Clam Shell Exercise Demo

This exercise is called the clamshell. Its
one of the most common ones that we prescribe, just because its an area that doesn’t get
a lot of work these days so if you are sitting at a desk all day, this is a good one to get
these muscles to get these muscles to Que up. We are going to start on your side. we
want your knees usually about 45 degrees and then we are just going to roll forward just
like you are trying to roll on your stomach, and we want to stay nice and still, we want
to start with a core contraction, make sure that your core is nice and tight, then we
are going to squeeze your bum on this side, keep your feet together, and then lift your
knee up, and then control it on the way down. Typically we will start with 2 or 3 sets of
5 to 10 of these, but its more important to do good quality, versus bang out a whole bunch
of not as good of ones. Its really important to do fluid motions both up and on the way
down, cause this is a postural controlling muscle so its important for it to be able
to control the motion

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  1. You said "We want your knees usually 45 degrees" but those knees are 90 degrees.

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