Clearing Your Chest with Breathing Exercises

I'm a busy person have a special interest and people who have ongoing chased conditions in particular people who have Ches conditions that lead to a buildup in flame and maybe have a bit difficulty getting the flame up on a daily basis it's really important if you've got a problem with your chest and with flame but your chest is cleared regularly because if it's not that can lead to chest infections recurrent chest infections and therefore scarring in your lungs which is I'm sure not what you want I've got some advice that may make it easier for you to help get the flame up on a daily basis the flam is needed in your lungs there's a small amount of moisture made by your lungs regularly but usually a healthy lungs clear away that moisture at the same rate as it's been produced the problem is when that flame builds up and if you've got an ongoing chest condition like bronchiectasis or COPD or asthma maybe later on in the disease process then that flame becomes more of a problem now when the flame is produced by your chest it's as clear as water but when bugs settle in this phlegm then the color changes as love it in our chests because it's warm and moist and once they get settled it's difficult to get rid of them if you suspect that you have a chest infection it's important that you consult your doctor and possibly get started on antibiotics but it's really important to remember that antibiotics will kill some of the bugs but not all of the box and the antibiotics don't clearly the debris of that chest infection so the only way to clear away that debris is for you to cough up the phlegm later on I'm going to show you some breathing exercises that may well make it easier for you to get the flame up but there are other things that you can do to help make it easier for yourself one of the things that helps is making sure that you're drinking the right amount of fluid if you don't drink enough fluid you'll generally be dehydrated and that means that your flame is lived thicker and stickier and difficult to clear difficult to cough up so you do need to be drinking enough and it might be worth having a think about what you drink in the course of the day if you're surviving on tea and coffee with caffeine then you will not be well hydrated you need to be drinking caffeine free fluid as well so that's water or diluted juice or fresh fruit juice remember that a lot of fizzy juices have caffeine in them so have a think about your fluid intake we have recommended to drink in the region of 8 glasses of water a day decent sized glasses not too small remember it is possible to drink too much so build yourself up gradually and see how effects your flame we're really hoping that if you drink a bit more your flan will become a bit looser and therefore come up a bit easier it's probably also helpful to drink that fluid in the morning or early afternoon so then you get the fluid into system get the benefit of it loosening off your chest but then get rid of it before you go to bed at night so that you're not up and down to the loo all night so have a think about your food intake and see whether that advice might be useful for you another thing to take note of is how much you're coughing now your cough is important it's the reflux that we need to get flame out of your chest but without a doubt too much coughing will meet your condition worse and possibly a lot of you do know the scenario of cough cough cough cough cough and not really getting anywhere don't do that from today I would like to take those coughing fits away from you and all that's easy for me to see sometimes you can't help it but if you cough a lot every day you're mainieri becomes a very sensitive and draw and your cough is more easily triggered another thing to remember is that if you're coughing too much you'll annotate in your chest and your chest will respond to that by producing more phlegm so too much coughing is definitely working against you you really want to be doing something that helps to get the flame up to here and then just one or two coughs to get it right up these breathing exercises that would show you may well help you with that one they work for a lot of people so we'll come back to that nighttime pattern is important don't want you to be coughing all night disturbing your sleep you might find that if you start doing the breathing exercises I'm going to show you you might not have as much of a problem with coughing at night but just to be naught some people will cough more when they lie down and that's because when you lie down your lungs are in a different position and the phlegm can start to work its way up a little bit easier if you're coughing at night then lying down may well be a position that helps you to get the phlegm up I don't want your sleep to be disturbed but if that describes you then lying down at a spell during the day and doing the breathing exercises really might be useful might help you to get the phlegm up better talk about exercise the right amount of exercise will help your chest it has to be the right amount and it has to be done at the right pace don't over exercise because you'll make yourself tired and you make yourself a little bit more food to chest infections if you overdo it but if you do a light amount of exercise and it gets your passion mildly at the puffs then that helps to move the phlegm and anything that shifts the phlegm in your chest will help it and encourage it to work as we open your chest and exercise can be anything that has you a bit more active than normal so it can be housework gardening going out for a walk but maybe at a piece just a little bit more than you used to do or it can be going to the gym or a class that you fancy an over-50 s class it can be anything I'm not telling you you have to go and do the gym or take up formal exercise I just think it's a good idea if you think about your activity levels because anything that gets you mildly peckin will help to move the