Cleansing With Karyn – Free Info for Healthy Living Part 1

applause that's because it's the first of the year and I'm everybody's new year's resolution right so you see all the lights and cameras so we are live-streaming this and this is like really important to me because what we're going to do today this is what I think is the Holy Grail the Fountain of Youth this is everything I'm going to give you some of my secrets to stay youthful but you saw the DVD and I was 53 there and I will be 60 for April 20th if you want to jot that down April 20th 1947 so the whole point is I really feel that I found the answers to staying young and youthful I feel that using my own body as my laboratory I've come up with a bunch of answers that in reality you all know – we all instinctive instinctively know how to take care of ourselves we're animals we know we were born with instincts how to take care of ourselves but we've forgotten and the whole world is cluttered with so much information and misinformation and myths and you know the whole world is doing it so it just feels okay you know we tend to believe just because the axis of the world has gone around one more time we're supposed to grow older we're supposed to get tired how often do I hear people say well you know I'm getting older no you're not the human body's meant to last several hundred years do you understand that several hundred years were meant to last so this dying off at 40 50 60 is a travesty really is and everybody is accepting it you've become like little gerbils just accepting this information in this reality that isn't your true reality so I've come up with some answers to help you and it may not seem so strange because like I say we all intuitively know this so I'm going to throw some information out if it feels good put it on because I'm not here to talk you into anything I don't want to convince you of anything I don't want to debate my ideas and theories with you you know because everything isn't for everybody at every moment in their life and I have no judgement of any of you our choices and hopefully you don't have judgment of my choices I get judged all the time you have no idea because I've been doing this for 42 years you know I go into a party and people go oh there she is or you know hide your meat or the one I get the most is if I have a dinner party eat before you go to Karen's you know and I why judge me why not just give it a chance give it a try and that's all I'm asking you today is to have an open mind hear what I have to say if it feels and sounds right then you might want to do some of it you know and if it doesn't just let it pass you on by it wasn't meant to resonate with you in this moment all right so there's no judgement there's no right or wrong or good or bad or yes or no or my way or the highway or this is the only way to do it it's all about taking in new information that you are ready to listen and learn to taking in new information that you are ready to use but now here's the other deal just because you hear me say it today and it sounds right doesn't mean that you're going to be able to leave here and do it just like that you know we tend to think we're supposed to go from A to Z overnight on everything lifestyle and food changes is the only endeavor in our lives where we expect to hear it once read about it once and do it right you don't read a book on math and all of a sudden you're a mathematician especially not me I can't add you don't read a book on law law and all of a sudden you're a lawyer you know nothing it takes time everything takes time and everything is a process and that's what we're missing in our world the process of everything everything is so instant we expect to go to a from A to Z overnight so this is why all of these surgeries and things are so popular because a to Z I want it done immediately but here's the deal if you work with yourself if you work with your body if you allow the changes to happen in a comfortable way for you do you see what I'm saying a comfortable way for you not what I think is right for you not with some book with the table of this is what you should do eight glasses of water a day 35 grams of this there are no tables for your life we don't all breathe the same air we don't have the same stresses we don't handle things the same way so how could a table someone else's table work for us so what I've learned and what I teach is how to help you find and wake up and realize your table what's right for you in this moment and that way you can live with it you can work with it as long as you're not expecting perfection from yourself and to get it over night I mean it used to take what 70 days for an egg to hatch and now they do it in 28 days you know everything is instant instant instant and this instant is killing us literally you're speeding up the life process much faster than it needs to go over and over and over again to everything you know I got to have it instantly I've got to do it right away you know you can't even wait for water to boil three minutes on the stove you got a microwave oven it you know and have it done in seconds and let me tell you about your microwave folks I know they say they're safe but they are selling them to you all right you are being radiated water is a catalyst it takes on whatever you put in it which is why we put cucumbers in our water here and lemons in our water and different things because it takes on the properties so you're taking on radiated water do you understand that because you need instant you need it you can't wait for it to boil and what are you doing with this extra time are you spending more time in the park and taking long walks because you got the extra five minutes from microwaving your food you know you're just accepting all of these things and and I'm not saying I'm right or wrong I'm saying what you need to do is start educating yourself and you figure it out for you maybe you still want a microwave you're up you're your food you know but at least you realize what you're doing you're changing the molecular structure to the proteins in the food to something your body doesn't even recognize so do you understand one in two people in our lifetime will have cancer that's every other person you know we're streaming so I'm kind of like trying to stay in the camera and these people are there in front of me okay anyway every other person in your lifetime will have cancer that's one in two people when I used to teach 10 years ago it was one in four before that it used to be one in ten because I'm I'm going to be 64 years old so I've been around quite a while in this whole war on cancer so that it's every other person you know and we just assume we've got to be frightened because cancer is going to get us it's going to come from out here somewhere maybe get you or you or you so you live in fear we're living in fear in our lives of everything touching each other being in the same room this is pretty bizarre this world that we have assumed is OK and it's alright and we're going to live it and we're going to you know do the best that we can but cancer is it yet we're all born with predisposed weaknesses I was born with a lot of weaknesses all the women in my family died overweight and young my mom died at 48 my grandmother died at 50 and my great-grandmother died at 60 so when people look at me and go oh you got a good gene pool ah didn't come from a good gene pool which is why I started doing everything I'm doing and why I was so motivated to stick with it and the motivation came from the more I did the better I felt and the better I felt the more I did and that's what happens you know what happens in the negative world the more you do