CLASE DE INGLÉS 271 Healthy habits

hello my friend what's up in this class I'm going to read healthy habits a vetos salud Arliss before I start I ask you like this class quando todas unlike in Westra classes – no se you de mucho para Chema's gente puede conocer to apprentice our amos gente puede aprender inglis se como – ok listen take yoga classes when you practice yoga you stay in shape and forma and relaxed at the same time if you can't sleep drink a glass of warm milk Taman Basso de leche Calend acuerdo de la clase posada como debe ser tu cuarto para dormir last class we commented your room must be dark your room must be quiet and your room must be cool ok sing at home canta and casa or sink in your car if you want to have a lot of energy when you sing you get energy when you listen to music choose relaxing music la música catalana ok that ended here don't listen to music that put you down when sorry if you feel sad take a long walk down along a Caminada exercise can help your mood exercise can help your mood mood more do something you love when life is stressful as algo que – Alma's when life is stressful cuando la vida stuck on we stress now I would like you to tell me what are five things you can do to have a healthy lifestyle comment your examples in English go on our website check the options with certificate share this class with your friends thank you very much i'm philip egb see you next class let's see the graduation is the ceremony you have when you finish school or college University you


  1. Qué pasada. Fácil y práctico. Gracias.

  2. if you feel sad,take a long walk and take relaxation techinique sleep well sing in your car at home and watch your video I LIKE TO STUDY ENGLISH WITH YOU IS RILAX

  3. me gusto el video me ayudo en mi examen

  4. Pero traduce en español, no entiend lo que estas deciendo?

  5. Vc me ajudou muito eu sou brasileira mas entendo um pouco de espanhol (no tiene muchos videos de este tipo en YouTube disculpa se eh escrito mal )

  6. Gracias a ti.

  7. exercise, eat healthy, meditation, sleep well and do sports! see you next class! 🙂


  9. Es horrible oirte fallar


  11. pufff

  12. con muy estress???

  13. pufff

  14. longa caminata???

  15. puffff

  16. puede ayudar tu humor???

  17. pufff

  18. sale para una,larga???

  19. pufff

  20. que te pones para bajo???

  21. pufff

  22. tu cuarto quieto???

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