flame let's keep this simple we want to encourage the flame to move so that is easier for you to get up I'd like to introduce you to Tom tom has been Jun depleting exercises for the last couple of months Tom's going to demonstrate for you just now and I'm going to talk you through it Tom just point note what we're looking for here all right first of all time can I get you to sit up as straight as you can but with your shoulders relaxed what I want you to do is take a nice big deep breath in and then you're going to hold that breath for a couple of seconds and then relax out we'll do this slowly because if we do it too fast you might feel a little bit lightheaded and I don't want that so when you're ready just take a nice big deep breath into your chest hold that blade and then relax it out and then it'll be pause before the next breath in big breath in again keeping your shoulders nice and relaxed and then relax it out that's nice and so with the next breath in just when you're ready big breath in again trying to get the ear law down in your chest holding that breath for a couple seconds and then the like so out that's fine that's three deep breaths I would get you to have a wee rest now it all from doing that that the ear getting deeper than your chest disturbs the flame and encourages it to move at home you would do more than that you carry on doing deep breathing for a little bit longer and then you would do your half to see if you've moved any flame and the hops are great legs but encouraging the flame up higher so that you don't have to cough quite so much I'm going to just remind you for offers to snow so it's our big break then keeping the shoulders down and then wait autumn mouth and a fast break boat so when you're ready try a half for me that's grand have a we pause and when you're ready another one can't you too much fly moving at the moment sometimes you'll hear a crackle when you do that do you yeah but we've been doing deep breathing for a few minutes now so and we've maybe moved summon it's you're not heating it now the check is not to cough too soon isn't it do you sometimes find that you do your half it triggers you into cough so you have to be careful not to do you have to fake it asleep those who have a chest problem and have been coughing a lot will have to be careful not to Huff too vigorously try not to cough too early it's important to keep the whole thing nice and relaxed and slow and you did it beautifully there just now I often do you do the breathing exercises in the day okay at least three four things please that's usually a double don't do too much especially for me to feel tired no we don't okay you found a routine that works for you and I think that's really important it's about finding what works for you let me just start with doing them morning noon and night might be useful that's a and don't do them after a meal and if you don't do them after your lunch keep it simple in your head what we're trying to do we're trying to disturb the flame and then encourage the flame up the Huff hopefully means you won't have to cough so much too much coal fingers that helpful for you they know they'd be sleeping exercise right I'll keep doing those movies of do this and it's up again entire routine isn't that as important as cleaning your teeth if I just deal with universal yeah and do you find that coughing the flame up is easier with the beading explores until you write your shield driving you just take its course yeah so do some deep breathing if it doesn't come up in it might come up later great thank you very much if you can get into a routine of drinking a little bit more of doing deep breathing exercises of not coughing too much when the flames not coming and maybe of doing a little bit more exercise the right amount of exercise please don't overdo it then you might well find that you start to get the flame up easier if you've got a lot of flame the first week or two you might actually start to get up an awful lot more flame than you usually do but then that should settle down because you'll have cleared the lungs and there would be as much flaming produced is don't overdo it though don't drink too much water don't do too much exercise and just pace yourself I think this is all about finding what works for you so maybe start small start gentle and then as you get into it and you see what's working you can start to move you a little bit more don't take any risks don't overdo it then it would be good to maybe put in some of this advice into your daily life


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  31. Breathing steam is very good for loosening phlegm. This could be from hot shower water or from a bowl of steaming water with a towel over your head. You can buy a machine for this, too. Also chili peppers help to loosen phlegm, if you can tolerate them. At night, elevate your head while sleeping. There is also over-the-counter expectorant medicine called guaifenesin–brand name Mucinex–if it doesn't conflict with your other meds. I have no idea why she didn't mention any of this.

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  33. 3-18-2019 – – – – I'm a retired respiratory therapist (U.S.A) and concur with this video with the following exception: Huffing. As I understand huffing it is done as described here but while exhaling, one should simulate the movement made as if you were saying "huh" three or more times, but without using the vocal cords – keep the airway open without using / closing the glottis (what closes before coughing to compress the lung volume, and is released to do a cough). Think of laughing a short laugh without using the vocal cords. If your condition is not such that an expectorant is contraindicated, I like one of the over the counter medications that contain guaifenesin to loosen phlegm (ask your medical professional about this before using). Follow instructions on the product and/or the advice of your physician.

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