the worse you feel the worse you feel the more you do you kind of play on everything you're doing so it's about breaking that cycle of negativity it's about educating yourself it's about learning about the most magnificent machine you'll ever be given in your life and giving every bit you have to that because here's the deal if you don't have your help it doesn't matter how much money you make it doesn't matter how beautiful your home is it doesn't matter how smart your children is or how great your husband or your wife is if you're lying in a bed with tubes in you or you're being rolled up to a building these crazy buildings everybody knows how these up dialysis places now they didn't have those when I was growing up everybody's being rolled up to these mysterious it's kind of like science fiction to me you see these ambulances pull up and your people are going in to get on these machines and people are accepting that it's normal but you see this is a recycling machine or a generating machine you get new cells every seven years every seven years you get a whole new thing of cells and you have trillions of them and every three months you get a whole new set of tissues in your body so this body is in an ongoing cycle of recycling itself that's what it's intended to do you'll hear me use God a lot because I strongly believe in him but it doesn't matter if you believe in God Buddha Jesus universe spirit whatever you want to call it there is a major plan here and the plan is in place that's why you're here but you're here there's a plan to go with you being here and the reason that we're so miserable is we've stepped outside of that plan we are so far away from the way God intended us to live we've totally stepped out of nature we're living in cities we're not living with the oxen do you know when man was created the oxygen levels were at 38 percent after the Industrial Revolution they were down to 22% and we're now living in the teens in terms of oxygen in the teens and some places like Gary Indiana they have nine percent oxygen all cancer cells all herpes viruses all viruses are anaerobic they can't live in an oxygenated environment so do you understand forget everything else you're doing you're not even getting it from the air you breathe and that's not your fault or maybe because you're asleep a little bit and we haven't risen as we need to to change the world but you see this is how you change it by changing you by changing your information by changing what you accept for you it isn't about me handing you some wheatgrass going here you need to drink wheatgrass it's about you making yourself healthy strong and awake and it just kind of flows out to everything else around you so number one you got to take care of you before anything else and that's what this place is all about it's about helping you to uncover what you already know till noon everybody's walking in front of my camera and he's standing right in front of it okay it's about what was I saying taking care of you it's about realizing and putting all of your time and your money and your information and everything that you've got into you and here's the deal when you do that it spills over into everything else in your life and I know that to be a hundred percent true because I am the most selfish person on the planet I take care of myself before everybody and everything and look at all the people I'm able to help you get it you take care of you and then you're able to help it's just like on the plane when they say put the mask on you first before you can help somebody else it's the same thing so somebody's going to come up to me after class and they're going to go my aunt so-and-so really needs to take your class or so-and-so really needs to do this or I wish so-and-so well you can't worry about them because if you're sitting there overweight and coughing and miserable with eczema or whatever you can't tell somebody else what to do it's just like I choose all my teachers by how they look dr. Widmore who was my main teacher could do cartwheels at 87 I'm going to listen to her dr. Schultz who was on channel 11 telling everybody how they needed caffeine and it helped with diabetes and all these other things that he was talking about to do it with and then in the middle of this conversation he said and after my third heart attack and I thought wow you've had three heart why am I going to listen to anything you said you've had three heart attacks so it's about taking care of you it's about taking information for you it's about spending your money on you at one point in my life I was homeless without food for my children seriously and I worked three jobs and bought a wheatgrass juicer a hand won that was the first thing I did and I truly believe that that was my journey to be where I am because I started taking care of me because I was very sickly I had all kinds of things going on and now I'm strong and I'm healthy and I'm older and I have no idea with illnesses what tiredness is and I'm supposed to be going on cruises or lunching now I'm opening up more restaurants you know so you don't have to put a ceiling on your life you don't have to put a ceiling on your healing because I'm this age I should be doing such-and-such who's to say what you're supposed to be doing at what age I'm 64 I take a professional advanced ballet class with girls 22 and under am I as good as them no but I'm in the class okay I'm in the class it doesn't occur to me that I shouldn't be there it doesn't occur to me oh I'm middle-aged I shouldn't be doing this because this is funny you should say that because when I did go through the change in my 40s my husband and I did go out and buy a pregnancy test and I was going through the change but anyway because it never occurred to me I had no other symptoms that I was going through the change of life and it never occurred to me that that's what was going on for me I felt as strong as sexual as happy no tantrums no mood swings nothing changed absolutely nothing changed and I'm here to say that's for each and every woman I won't say everybody each and every woman in this classroom we don't have to be a victim to tell us what's supposed to happen you're supposed to find your own laboratory and work with it and that's what this place is all about to help you find your own laboratory and work with it you


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  5. I've been Healthy Vegan for almost 5 years, detox my body constantly, water fast, eat unprocessed foods and I am only 48 with zero illnesses, and NO PAINS! I am living life for 1st time. Also, put my teen son and hubby on the same lifestyle by changing all FOODS at home at once and for good. We are so healthy and STRONGER than anyone same age or even younger that we know 🙂 A BLESSED, PEACEFUL AND LOVING LIFE – Go Healthy Vegan! by the way, today I talked to an stranger, age 30 and when I was telling him that my son was in High School, he was puzzle and said I don't look like I have a son in HS then I bragged about my 28year old son hahahaha his face was priceless and I was so Proud of my healing achievements with no meds, no treatments, not even vitamins over the counter only real food. 10 years ago at age 38, I looked like 50 and was so sick and deformed, nasty looking and nasty pains, bad thoughts 24/7! Changed my food from one day to another and my life changed! I was not used to eat fresh fruits or veggies so I started JUICING IT ALL and drinking it with a Straw. It's been almost 5 years we drink daily juices only 36oz of juice and sometimes green smoothies loaded with so much veggies, fruits and seeds/nuts to start our day!

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