by someone at the gym while he's trying to work out, but initially declines to paint the man's actions as gay because he's not sure of the true intentions behind the move, just his perception of it, while also positing that there might be a different, innocent, perception of it in the Bodybuilder Community.
    How can someone have so much hate inside them?

  16. Damn man, that guy finally worked up the courage to talk to you and completely messed up the execution. I wonder how many times people have go in with good intentions but proceed to fuck it up immediately?

  17. "I don't want to paint the situation if it was totally innocent and I misread it"

    That is legit the thought that goes through girls' minds after they get harassed. It's important to know what is consent.

  18. Watched this whole thing for the “you ticklish btw?” Joke at the end


  20. 1:23 noel's face as realises lmaoo

  21. Cody is a certified hypebeast

  22. I once had a homeless man come up to me at the gym and ask if I was single. I said no hoping he would go away and then he stood RIGHT behind me and looked at my ass while I was trying to do squats. I was so uncomfortable and started to panic and some really tall and muscular guy I never met came up and started shouting at the guy, “why are you staring at my girlfriend?” To
    get him to go away. I was so grateful for the help. Feel free to help a girl out if you see her in an uncomfortable situation haha

  23. can't wait to bend this little man over

  24. Coulda been worse. Coulda been dickled

  25. Bro, I had some shit like that but it was a whole different level. I was out for some drinks with my mate and some of his friends and one of them is gay or bi (he has a girlfriend, but he’s a hella fem dude you know?) and we were like 10 shots deep at the bar and it was hella warm inside and we were dancing then he came upto me and just starts unbuttoning my shirt(I had T underneath) he was like “it’s too hot in here to be wearing all that”. Most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been in deadass 😂😂😂

  26. lol this had me dying at work 😂

  27. “Whered yall meet, What machine was it?”

  28. Cody, as a woman where these things get muddled and confusing because you don't want to overthink it or be accusatory, that was pretty creepy and not cool.

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